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Remember what barack said joe!!!

Susan Rice gets a Biden admin top job….

“Joe you are to listen to Susan, I’m in charge, just listen to Susan and keep the mic away from Kamala!”

joe biden has a party of accomplices…….joe stay in your basement

Joe Biden is corrupt as hell. Everyday Barack Obama goes out and speaks on Biden’s behalf………he settles in deeper in this Deep State/Swamp. He is an accomplice to the crimes of the Biden family. The Chinese did not give the Biden’s billions for nothing. What Joe Biden sold to the China Communist Party was America. He sold us (U.S.) out!

Joe Biden may be the most treasonous politician POS in the history of our nation. He has plenty of those aiding and abetting him: MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Adam (POS) Schiff, Twitter, Facebook, Barack H. Obama, Nancy Pelosi, the FBI Director Wray………just to name a few! I could have said with these words “The Swamp”.


michelle o. hasn’t always been proud of her country……..remember?

This just a reminder, Michelle hasn’t always been proud of America. Last night on her televised DNC taped speech she said she was “……..very proud of her country.” She only became proud to be an American when she and Barack resided in the White House. She was proud that Americans elected Barack as president. THAT IS WHAT MICHELLE OBAMA IS PROUD OF. Also, her speech was full of distortions. Remember when Barack said: “Those jobs ain’t never coming back……..does Trump think he has a magic wand (to paraphrase)?” Michelle said Barack and Joe’s administration created a record number of jobs. She didn’t mention those LOST.

I noticed she did not mention the rioting and looting (Portland, Chicago, Seattle and elsewhere)………LED BY THE LEFT. Not to worry Michelle neither are the rest of your Democratic swarm of bees. They want the violence to continue up until election day………hoping it helps them.

From Majestic to Racist: What a Difference an Election Makes — Common Man. Common Sense.

The “fundamental transformation of the United States of America” that Barack Obama promised in 2008 is now going at warp speed, all at the hands of panicked leftists, socialists, Marxists, the Democrats and their complicit, propaganda arm we all know as the media, the Fourth Estate. They must make as many changes to our country […]

From Majestic to Racist: What a Difference an Election Makes — Common Man. Common Sense.

COMPLICIT: Unsealed Docs Show Obama Had Direct Knowledge of Deep State Scheme to Railroad General Flynn — What Did You Say?

Reported by Shane Trejo | Published May 8, 2020 URL of the Originating web site: https://bigleaguepolitics.com/complicit-unsealed-docs-show-obama-had-direct-knowledge-of-deep-state-scheme-to-railroad-general-flynn/ New court papers that have been released to the public show that former President Barack Obama had direct knowledge of the deep state scheme to railroad General Michael Flynn. The documents pertain to former Justice Department official Sally Yates, who […]

COMPLICIT: Unsealed Docs Show Obama Had Direct Knowledge of Deep State Scheme to Railroad General Flynn — What Did You Say?

Joe biden’s first choice for vp?

Biden’s choice? Our Democratic Party’s choice? They know Creepy, Sleepy Joe isn’t right……mentally. They know it! They need someone to closely watch over him. Michelle Obama, would not be the person watching over Joe. A committee of chosen (shadowy types) others will watch over him. Joe could be making a quick exit from the White House (If, and this is a big it, he would ever be elected). Michelle Obama would be in the waiting. Kind of like sitting in the waiting room of the doctor’s office waiting to here your name called.

Yeah, lots of diplomatic, domestic and foreign experience here, but Barack is just steps away. Isn’t he?!

michelle spending 1

arlin report thought(s) of the day: not always upon awaking……….late day, joe & barack team mates again?

politics Memes & GIFs - Imgflip

Joe Biden has indicated only that he has aging mental issues he is dealing with( not really dealing with). This of course no fault of his own. Joe thinks he is Iron Man, Superman, Spiderboy/man and probably Batman all rolled up in one. Ask Joe, he’ll take credit for everything, everything and anything that is thought to be a good thing, Joe was responsible for making it happen. How many times have we heard him say “I did that……..man that was me.” Except in most cases it wasn’t. Joe was never in sight, he was probably on a plane headed to China. This all during the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION.

When Joe is on the road, he can’t remember or he never really knew where he is or was. This isn’t make believe this is true stuff. Joe, picks fights/arguments ……….especially when he is confused and has no answer, or can’t remember. He gets lost, not only where he is but in thought. That is not good.

If Joe Biden were elected Dog Catcher, he’d not understand the purpose……….he’d get ate up by a Chihuahua. Joe needs to retire from public life. I know it may be hard for him to do. Dems are using Joe Biden. They’ll try to get him elected President, but someone else will be running the show. It probably won’t be the VP, no matter who it is………..unless it is Hillary. That would be toooooooo obvious! It wouldn’t get Joe elected. Sure defeat, more so than it already is. The White House would be run by committee, with one executive above all others……. Who? Think about the Democratic leaders in plain sight. Its frightening. Extreme lefties………with socialists agendas. AOC? OMG! (Would she be Joe’s WH bartender?)

Enter Barack Obama! He finally decided to endorse Sleepy, Creepy Joe once there was no one else for him to endorse. I guess he could have picked someone for nomination at the DNC convention (if and when there is one). Obama does not believe Biden is the best of the Dems for President. If he did, he would have endorsed him long ago. Or, maybe he doesn’t like looking like a loser, by endorsing Joe if he then lost the nomination. Embarrassing!!

Obama said, just yesterday Joe had the right “character” to be president during this time (thru this darkness). Obama is still quite the bull dung tosser! He can not truly believe this if he has been paying ANY attention. Of course Obama does know, Joe, even if elected would not be the leader in the White House. You just know there’d be an open and frequently used phone line between the WH and Obama’s house, where little Joe or his handlers can speak to either Barack or Michelle at any time. Joe, Barack (with Michelle) and a side kick (aka VP), along with a socialist team of handlers. I bet these phone calls wouldn’t get monitored. Kind of like the movie DAVE, only corrupt realism.

Obama said Biden had the character………..what he really meant, and I am sure he was saying under his breath…..”Joe Biden is a character”. That we can all agree to.

Joe go home, retire, go fishing………..if you know how. Hell take a ride to China with Hunter. Close the books there! Soon they may be out of business. We shouldn’t be doing any further business with China. Go cash in your chips.

KOMMONSENTSJANE – 6 Scenes From Day 8 Of Trump Impeachment Trial. — kommonsentsjane

Originally posted on PA Pundits – International: By Fred Lucas ~ Wednesday was question-and-answer day in the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, and it included a thought exercise in which Barack Obama asks Russia to investigate election rival Mitt Romney. Senators acting as jurors, and in some way judges, submitted questions in writing…

KOMMONSENTSJANE – 6 Scenes From Day 8 Of Trump Impeachment Trial. — kommonsentsjane

Giuliani: Biden “Involved in Two Massive Bribes” — The Post & Email

CLAIMS PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE “SOLD OUT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” by Sharon Rondeau (Jan. 26, 2020) — On Saturday night’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” Trump personal attorney and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani made striking claims about former putative Vice President Joe Biden when he was Barack Obama’s “point man” to several countries, […]

Giuliani: Biden “Involved in Two Massive Bribes” — The Post & Email