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michelle o. hasn’t always been proud of her country……..remember?

This just a reminder, Michelle hasn’t always been proud of America. Last night on her televised DNC taped speech she said she was “……..very proud of her country.” She only became proud to be an American when she and Barack resided in the White House. She was proud that Americans elected Barack as president. THAT IS WHAT MICHELLE OBAMA IS PROUD OF. Also, her speech was full of distortions. Remember when Barack said: “Those jobs ain’t never coming back……..does Trump think he has a magic wand (to paraphrase)?” Michelle said Barack and Joe’s administration created a record number of jobs. She didn’t mention those LOST.

I noticed she did not mention the rioting and looting (Portland, Chicago, Seattle and elsewhere)………LED BY THE LEFT. Not to worry Michelle neither are the rest of your Democratic swarm of bees. They want the violence to continue up until election day………hoping it helps them.

Joe biden’s first choice for vp?

Biden’s choice? Our Democratic Party’s choice? They know Creepy, Sleepy Joe isn’t right……mentally. They know it! They need someone to closely watch over him. Michelle Obama, would not be the person watching over Joe. A committee of chosen (shadowy types) others will watch over him. Joe could be making a quick exit from the White House (If, and this is a big it, he would ever be elected). Michelle Obama would be in the waiting. Kind of like sitting in the waiting room of the doctor’s office waiting to here your name called.

Yeah, lots of diplomatic, domestic and foreign experience here, but Barack is just steps away. Isn’t he?!

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arlin report thought(s) of the day: not always upon awaking……….late day, joe & barack team mates again?

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Joe Biden has indicated only that he has aging mental issues he is dealing with( not really dealing with). This of course no fault of his own. Joe thinks he is Iron Man, Superman, Spiderboy/man and probably Batman all rolled up in one. Ask Joe, he’ll take credit for everything, everything and anything that is thought to be a good thing, Joe was responsible for making it happen. How many times have we heard him say “I did that……..man that was me.” Except in most cases it wasn’t. Joe was never in sight, he was probably on a plane headed to China. This all during the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION.

When Joe is on the road, he can’t remember or he never really knew where he is or was. This isn’t make believe this is true stuff. Joe, picks fights/arguments ……….especially when he is confused and has no answer, or can’t remember. He gets lost, not only where he is but in thought. That is not good.

If Joe Biden were elected Dog Catcher, he’d not understand the purpose……….he’d get ate up by a Chihuahua. Joe needs to retire from public life. I know it may be hard for him to do. Dems are using Joe Biden. They’ll try to get him elected President, but someone else will be running the show. It probably won’t be the VP, no matter who it is………..unless it is Hillary. That would be toooooooo obvious! It wouldn’t get Joe elected. Sure defeat, more so than it already is. The White House would be run by committee, with one executive above all others……. Who? Think about the Democratic leaders in plain sight. Its frightening. Extreme lefties………with socialists agendas. AOC? OMG! (Would she be Joe’s WH bartender?)

Enter Barack Obama! He finally decided to endorse Sleepy, Creepy Joe once there was no one else for him to endorse. I guess he could have picked someone for nomination at the DNC convention (if and when there is one). Obama does not believe Biden is the best of the Dems for President. If he did, he would have endorsed him long ago. Or, maybe he doesn’t like looking like a loser, by endorsing Joe if he then lost the nomination. Embarrassing!!

Obama said, just yesterday Joe had the right “character” to be president during this time (thru this darkness). Obama is still quite the bull dung tosser! He can not truly believe this if he has been paying ANY attention. Of course Obama does know, Joe, even if elected would not be the leader in the White House. You just know there’d be an open and frequently used phone line between the WH and Obama’s house, where little Joe or his handlers can speak to either Barack or Michelle at any time. Joe, Barack (with Michelle) and a side kick (aka VP), along with a socialist team of handlers. I bet these phone calls wouldn’t get monitored. Kind of like the movie DAVE, only corrupt realism.

Obama said Biden had the character………..what he really meant, and I am sure he was saying under his breath…..”Joe Biden is a character”. That we can all agree to.

Joe go home, retire, go fishing………..if you know how. Hell take a ride to China with Hunter. Close the books there! Soon they may be out of business. We shouldn’t be doing any further business with China. Go cash in your chips.

+Obama’s quid pro quo with iran, but we get screwed

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This link below from 2016.


The Obama administration, (VP Joe Biden), and Sec. of State (Hillary Clinton and John Kerry), were the greatest appeasement administration of modern foreign policy by the U.S.

Obama’s 150 billion dollar give-away, 1.7 billion in cash delivered to Iran on pallets via cargo plane in the darkness of the night. The exchange: Iran will not escalate their nuclear weapons program. LOL. That part of the Obama QUID PRO QUO, never quite materialized the way he thought it would, or did it? Obama was taken to the cleaners. Let me rephrase that: The American taxpayers were taken to the cleaners, not by Iran, but our own president, Barack Obama! He is on a lifetime retirement run, living the high-life. He and Michelle got theirs, Clinton-like!

Iran got value from their Obama gift of billions. The American dollars were used to fund terrorist’s activity throughout the world, particularly in the Middle East. Our own money used against us. The Democrats have been and still are okay with that! Those bucks aren’t important to Biden, his family have been collecting foreign funds in return for years now.


When Wikileaks releases emails from loose mouth/key puncher Podesta to and from Hillary, Abedin, and whoever they shared classified information or word of another investigation; they start groping.  They are groping for more trash and fake accusations as they can drum up to take attention off of Hillary and sweet Huma.

Hillary insists, that Trump has a connection to Putin……..that they have a conspiracy against Hillary and influencing the election.   Hillary!!!   The uranium………you provided our uranium to Putin, you made a deal with Putin.   That was you in the mirror with Putin, not Trump.   Of course most of us know that Hillary will say anything and do anything for a vote.   Ask Obama, he has said as much.   Michelle O. even understands that Hillary can’t run the White House, when she can not run her own house.   Michelle said as much.  Had to throw that in.

Hillary isn’t the only one groping, she has her campaign team and democrats feeling around in the garbage dumpster as well.   The trash is really smelling.   Lets not forget the media trying to spin, best they can, the re-opened email investigation.  Nothing there they say, following Hillary’s lead……..   Well, how many times have we heard that line?   “I did not have classified information on my server, or emails. I have given the FBI all my work related emails.”;  and oh it runs in the family “I did not have sex with that woman” ……and on and on.

Rachel Maddow, groping; relating to KKK support and voter intimidation by the GOP……..like somehow what the KKK supports or endorses is Trump’s fault.   Of course that is how the liberal media thinks.   They turn nothing into something when it benefits their agenda and something into nothing when it is an annoying inconvenience to them!  The media and journalism is not supposed to be entertainment……..mostly fictional.  It was once an informational news source.  Gone are the days!


So Michelle Obama was ‘shaken to the core’ when she heard about Donald Trump’s tape, ‘This isn’t about politics. It’s about basic human decency. It’s about right and wrong.’ What a phony outrage! Michelle Obama LOVES to listen to music of her close friend Beyoncé, whom she wants to be with if she was deserted on an island with […]


Melania Trump last night gave what many of us thought was an authentic and beautifully delivered speech last night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH. Sadly, this morning the headlines are dominated not by Melania’s poised debut on the big stage; rather, they’ve been hijacked by accusations that Melania plagiarized several passages in her […]

via Look who Michelle Obama was CAUGHT plagiarizing DNC speech from… — Everybody Loves Trump

Michelle Obama: Every Day, ‘I Wake Up in a House That Was Built by Slaves’ — tomfernandez28’s Blog

NOT QUITE MICHELLE:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_House_Reconstruction

It was gutted to a basic shell and reconstructed during the Truman residency.  Not rebuilt by slaves.   Stop with the racial blame…….and teary lies.   Why do you turn everything into a racial issue?   If you are uncomfortable living in the White House; by all means…….leave!


by JEROME HUDSON First Lady Michelle Obama touted the diversity of the 2016 graduating class of City College in New York by comparing it to her own life and experiences. “It’s the story that I witness every single day, when I wake up in a house that was built by slaves,” Obama told the 3,000 graduates […]

via Michelle Obama: Every Day, ‘I Wake Up in a House That Was Built by Slaves’ — tomfernandez28’s Blog



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Valerie Jarrett is Obama’s senior advisor.  Obama does nothing, says nothing and makes no decision without consulting or possibly taking orders from Valerie Jarrett.   She runs the Oval Office, has decided when meetings came to end when things were not going the way she wanted.   You knew someone has been pulling Obama’s strings……she fits the mold perfectly for Barack; hell she’s a better match than Michelle.

This is the controller for the Manchurian President.


Michelle Obama should really consider dropping this school lunch program drive she is preaching.   First of all, Mooch is not a nutritionist.  If we need to add further federal intrusion and confusion into our educational system, why not add a professional nutritionist.  We have an educational czar, so leave it to the locals to hire their own cook/nutritionist for the schools.

Look at the above skimpy meal.  I doubt that the Obama children are cutting back on their lunches.   Michelle isn’t exactly a good visual example of slenderness.

Michelle isn’t getting much support on her school lunch program……in fact there appears to be much more criticism and outrage.   Michelle, why not just stick with what you know?  Whatever that might be.  You are not our children’s parent.   We can handle this.  Why not caddie for your husband?