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Her mouth is costing her hundreds of thousand of dollars, over $600,000. Who defamed who?

REALLY??? Who didn’t know this? Arlin Report thought(s) of the day!

So China gathered INTEL from their spy balloon that was allowed to fly coast to coast across the United States. I guess Joe Biden thought it was a recreational accident when it’s gathering data while it is making circle eights over our military bases. China TOLD Biden how he would handle this even before it entered our air space. And you wonder what it was CHINA BOUGHT from Joe Biden with the millions they deposited into Biden bank accounts with Cathay Bank (CHINESE-American bank founders)? And they, the establishment Swamp are going after Trump for misdemeanor business falsifications and TRUMPING them up as felonies. By the way………this NYC DA took serious felonies (MANY) and reduced them to misdemeanors.


Biden’s Hush money earned? But how? Arlin Report thought(s) of the day

Lets see, Donald Trump has been indicted for paying (hush money) a porn actress (whore) to go away. She didn’t! More attention was to be gained. A New York DA wants to call it wrongful payments with campaign funds. Even the moron attorney who actually made that payment said it wasn’t with campaign funds. But still, here we are, here we go! Another chapter in the book of Get Trump (By the way there is a book out there with that title).

So paying off a porn star is a bigger deal than accepting payments from China? Here is the biggest difference, Trump’s lawyer paid off some one (HUSH)…………BUT the Biden family circus has been accepting/taking in payments from China. No problem?

Paying off this whore with personal funds is some how a greater threat to our nation than Biden getting paid by China for whatever it is China bought. Most notably they (China) bought Joe Biden. Who knows what Biden gave up for the pile of money deposited in the Cathay Bank, in Biden family accounts. FOLLOW THE MONEY!

Cathay Bank: “We’re the oldest operating bank in the U.S. founded by Chinese Americans. As we witnessed our community grow, we as a bank grew alongside them. In 1985, we expanded internationally by establishing our footprint with a representative office in Hong Kong, which was later converted to a branch.”

Once again, Trump’s people paid hush money. Joe Biden and family received hush money. Oh……..right those were Hunter’s earnings for all the work he does!

There is a list of your typical corrupt political figures (and family members) pages long, that we have mentioned before (you know, the Clintons, the Obamas, Bidens……………..etc., etc., etc.) for much more serious offenses and treasonous acts. Yet, Trump gets indicted for paying off a whore. Yeah, that isn’t what you want out of an elected official (any official), but come on man………..there are others out there that have done worse that affects US ALL. Biden is a threat to national security.



Wow, I almost felt sorry for Biden’s press punching bag. That is the position Biden has put this poor incompetently overwhelmed press side kick. She has no answers to cover for her boss. She can not even look any of the reporters in eyes. That would be asking a lot of her……..Joe!

All this poor girl could say was “The President took classified documents very seriously!” NO HE DOESN’T, IF HE DID THEY WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN IN HIS GARAGE, SOMETIMES IN PUBLIC VIEW WHEN THE DOOR WAS OPEN AND JOE PULLED OUT AND BACKED IN SHOWING OFF HIS CAR (AND APPARENTLY DOCUMENTS). Oh and his partner in crime Hunter had access to that garage/residence. You know the guy(s) that have CHINA connections. Not to mention, PennBiden’s little dive which often open to friends and campaign staffers and who knows how many Chinese (Donors).

Inadvertently misplaced classified documents? Look what happened to Tricky Dick Nixon when he inadvertently lost a few seconds of tape. Nixon did nothing compared to the crap/corruption Biden is caught up in. He is in quicksand. Evidence of treason is right around the corner!

Garland and Certain GOP Pessimists to WAR AGAINST President Trump?

Many Republicans (the RNC) are stating that (in response to the Republicans in the House) the House should focus on legislation rather than investigations (specifically meaning the Biden family, to include Joey). Republicans are all talk, they will back down, back off; it’s what they are best at.   Arlin Report comment…

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Scottnoted earlierthat Merrick Garland has appointed a special counsel, Jack Smith, to torment Donald Trump. Garland said, I assume with a straight face:

It also allows prosecutors and agents to continue their work expeditiously, and to make decisions indisputably guided only by the facts and the law.

Indisputably! Right. Smith will be returning to Washington from The Hague, where he is “chief prosecutor for the special court.” That will be good training for his role as the Democratic Party’s agent in destroying Donald Trump. The Democrats have been planning on indicting Trump for a long time, and appointing a special counsel is part of their plan. It allows them to wash their hands of the investigation, pretending that impartial justice is simply taking its course.

For the record, Smith’s charge includes both the events…

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Merrick Garland, the Biden Administration’s POOCH (Pet hound dog); ARLIN’S THOUGHT(S) FOR THE DAY

Here he is, another high level government official with the invisible dog collar and chain, obeying it’s master (It isn’t really invisible, it’s pretty clear to see)!! It’s amazing how many ignoramuses that are appointed and elected to office in this country. I’d have limited my self to saying Washington D.C. but we know it is nation wide. Look at the most recent, JOHN FETTERMAN! Seriously, how does a man who went to medical school, becomes a Cardiologist, teaches/preaches health on his own T.V. show LOSE to an ignoramus. I hate to use that word…….but Fetterman has never held (or at least held down) any kind of job in his life and can not hold a conversation. The man can apparently take orders though, he showed up at the right place to release prisoners when told to (as Lt. Gov.). His attendance anywhere else was dismissed. Why show up somewhere when you wouldn’t understand 90% of what was going on or said. BACK TO MY POINT!

The puppy above, Merrick (Pooch) Garland, with the Attorney General title stamped on his collar, showed up on national news stations yesterday to announce that he was appointing a special counsel to investigate………..wait for it……..the one and only………you guessed it…………………………………Donald Trump. Gee……..I guess we the people are too stupid to see and understand the timing of this! Just a few short days following Trump’s announcement that he was running for president in 2024. It should not have come as a surprise to Biden and his administration, Dems (Libs and socialist alike) or Rhinos. The organized gang that has been desperately trying to get rid of Trump since 2016. This announced appointment is absolutely NOTHING BUT POLITICAL. Why wasn’t it announced sooner or ever later? Now is obvious! They are scared to death of Donald Trump. They are scared to death of him being on the campaign trail once again. What has happened between the Jan. 6th House Committee hearing’s, the Mar-a-Lago raid and now? Trump’s presidential run announcement!!! I guess Joe just couldn’t stand it anymore………..call Merrick!! In the meantime Merrick, bob your head away from Hunter, from Hillary and all the other corrupt sewer rats swimming around D.C. THAT DONALD TRUMP IS OUR ONLY CONCERN! We need more distraction away from Joe and the crappy job his handlers have done with this country! Give ’em something to talk about!

Indisputable Proof That Donald J. Trump Won the Election – News With Views — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

By Greg Holt If Donald Trump won the election, where is the proof? Right here Election 2020, a hotly contested subject.  Many people are beginning to realize that the so-called win by Biden-Harris in the 2020 election was anything but; it was in all actuality a highly organized and carefully orchestrated theft on the grandest scale imaginable. […]

Indisputable Proof That Donald J. Trump Won the Election – News With Views — Truth2Freedom’s Blog



A planet was nicknamed after Biden while he was in the White House as your VP. A very small planet like mass, probably covered in ice (to say it is extremely cold would be an understatement), lifeless, no oxygen, nothing can grow there. You can officially name this planet as Planet Biden now. Nothing else on earth, nobody else best describes this planet better than Biden. Or I should say the planet is a perfect description of Joe Biden.

Last nights reading by Joe Biden, written by his handlers, mentors, staff, whatever the hell they are, shows just how out of touch these people are from human beings, earthlings. But this hardly walking, grunting body is more alien like now than ever before, the Big Guy (as Hunter’s emails call him, when distributing his China share of the money), is not of our world. Something or somebody, assisted by age, toasted Biden’s brain along time ago. Joe’s wife Jill had to be nearby in order to escort him away from the podium, once all the trash talk was delivered. Jill needs to point him in the right direction, hold his hand.

Last evening we heard from the alien world of Biden. His message was if you oppose him, the Democrats …………you are a threat to our democracy. If you don’t agree with their policy or anything for that matter, you are probably a MAGA supporter and you are an enemy of America’s democracy. Joe Biden and his mentors have no clue what democracy is. Before they take prime time and lecture us on democracy they might want to get a better understanding of democracy. Freedom of speech, the right to challenge, oppose and speak against a political opponent (government) is the heart and soul of democracy. Biden mentioned MAGA supporters have no soul. JOE BIDEN IS A JOKE……..A VERY BAD JOKE. I get it, he doesn’t write the speeches, BUT, he is the one delivering them and he is ultimately responsible for everything that comes out of his mouth. Last night Biden did not unify this nation, though he would say that was his intent, that that is exactly what he was doing. That folks is PURE BS. He further divided it. Biden’s message about preserving our democracy was so far off base. Like I said, have an understanding about democracy before you lecture about democracy. The only applause Biden got last night was from the chosen people in attendance, his mentors, liberal lefties.

This poorly thought out, out of step, off base lecture last evening was an extreme panic attempt to draw people closer to Biden and the Democrats. Not really, it was more about alienating all those who oppose the left and this administration (the Deep State). Referring to American’s that do not agree with your political policy, that do not (and will not) follow you as ‘domestic terrorists’ and a threat to our democracy does nothing to unify this nation. Biden gave MAGA more energy to carry on. He gave MAGA a greater purpose. He gave MAGA a stronger heart beat.

Biden said MAGA and Donald Trump want to take America backwards. Is he freaking kidding. See how delusional this moron is! He and all those executive orders (for disorder) is what is taking America backwards! Everything Biden touches and has ever touched has led to disaster. He said MAGA and Trump are leading with lies. This from one of governments all-time greatest LIARS. Everything Biden accused MAGA and Trump and most Republicans of……………he and the left are guilty. They do what they accuse Trump of doing. He talked (read) about be law abiding, enforcing the law. WHERE WAS HE WHEN THE RIOTS WERE DESTROYING OUR CITIES? His VP, Kamala Harris was bailing people out of jail so they could get back on the streets. Joe Biden and his pathetic administration are destroying our democracy. He mentioned Americans (MAGA supporters in particular) of not accepting the outcome of fair elections. NO JOE, we don’t accept the outcomes of unfair elections orchestrated by political cheaters, felons. Why did he bring that up………..to convince us he was elected fairly? If he wants to stop the talk about unfair elections, then you shouldn’t raise the issue. Who is he trying to convince?

Basically what Joe said, if we don’t agree with them………keep your mouth shut. Oh and if Joe was so into the rule of law, enforcing the law………why isn’t Hunter being indicted? Probably because all roads to Hunter lead to daddy!