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Say something outrageous as a commentator on a major news network, you go viral.  Placing thoughts in the minds of viewers, that are made up, fantasy and often just plain stupidity, creates mindless nonexistent events to appear real.  Oh this could have happened………unmerited speculation is dangerous.   The dumbing-down process has been well versed, orchestrated by the media.

A guest commentator on the Maddow stage show; brought up the idea that Putin/Russia assisted/encourage/prodded Trump from backstage to bomb the Syrian military air base; a Russian/American or Putin/Trump conspiracy.  He even as kind of verbal sidebar said, “it may only be a 5% chance of being true.”; but carried on as though it were likely.  If you just turned to the program, it would have appeared to be an actual reporting.   Seriously?   Russia provides Syria with its war planes, then helps Trump blow them up?   Right!!    Proof, these people can’t report the real news, the truth; especially if it doesn’t meet their agenda.   OH MY GOD……..a President that may have stepped to the plate and did something against the inhumanity in Syria, “We can’t report anything positive on Trump”.

Common sense in the media no longer exists.

????? always questions….But message sent, Trump will use resources available.

Originally posted on Kingsjester’s Blog: “My message to scared liberals: Syria lied to Obama and Kerry about getting rid of WMD… This attack was taken to uphold Obama’s honor. Trump’s ‘Red Line’ was lying to America’s first black President. Does that make it better?” – Rush Limbaugh 4/6/2017, 10:21 p.m. Central Knock knock… Who’s…

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Originally posted on John A Pappas: I am so sick of the timidness of the Republican Party. They have all the information to put Obama away in a nice prison cell and they don’t even yell loud enough to be heard. I understand that President Trump did not use the term surveillance because he like…

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Image result for photos of neal diamonds 50th anniversary tour

50 years!   Think about that 60 plus people.   You were there when ND was just getting started.

Its a 50 year tour, but this entertainer, song writer, singer has always been busy touring; always in demand.   His music doesn’t age!    He is bouncing around from location to location between now and into October, playing every other night for most parts.  He’ll keep on playing….probably adding more dates later in the year.  The guy tireless.

After 50 years, finally will see him at Scottrade Center in St. Louis April 12th.  Can’t wait!  This is even better than a Trump rally!