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arlin report thought(s) of the day: our international joke

Imagine, though it is difficult to imagine Joe Biden in a meeting alone with Putin! Inconceivable! His handlers would have to escort him to his seat, come and get him when Putin is finished speaking. Putin must know Biden won’t understand a damn thing he would talk about, of any diplomatic, or otherwise importance. Maybe Putin reads Joe nursery rhymes, or plays cartoons for him. Putin’s meeting is for one purpose and one purpose only, to see how far down, how far lost Biden’s mind and body truly is. He is only seeing it for himself. Joe Biden is not any kind of challenge, let alone a treat to Putin. Putin will see that Joe Biden is not a major player/leader on the world scene, their global chess game. Biden has no moves, he will be directed, guided………..I can’t say manipulated because he is not significant. Putin will understand it is the Biden handlers in charge of Joe, and that they are as ignorant and weak as their face of the Democratic Socialist Party in America. Putin has little to gain, accept somehow swindle the store from America through this incoherent piece. Putin “may” understand the trance many American’s are in, with this fake, but destructive President, and that it can’t, won’t last. Will Putin feel sorry for Biden? ……….. I doubt it, he will probably laugh in his face! THIS JOURNEY BIDEN IS ON IS THE MOST EMBARASSING STRETCH IN OUR HISTORY. Boris Johnson in a round table meeting, stuck out his hand at least twice to get Biden to stop talking. Biden asked to have someone be introduced (the person already had been). Johnson stuck out his hand towards Biden to quiet him. They all know BIDEN IS A JOKE!

Biden got 81 million votes TOTAL,more votes from the black community than Obama Did but Never Really Campaigned(how stupid are you to believe that)? — Trump:The American Years

And guess what you are not allowed to talk about? Seriously,think about this,the President of the United States was BANNED from Twitter,Facebook and You Tube for questioning the 2020 election and claiming it was stolen. Yet,for 4 yrs the intel community,FBI,Congress, the FISA court and various actors including a former British spy Christopher Steele pushed […]

Biden got 81 million votes TOTAL,more votes from the black community than Obama Did but Never Really Campaigned(how stupid are you to believe that)? — Trump:The American Years

arlin report thought(s) of the day: when gov politicians are dumber than the people


NRA-ILA | Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Want to Destroy the Second Amendment


“I’ve been to the border I am from California.”

Yes Kamala, northern California. And when was your last southern border visit, when you were a 5 year old on family vacation?

Would someone in the administration besides Joe, point out to Harris which direction south is!

Joe is going to visit Putin, who is speaking on behalf of Joe? Joe isn’t capable of a full conversation. Who will be there to tell Putin what Joe is “trying” to say?

arlin report thought(s) of the day: the jackass in the white house

The knucklehead known as Creepy Joe Biden is bending over for someone else and it is not the American people. We knew, or most of us did, it would be this way. The sad part is, we let the Chief Moron get away with it all, up to now anyway.

The first thing Biden did as the pretentious Chief Executive was shut down a pipeline nearly half constructed, which provided thousands of jobs. More than 11,000 jobs were lost, but more than that, an oil supply was lost! Another oil company was hacked, shut down for a bit, by Russians. What did the Creep in charge do? NOTHING! This same knucklehead watches Russia tap into a pipeline, thanks to Germany. The knucklehead is okay with that…..”As he said “they were more than half way into it”…..to paraphrase. OH you mean like Keystone, the one the idiot shut down! That wasn’t a question. It makes a difference as to who is “half-way” through completion with their projects. It shouldn’t have mattered regardless. The pipeline in the U.S. should have and still should be completed. BUT! I guess Creepy Joe needed a reason to import oil from Iran!!! Close our supplies down, then go elsewhere! Go to other foreign countries……does Hunter have interests in them? Does the Creep? He has had! Hunter got 3 million bucks from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow. We are also learning Creepy Joe lied to us (imagine that) that he did in fact know of and about Hunter’s business dealings in the foreign companies on energy (which he has no expertise). All along he claimed he had no knowledge of Hunter’s business dealings. We knew better. What father doesn’t know what his son or daughter are doing in business, at least something. Hunter was just the front man for the crime family led by JOE! It wasn’t Hunter’s knowledge of the energy industry these foreign companies sought, it was introductions to people like daddy Joe and John Kerry, and who knows who all.

The Chief Knucklehead in the White House is more interested in lining his pocket, assisting other countries and is quite willing to take the United States down the drain. It isn’t about America prospering, it is about what the Creep can get out of all things he does for those he has been bought. It is more than being “compromised”. Creepy Joe Biden is a traitor! He should be impeached, and when found guilty………..executed!

joe biden isn’t a don (arlin report thought(s) of the day

And I don’t mean as a Donald Trump! Joe Biden has always given the impression he is a Godfather type of crime families. Maybe his direct family he is. Joe Biden is not the leader of America’s organized crime center…………..known as the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.). D.C. is the home base or headquarters of the most destructive organized crime family in America, OUR GOVERNMENT. Joe Biden is a puppet of the corrupt masses, those that have been there too long. Biden has never led anything. He takes orders, he always has! I give him credit, he is a great actor, pretender………LIAR.

Someone recently posted a blog asking “Why isn’t Hunter Biden in jail?”. My response was “Hunter isn’t in jail for the same reason daddy Joe isn’t in jail. The organized crime syndicate in D.C., the Deep State, protects their own kind.” They don’t just cover Democrats, but all filthy corrupt political and government officials (ALL), Republicans, Independents and Socialists alike. Washington is so corrupt, the city should be burned to the ground. All the government buildings and institutions are so tainted, the halls are haunted. The people occupying office space in these buildings and walking the halls, the governing officials in fraudulent meetings pretending to represent our wishes have no respect for these institutions and haven’t for a long time. Power, authority and money is all they seek, at OUR expense. There isn’t enough jail space for them all, but plenty of rope!

Recently, JOE BIDEN was on stage and could not keep his disgusting PEDOPHILIAC thoughts to himself, made a comment directed towards a little girl (“sitting nice and pretty, looking like a 19 year old with her legs crossed” to paraphrase). If that were my grandchild or even my older daughter, I’d want to break the assholes jaw. If I were in his company (Biden’s) he’d certainly need the Secret Service’s protection. I would not let him get away with that kind of inappropriate remark. There are definitely two sets (if not more) of standards today, and D.C. skates by as usual. However, they’d be impeaching Trump again if he made a remark like that!

They are soooooo bothered by the events of January 6, that their space got invaded, you know their hallowed grounds. Space THEY have corrupt for many years. Corruption passes through at a greater pace than anything good. Corruption in D.C. is sought after more than good. What they consider good is what is only good for them.

A bull dozer could go through all of D.C. and turn the ground over, the stench would still be unbearable. We the People should, must rebuild America, make America truly great again, have a new center, a Center of the American People. All those currently in government not allowed! Sorry about that to the few that are good………but you could have done more and didn’t.

joe and kamala like abbott & costello, just not funny

Joe Biden news & latest pictures from Newsweek.com

I am going to apologize to those of you who may be offended by offensive language. The thing is sometimes the strongest language is the most accurate, and gets the point across. Anything else can fall short. Especially describing the MORON(S) in the White House. There is one reason and one that stands out more than any other as to why Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the so called President and Vice President of the U.S.; because they are total FUCK-UPS! They were the Democratic Socialist Party’s perfect INSSURECTION! Both would do anything asked of them, anything ordered of them for the promised offices. As long as they are in position to look like they are in charge they’d be happy. Just give the command and Joe will abide. You want One World Order, depopulation (aided by the vaccination program), NO BORDERS with unvaccinated illegals, carrying a rash of disease; all to make America look like any other 3rd world country, JOE AND KAMALA ARE THE ONES FOR THE JOB! Even Barack Obama once said to paraphrase: ‘If you want something fucked up JOE is your man!’

It took the most massive corrupt election in world history to get them in office; but a corrupt Deep State, Cabal……….whatever you want to call them, did just that! The Left’s standard statement “There was no election fraud!”, is for idiots to believe. Continuing to believe corrupt, cheating, lying politicians is worse than foolish. They cheated, of course they will lie about cheating. THEY ARE LIARS! Biden even said to paraphrase: “We put together the most fraudulent election organization in history!”

Back to Biden and Kamala! Being in office was by design, not their design but by those who pull and drag them around; all those people behind the scenes. Joe doesn’t know where he is half the time. He reads (poorly) everything that comes from his mouth is written by his handlers. Susan Rice is always quiet………….. I guarantee you she is the ultimate, master puppeteer. NO BORDERS, allowing illegals from approximately 163 countries coming in to the U.S. daily. Where are they going? If not already, soon to your town and neighborhood. Your taxes will provide for them. They’ll benefit more from our tax dollars than we do. We soon will look like every other 3rd world country. Crime, all crime, is skyrocketing. This happens when you release violent criminals back on the street. Hundreds of thousands of inmates have been released across America. Most have nowhere to go, just like the illegals crossing, rapists among them. They’ll be spreading out far and wide, soon to a town near you, or your neighborhood. They act like we owe them, that they are entitled to everything YOU worked for. DEFUND THE POLICE, make the chaos in the streets easier………so Kamala doesn’t have to bail anyone else out! Kamala was put in charge of the border……….. She is handling it, exactly the way they want, by leaving it be, let it happen! This is not an accident, or by just plain stupidity! This is all intentional, as Kamala has said “To transform America once and for all!”.

Joe and Kamala were the perfect match-up for the Democratic Socialist Party, this Marxist regime. When confronted they would handle it best, Joe in his angry one liners and simple walk away and Kamala with her endless laughter, cackle and avoidance. No explanations would ever be necessary. Never mind the embarrassing situations we are in, the rest of the world can enjoy the comedy and take advantage of the stupidity; as they have been. The only question left for now is, we have taken the bait, when do they make the switch?

vp joke doing what presidential joke wants………….nothing!!!

Where's Kamala?': Nikki Haley Mocks VP's Lack of Border Visit With 'Where's  Waldo' Picture

So, Joe Biden put V.P. joke, Kamala Harris in charge of the Southern border! She is doing exactly what Biden wants, expected! NOTHING! They wanted a crisis, they got a crisis and they are just fine with the way things are going. Kamala Harris is taking on the Vice Presidency in nearly the same manner Joe Biden served as VP. Worthless, except for building his own wealth. Notice too how Biden avoided the border in his address to the members of the “JOINT” Congress.

Opinion: The Anti-American Administration — Trump:The American Years

Take a look at the following quotes from the Biden administration and Chinese Communist Party officials. Can you guess which country’s government made these statements? Systemic racism … is a stain [on] our nation’s soul.”“America has a long history of systemic racism.” “In order to lead abroad, America must continue to address racial injustice and […]

Opinion: The Anti-American Administration — Trump:The American Years