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arlin report thought of the day: adam schiff vs. donald trump

Does anyone actually believe that Adam Schiff is smarter than Donald Trump? Honestly? Schiff gets caught in his lies as soon as they come from his mouth. Trump has been several steps ahead of Schiff throughout this bogus impeachment (LOL) “inquiry”.

Even when Geraldo says Trump should not cooperate with Congress until they vote on proceeding with impeachment, the inquiry is bogus as well. They aren’t voting because they have nothing.

Hunter Biden, giving up his China position. “He wasn’t doing anything wrong” says Daddy Joe. But Hunter will quit doing it.

Back on Adam Schiff: A witness testifying can be locked up for lying. The committee representatives, especially Adam Schiff, there are no repercussions for lying. They aren’t/haven’t been held accountable. They should receive the same punishment. Perjury! They took an oath of office. They were sworn in. Should be responsible for honesty in office. So why aren’t they? Because those that are responsible for holding them accountable, don’t want to be held accountable when it circles around.


investigate adam schiff

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Adam Schiff SAID he had PROOF of Trump’s collusion and obstruction. If little Adam had such proof, why didn’t he present it? Most likely because he was lying. He was! He is not credible. If in fact he withheld proof……..he was withholding evidence. That would be illegal! Quite frankly Adam Schiff is really just full of CRAP.

Investigate Schiff’s role in this coup. Further investigate Hillary Clinton and the DNC for the fake dossier……… among many other things. Those emails are still in question. If the Dems were concerned about national security, Hillary would be in jail. Further investigate Comey. Investigate the Obama Administration. All of it!

Joe Biden and Hunter Biden must absolutely be investigated. I’m sure you can agree with that, right Adam? Wouldn’t you agree the Biden’s should be investigated? You want Trump’s phone call further investigated, I guess you do……….you kept asking Maguire that question, if it should be. Were you looking for advice or just being a smart ass? Wouldn’t you agree Adam that you should be investigated? Its worth repeating, don’t you agree the Obama Administration should be investigated? Hillary? James Comey?

Let me ask you something Rep. Adam Schiff. Why would anyone come before Congress to testify before a committee you chair and be confident that they are not testifying before a corrupt chairperson or House Committee (or full House for that matter)? You are the Deep State at work………. the Swamp. You deserve no respect, you’ve not earned any.

nancy pelosi said: “No one is above the law”

Yep, she said it today. She has said it before. But, Nancy Pelosi is a hypocrite. If she actually believes “No one is above the law”. Hillary Clinton would be in jail. James Comey would be on trial, headed to jail. Those are just a couple of high profile examples. Most in congress believe they are above the law. I can think of a Muslim law maker that married her own brother. Fraud. There is a lot of FRAUD in Washington D.C.

Oh and Joe Biden, after giving your little televised press conference to bash Trump today about the Ukraine thing(s), I’D WALK AWAY FROM THE PODIUM WITHOUT ANSWERING QUESTIONS TOO!

This impeachment inquiry announced today by Pelosi is mostly about 2020. This is political strategy being launched by the Speaker.

When they investigate Trump on the Ukraine during impeachment, they’ll have to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden on the Ukraine as well. Hunter got a nice pay check (or cash possibly), without any knowledge in the gas industry. NONE! A nice little benefit awarded Hunter following VP Joe’s (daddy’s) arrangement with the Ukraine.