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joe biden: dopey or just a habital liar? both?

The definition of dopey: stupefied by sleep or a drug

Last night Dan Bongino was on Hannity. He was speaking on Joe Biden’s comment that gun sales at gun convention sales (gun shows) do not file background checks. As soon as I saw the video on Biden’s statement, I began yelling at the TV screen. “That’s a lie, that’s a f ing lie!” Bongino referred to Biden as either being dopey or a liar! I’d say he is both……….but! I don’t think they (his handlers) are trying to dope him down to further stupidity but attempting to dope him up. IT AIN’T WORKING! Biden has never been the sharpest color in the box. He has always made claims of doing this and that but, that is a lie as well. He has always taken credit for things he had NOTHING to do with. That is part, a major part of his character. He has written or spoken things that he was not the author of and I don’t mean speeches from a speech writer.

Back to the dopey thingy! Biden lied about the gun dealers at gun conventions not filing paper work or running background checks. I have only been to one gun show, but I know they run background checks. That was when I screamed at the TV………..he was a liar. Biden has always been an idiot. He has always been a liar. I would not refer to him as dopey, as it would imply……..he is being drugged and not his fault. He is an idiotic liar. He did at an earlier time of his life have an opportunity to control just how much of an idiot he would be. Biden is best described as a dishonest opportunist! He is smart in that aspect……..his dishonesty is a weapon. Over the course of nearly 50 years his stupidity became ingrained in, so much he is a natural. The poster politician in Washington D.C. The model Deep State politician. When Biden said “I am sick and tired of the ordinary person being fleeced ……….”, I wanted to vomit. Biden doesn’t give an ounce of caring about Americans. AND, WHO THE HELL DOES HE THINK HE IS REFERRING TO US AS ‘ORDINARY’. Biden, Pelosi, Schumer……….and there are Republicans too, they are ALL alike.

I think Joe and Hunter Biden have much in common, like father like son!

Show and tell – 3rd grader …. — The Goomba Gazette

LINKEDIN This is the guy that has the RED BUTTON at his disposal. Now I am serious. I don’t care if this dude is a democrat – socialist – or republican; TINFW he should be sitting in the THE BIG CHAIR. He is not only an embarrassment to himself, BUTT to the USA. Can’t help […]

Show and tell – 3rd grader …. — The Goomba Gazette

This is a show……….I am just not sure who is really in control? Biden is nothing more than a prop! He is worse than a cardboard prop., he speaks, just often making no sense! His action(s) are much more extreme than his past political ideas, indicating they do not come from him, he just stands there as though he is in charge. They think we the people are too stupid to see it. Many of us are! Biden just abides………his name is perfect for what he is doing (A)Biden. The extreme Left is controlling him, who exactly they are, I only have my suspicions. Obviously those closest to him are (A)Biden as well. Biden isn’t even feeling the heat……….they don’t let him near it, and they always have their hands on the thermostat! (Arlin Report comments)

joe biden’s crime cartel has greatly expanded; thanks to his open border


Joe Biden immediately opened our southern border. He knew what he was doing, probably just needed reminding to pull the trigger, stop the completion of the wall, virtually open the gates. He knew what would happen, what was to follow. And if he underestimated the effect, he certainly should not have. Trump warned the Biden Administration what would happen; but Biden ignored it. Of course he did, he is the polar opposite of Trump, reversing everything Trump. Apparently polar opposites in intelligence as well. The border is a mess…………and it is getting worse not by the day or the hour, but by the minute. The immigrants are carrying COVID with them. There is no social distancing, quite the contrary; kids are sleeping side by side, some on top of others. All this when we are trying to end a pandemic. All this while citizens in this our own country continue to be lectured by senile Joe Biden to wear the mask, not to reopen. We are the ones to follow their ineffective guidelines. While who knows who come here and are released even without papers. We don’t know who most of them are.

Drug cartels are bragging they’ll get rich, Joe Biden’s decision will make them millionaires. Drugs and child/human trafficking is also now on the rise. Joe Biden owns this mess. He won’t call it a crisis because back in the day this was what they wanted, an open border. They knew what would follow as soon as Joe gave them the invitation. One illegal stated in an interview with Sara Carter they would NOT have come under Trump. They absolutely would come under Biden, he invited them. So here they come for all the benefits. We the people pay, it will not only cost us, it will cost our children and grandchildren for generations. They will receive benefits, healthcare, food, clothing, housing and education at our expense, at no expense to them. We know they benefit, but who loses? We do! It is our income, income we worked most of our lives for so we had the benefits of a comfortable, healthy life. It absolutely takes away from us. Is this selfish? Not when our taxes provide funding to all these countries. Their governments aren’t using it on them, these immigrants? Maybe they should stay and fight for their rights and their benefits like we did, like our ancestors did.

Jumping around a bit right here but, the investigations and arrests on human trafficking, the kids, were making good strides; now………it’s just another surge. Oh that’s right………AOC lectured us yesterday it was not a surge!!! We are in this mess for listening to people like her, Biden and Harris. More drugs coming over the border, means they’ll be in our communities, I am sure they already are. Joe Biden is a pusher, drug pusher, human trafficking pimp! He might as well be; this is happening because he opened the border…….wide open! He and Kamala and his pathetic press secretary can not put this on Trump as they have. THAT IS BS! Saying it, doesn’t make it so! These cages these kids are in were built by the Obama-Biden Administration. Joe, Hunter, his brother (James) and Jill are corrupt, we know that. That got wealthy while Joe was VP, via his international connections. Hunter was the front man. Ukraine, China, and Moscow all contributed to the Biden’s bank accounts. So now add drugs and child trafficking to the Biden Cartel scheme of things.

We haven’t heard much from Biden’s border czar, VP Kamala Harris. They have no intention of closing the border. It is how that wanted it. No crisis! It’s what they wanted!!! They wouldn’t know what to do now anyway, it is too far out of control. Biden created this! Biden owns it! But you will pay…….now and for a long, long time. Biden isn’t in charge, but he is ALL in. Our destruction is exciting to him. He just wanted to be president. His legacy……..WHAT LEGACY!

In the Executive Order Joe Biden Used to Cancel the Keystone Pipeline he Violated the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights — The way I see things …

Originally posted on Jim Campbell’s: By Jim Campbell March 18th, 2021 When China Joe Biden signed the E.O. to abolish the Keystone Pipeline he violated the Tenth Amendment. It would seem by now that his handlers would have taken a look at the documents, even studied them, to keep running afoul of the law.…

In the Executive Order Joe Biden Used to Cancel the Keystone Pipeline he Violated the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights — The way I see things …

from american bald eagle to a vulture

Why Is the Bald Eagle America's National Bird? | Live Science
Live Science

This bird has been replace by this bird:

300 Vultures ideas | vulture, birds of prey, pet birds


Creepy Sleepy Joe Biden is the conductor of what may be the largest train wreck in the history of the United States. Never in our history have we been on a path of destruction as we are today; and it is not an accident waiting to happen. Joe Biden has us off track, and we are headed for a total pile up, we are already crashing.

Biden’s handlers have placed the next piece to their socialist agenda puzzle in front of their puppet for another dagger to spear we the people (who elected him ). Joe is on fast track, as his days are numbered; so HURRY UP JOE should have his pen working soon. The people needed some COVID-19 assistance, so our $1,400 checks are in the mail. After all, we aren’t working, we can’t even bar-b-que with our friends and families until July 4th, as long as we behave and obey. Families are definitely hurting just to put food on the table, pay the rent or mortgage. So get a stimulus check out to them, as a reminder that we are dependent on the government (The Democratic Socialist Party and Joe Biden). Then they’ll pound in a major tax hike……after all, the American people are too stupid to know the tax hikes will more than cover those stimulus checks. Trouble is we won’t be benefiting. They have to pay for all those perks they gave their own regions, the blue states. They’ll even tell us that they are only raising taxes on corporations and higher income folks! Folks, Joe’s false word for trying to convince us he is one of us. So, it’s the socialist give and take scam. Just what does the “higher income bracket” mean to Biden and his gang of outlaws? Anybody not collecting an unemployment check? He told us he was going to do what he is doing! And we are to believe this man was elected by a fair election? Right! No, it had to be a massive cheating affair. The Democrats could not take another 4 years of prosperity. Trump had to go, he was interfering with their plan. They even gladly accepted the help of foreign nations. It only took a little payoff. China would certainly help Joe, he is their investment, their American Ace Card.

Build back America greater? Mask them up, shoot them up with vaccines, keep them home, let them fall further in debt, make them more dependent, we’ll send them a check, that comes nowhere near what they need; to go back to work and earn real money. Dependency is the core of socialism. It will eventually put us all in the same class, the bottom. The upper class, the elites will even shrink.

I only know a small handful of people that voted for this clown. They proudly let you know they are liberals. They just wanted Trump gone, because he was a mean talker. They didn’t like his personality. No, they preferred a corrupt life time career Washington elite politician. These people are the same ones that will be crying like hyenas when they see their 40 1’s shrink; but will try and blame Trump yet. The great robbery, was the theft of our election.

Being from Missouri we’ve seen from our own history, robbers. Jesse and Frank James and their gang, robbed corrupt rail road companies and banks. They started out by robbing from the RR that stole from their family, mainly their ma and pa! The James Gang was kind of our Robinhood band of thieves. They were sympathetic to everyday people. Yes they shot a few bankers, railroad execs and a deputy know and then. When they weren’t hiding out in Missouri caverns they enjoyed life among the common people. Our government and their crooked administrators are robbing from us, the everyday folks, the common people. They don’t really like us much, they want to keep us in place; so they do fear us. This is why they will continue to tack on anti-gun legislation when they can. They peck at us a little at a time. But now America’s symbol, the American Bald Eagle has been replaced by a vulture. A couple of years ago vultures in mass numbers were hanging out around the Lake of the Ozarks. They were destroying cars, boats, other property, and who knows what they did to other wild life. They were more than just an inconvenience. They seemed to have since moved on! But these government vultures have no intention of moving on. They are on a deadly, destructive mission. They want total control of the American people. Add on an open border, Obama couldn’t do it himself, though it was in his plan. No, he was waiting for Hillary, now he has his sidekick…..China Joe to finish us off. Obama, Hillary and Joe Biden, all globalist. They will come to aid of the world and drain the American people, make us just like them.

We don’t need an intervention, just a real awakening. Some of us have been awake, some are waking up……..we need to be a tidal wave, and take this county back. Joe Biden is a fraud. He always has been. Make America Better………not his game. He even took Trump’s Make America Great and Great Again slogans and spun it to his Better theme. So, far I’m not seeing it. Nope, we are headed for a pile up, and the vultures are circling. I think we are better than this. Something tells me when the great Awakening happens, the Biden Gang will not be happy.

The President’s Speech — hogewash

Joe Xiden gave an allegedly live speech this evening. When I went to check on it at YouTube, I found that all the various feeds had a total viewership of just under 130,000 as of 9:30 ET this evening. That’s a total for views during the “live” feed and views afterward. That’s fewer than one […]

The President’s Speech — hogewash

President Kamalaho Harris … — The way I see things …

Originally posted on Freedom Is Just Another Word…: – Get Ready For ‘President Kamala Harris’ To Be ‘Installed’  Don’t think so? Have you paid any attention to Biden? His press conferences? None!! State of the Union? Nope!! This is the man that hid in his basement and still won, with 80 Million votes? You buy…

President Kamalaho Harris … — The way I see things …

arlin report thought(s) of the day: hillary clinton latest rumor …………arrested? forget it!

Yes I had heard from a couple of sources that they did something with Hillary Clinton! “DID SOMETHING?” There was of course no confirmation with real evidence that ANYTHING was done to Hillary Clinton! The insinuations were that she was finally arrested as more info was recovered from her scrubbed e-mails. That may be the case; however, I did not join in on this rumor parade. Hillary Clinton is untouchable. I won’t believe she is until SOMETHING does happen, we the people are witness to it, and there is no shred of doubt.

The problem is, and quite honestly this reason is as old as the hills; corrupt people are in positions to protect corrupt politicians and criminals. Another words the Deep State will never touch the Clinton Cartel. The Deep State, which seems to be about 90% of D.C. are part of the Clinton Crime Cartel. Corruption is the norm in Washington, in fact throughout the country politically. They are also the same people that are telling us what is acceptable, what the new normal is, in all aspects of our lives. WELCOME TO SOCIALISM.

Joe Biden is the laughingstock of the world. The sad part is, so are we, we elected this mess. And if we didn’t and we were in fact cheated (as I believe there was massive voter fraud), our voices were altered, our rights were robbed under our noses; we deserve to be laughed at because we let them SCAM US! We have allowed treasonous individuals get away with it; so far!

No voter fraud just won’t go away!

Joe Biden can’t remember his Defense Secretary’s name or the name of that “outfit over there”, the Pentagon. Can you imagine if Donald Trump had made those statements? Joe Biden is burnt toast, you know, I know it and the rest of the world knows it. Democrats knew it all along……..back even before the primaries. Biden is the dummy being used to take all the heat for all the reckless, intentional mass destruction of America these morons wanted.