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arlin report thought(s) of the day: trump vs. wallace…….and a little bit of joe

Rules set for Trump-Biden debate — and shaped by COVID-19

We expect it and it is happening, each party claims victory! The referee Chris Wallace couldn’t control this sparring match, and that is really all it was. THIS WAS NOT THE MAIN EVENT. However, Biden may have thought so. What wasn’t surprising was a bias moderator who tossed the gas on the flame that started a California like wild fire that burned out of control all night.

Here is my take on why we saw the interruption contest:

Trump intended to knock Biden off balance, to cause him to lose his focus with the constant interruptions. While Biden shared little to no substance, his greatest victory of the night was he had ‘no MAJOR gaffes’. The interruptions worked for a bit, as Wallace had to remind Biden of the question a couple of times, to get him back on track. Where Biden failed was, with honesty. If you do your fact checking Biden gets the award for LIAR of the night. Of course that was one of the names Biden called Trump. What was surprising, most or all of the name calling came from BIDEN!

Trump on Wallace, (again my take)……… The interruptions were due to what Trump refers to as the fake media. Due to the attacks from the media (Wallace included) Trump also sparred with Wallace on the night. I believe from the start, Trump felt like he was debating 2 people. To an extent he was correct. Wallace was clearly biased, and it was a Trump vs. Biden/Wallace tag team match.

I think Trump’s biggest mistake was, he should have given Biden more time to answer, he didn’t give him enough time to make a gaffe or blow himself up.

On Biden’s remarks how he would have handled the coronavirus: He said he make masks, ventilators and distribute etc………. Obviously he has been in his basement too long, Trump did all Biden said he would do.

Maybe this was just that a sparring match, where Trump was feeling out his opponent for the next round. Hopefully Biden answers the bell.

Your Daley Gator CCW News Update For Wednesday (09/16/20) — The Daley Gator

. Dementia Joe Refers To Potential “Harris-Biden” Administration One Day After His Running Mate Calls It The “Harris Administration” – Fox News Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden really appears to be on the same page as his running mate Kamala Harris, mistakenly referring to plans in a “Harris-Biden administration” just one day after the California […]

Your Daley Gator CCW News Update For Wednesday (09/16/20) — The Daley Gator

arlin report thought(s) of the day: bloomberg to toss away 100 million $ for biden

Mike Bloomberg to run $10m Super Bowl campaign ad targeting Trump | US news  | The Guardian


Michael Bloomberg spent millions of his own billions for a presidential run. If Michael Bloomberg couldn’t buy a candidacy on his own behalf WHAT makes him think he can buy an election for Joe Biden? Does he have more confidence in Biden than himself to invest that kind of money? Would you invest in someone that isn’t capable of reading a teleprompter? If climate change is such a big deal for Dems and people like Bloomberg wouldn’t you think he’d spend it there rather than pissing it away on a losing prospect of the Democrats choice.

arlin report thought(s) of the day: socialism recognized as coming from the democrats

The Democratic Socialist Party Going All In - Keep US Great

We had dinner last evening at a Mexican restaurant (Hacienda) in St. Louis with another couple. Our friends were born and raised in Hungary. They are here in the United States LEGALLY! Their young son was born here in the U.S.

The restaurant and it’s customers were practicing social distancing. We did talk about COVID-19 a bit. Our friends raised a point (from our male friend) that the ‘Democrats were practicing socialism and desperately trying to turn the United States into a SOCIALIST nation’. His wife (a young lady I once worked with before retirement) nodded in agreement. These are two people raised in a socialist nation…….they recognize socialism when they see it!! I never started that conversation, they did! And they said it is mostly coming from the DEMOCRATS.

The Democratic Socialist Party………..and Joe Biden is their candidate. Joe Biden is a puppet. That is what socialism does, they secure and train puppets to their agenda.