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The ultimate corruption of an American president. He has compromised his own position, and is in position to do nothing! Somebody isn’t going to be happy, who will that be? Biden is co-owned! America looks weak! This is the results of the treasonous activity of a career politician.

Putin, After Spending the Day With Joe Biden: “There Is No Happiness in  Life” | Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair

It’s about the money Joe, Hunter is holding your share. Now just do as you are told!

US: Biden, Xi agree to move forward with arms control dialogue - La Prensa  Latina Media
La Prensa Latina.

Lets talk about that money Joe. You know the funds to Hunter’s account………for the Big Guy! We own you! (Look at the expression on Biden’s face here, concern or fear or both).

The Associated Press
Associated Press

Yes Volo, I know about the money given to Hunter from the Ukraine……….with a share to me……I mean the Big Guy! Russia will never invade you, I guarantee it.

JOE BIDEN QUOTES…… doesn’t know stupid when he raises stupid!

Twitter: Right to bear memes

This is how smart Joe Biden is. The person on the left is Joe’s son Hunter………a stoned crack head but as Joe said, “smartest man I know”. The “man” on the right is a journalist (often working the White House), Peter Doocy. The comment from Biden made came following a question Biden didn’t want to answer, had no answer for or just plain didn’t understand the question (which I doubt). Joe Biden referring to anyone as being stupid comes from his own ignorance.


We are hearing less and less it seems on a daily basis about such issues as the border problem with illegal immigrants. The media, even Fox News, seems to be losing interest. That is what the Left wants, hopes for, that we just accept it and live with it. Creepy Joe wants us to forget about his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the problems people face there because of his stupidity. And inflation?! Prices are rising daily and there is no stop order. Back in the day Nixon put a hold on raising prices……….especially oil and gas.

But, Biden informed us yesterday, because we haven’t been seeing it, that he has done more in one year than any president in history. THAT IS HOW DELUSIONAL THIS MORON IS. Give him his crayons and coloring book and send him to his basement room. Lock the door so he doesn’t wander off and screw something else up.

Biden predicted that Russia will invade the Ukraine. Will! He made this wimpy comment that “Putin would regret it”, Do you really think, Putin is afraid of Biden and his petty threats? Putin knows Biden is ALL TALK. Oh, he could get us in a war, another “conflict” that serves no purpose or interest with his reckless dysfunctional brain. There are a few warmongers in the Pentagon who think the U.S. main purpose on this planet is to be at war……..with somebody. Biden is a mental case standing over that button! Incompetence reeks in the White House.

I’d like to be a little mouse in on some of Biden’s meetings with foreign leaders! If they are anything like his pressers, our enemies are licking their chops and salivating all over the place. They must be thinking they are up against a grade school child. Fourth graders would carry on a more competent conversation. Joe Biden is NOT SMARTER THAN A FOURTH GRADER……..or third, 2nd and first.

Joe Biden is a loose cannon, and he is dangerous. And the Dems tried to present Trump as dangerous, the one who would get us in a nuclear war. THAT PERSON TURNS OUT TO BE NONE OTHER THAN JOE BIDEN. He (Biden) thinks that nuclear box is like playing a game of Candy Land. He is all excited to be there. His mental capacity is frightening!


Biden claims he has done more than any president of all time. He is right, he has done more to destroy this nation than any other. BUT……Biden thinks he is the greatest president of all time. “Name somebody that has done more than I have, name just one”. Answer………all those that came before you……including Jimmy Carter!

This laughing stock of the world, embarrassingly our president must get up and go straight to the nursery play room each morning! He is officially a complete idiot! Nope, not an ounce of respect for him from me! Biden is scarier than that clown in North Korea!


I am really sick of the lectures from Joe Biden. #1 I am tired of Biden talking down to the American people. He isn’t my uncle, or grandpa. He should have had that talk with his son Hunter long ago. But, I guess he trained Hunter to be what he is, a goat (and I don’t mean greatest of all time), but the front man in Joe’s crime team…….team of three. Joe’s brother is part of that team. Joe is not competent enough to have a real conversation with even a pre-school kid, who he has no business around. I wouldn’t want the creep anywhere near my grandchildren. Mark my words, he’d end up with more than a bloody nose.

Finished that oil painting I mentioned yesterday. Turned out pretty decent. Not a masterpiece but not one I immediately tossed in the trash, which I have done before. Now down to the basement (no I am not hiding like Joe) to work on my art studio (being moved from an extra bedroom). Putting a foam floor down for cushion while standing, looking for some appropriate lighting. Next subject for a painting………probably something like a golf ball hidden in the grass. At least right now I don’t seem to have painter’s block!

Property tax went up in our County of St. Charles (Missouri). Have a deficit of $788.00 for projected escrow for this next year I need to pay by Friday! Thanks for only a 5 day notice St. Charles. And of course monthly payment goes up as well for 2022. I’d like to blame Biden for this, but nope this is on St. Charles County. I’d like to see where this is going. St. Charles County has a big population. Everyone is complaining about the property tax (going up higher than usual). With our population and all the building around our area, the County has some big revenue numbers coming in.

Empty shelves: I was out yesterday, looking for lighting and flooring for my art studio. Prices are ridiculous! You can see them rising almost on a daily basis. I went to a grocery store to pick up some ham bits, the shelves were half full (or empty, whatever). Not completely empty, but you couldn’t find some items you may have been looking for. This should not happen in America. Never would I have thought it to be like this. Part of the problem………….and we talked about this years ago, Baby Boomers are retiring in heavy volume. Baby Boomers carried this country for years. Problem now, we have one of it’s lone jackass’s in the lead.

Anyway, it’s a nice mild day (in 50’s) here, time to go to the driving range. Then to the basement. Have a good one!


Today is the day, Jan. 6th that Democrats want to go down in INFAMEY. It is the day they celebrate their own attempt for self martyrdom. They call it, the day Trump supporters attacked our democracy or Insurrection Day. Truth is, it was a trespass in the halls where elected officials are supposed to be ruling within our democracy. It was not an attack on democracy but an attack (mild as it was, the place wasn’t burned down) on those who are supposed to protect and work within our democracy. It was an attack on THEIR FAILURE!

Kamala Harris compared Jan. 6th 2021 to the ATTACK on Pearl Harbor and the ATTACK on 9/11. THAT IS A RIDICULOUSLY STUPID STATEMENT. And Kamala, Capitol Hill is far from SACRED! It is tainted with corruption, corruption that continues to flow without accountability. But, this is what we get when those that are to hold others accountable are themselves corrupt. Only we the people can hold those in the halls of Congress accountable. They fail to do so.

Congress and the White House are a LITTER BOX:

They are like a cat litter box, Congress and the White House. And if you don’t change the box periodically it begins to smell. Leave it go too long and it clumps together and becomes more difficult to clean out and replace. The stench is unbearable, no longer is effective, no longer serves it’s purpose. That is where we are. They have clumped together and the smell is unbearable. They no longer serve their purpose. It is long over due, a cleaning out of Congress. It is time to change the litter with freshness. Lot’s of fresh members.

DEAR JOE BIDEN, the damage of your withdrawal of Afghanistan and all your other failures in just your first year is far worse than anything that happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6th.

We must assure that our elections are fair. We the People must be more involved. Demand it!


Prior to a pathetic President Joe Biden speaking………..an opportunity for him to bash a former president to divert from his own FAILURE AS PRESIDENT, his sidekick opened her mouth and demonstrated further IGNORANCE……….and said this:

Harris said some dates in U.S. history ““occupy not only a place on our calendars, but a place in our collective memory.  December 7th, 1941.  September 11th, 2001. And January 6th, 2021.”

Kamala Harris compared Jan. 6th to the attack on Pearl Harbor and the attacks of 9/11. The damage and loss of life of Jan. 6th (though no life should be lost) was not even a dent/a scratch compared to Pearl Harbor or 9/11. What a freaking insult to this nation that is, that came out of her mouth. Is she that uneducated?

They, Biden and Harris referred to Jan. 6th as an attack on our democracy! No, it was not an attack on our democracy, it was an attack on the people elected to defend democracy who are failing miserably. The houses of Congress and this administration attack to destroy our democracy everyday!

Kamala……….Capitol Hill is not A SACRED PLACE. It may have once been, but the corruption that abounds within it, with people as yourself has tainted anything sacred or holy. To refer to it as sacred is an insult to God. You, none of you in Washington D.C. are martyrs, stop trying to be!


I don’t really make New Years resolutions, and anytime that I ever did probably forgot about them within a day or two. I am not making any now! But, nothing will change. It will be business and government as usual, corruption as usual, with the same old players. 2022 will be no different, no better than 2021 and the previous years unless WE THE PEOPLE demand it, we take charge of our own destiny. Otherwise, people like Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Meek Mitch McConnell………..and lets face it most of the congressional worms and snakes are allowed to continue to do what they’ve been doing. TIRED OF IT ALL? We can, and must stop it!

Don’t ask for the truth, DEMAND IT!

Do not accept that they continue to lock away documentation and evidence of THEIR corruption! That is hiding the truth, that is the same as being lied to! That is the continuation of the guilty protecting themselves, because they believe they are above the law. They have been because we continue to allow it! When the truth is locked away it is not to protect the innocent, it is to protect the guilty.

You and I know, the corrupt (especially in government) go unpunished! They protect themselves, it’s called cover-up! The established Swamp, Deep State (it doesn’t matter what you call them) have been covering up, going deeper for many years. January 6th is such a big, frightening event for them only because they are afraid it will happen again, on a greater scale. They are afraid of we the people! They are afraid of us holding them accountable! I believe Jan. 6th was mostly staged (ask Nancy Pelosi), by those who are screaming the loudest that they were violated! If it were a true attack on the government, it would not have been left in tact (the Capitol). Nothing was burned down, like citizen’s protest in our cities?

Much of what is placed before us, in the public eye (and they use the media) is fake, is bull shit. We are being lied to on nearly everything! Is there any issue, anything at all we can trust our government and politicians on? They lie on everything………from both sides of their isle. What goes on in those houses of Congress is crap. The real business gets dealt with behind closed doors. They are all together more so than they are ever apart. Their division is fraudulent. That may be the greatest trickery of all. AND, they’ll continue to put their hands out for your contributions! We are suckers!

Demand the truth, start now! Demand to see everything! They have abused the “We can’t share everything due to national security” line long enough! We must start seeing, demanding that those that are corrupt start being cuffed and taken away! NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS on crimes against We the People!

We must do a better job protecting our children from these leaches!

Happy New Year!

Who’s At Fault? — A Coherent Observation

As reported by Fox News, a House Democrat blamed the Biden White House for not holding anybody “accountable” for the multiple crises that are currently affecting the country, stating that it “started with Afghanistan.” The lawmaker eviscerated Biden over the multiple political holes the administration has dug itself into. Additionally, this lawmaker took aim at […]

Who’s At Fault? — A Coherent Observation



Read the article above to have a more detailed description of what a Diplomatic Boycott really means. It means the elite politicians and representatives of “our government” will not attend and be seen in the stands at the China Games. THAT’S SMACKING THEM IN THE MOUTH JOE! The athletes, coaches and staffs will be there as usual. And hopefully China treats them well. They most likely will, as these are the true representatives of the Olympic Games, the athletes. Quite honestly who wants to look in the stands and see a cackling Kamala Harris watching ice skating or downhill skiing? Most Americans don’t tune in to see that, it’s just about the sporting competition. Only arrogant ass politicians like Joe Biden make it out to be about them. I don’t know this to be true, but I don’t think any trade treaties have ever been negotiated during any Olympic Games.

There have been political events as such, and protests/spitefulness; see the link below. Hitler was very happy to be in the spotlight in Berlin!


Here is the thing; China Joe is playing out what his Chinese bosses have told him to do………..make this look real Joe. China has nothing to lose with diplomatic boycotts. They already own Joe Biden, he has been paid. China is on stage, with or without Joe’s diplomatic idiots. I will say, this boycott will save Americans “some” further embarrassment!!