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JOE’S CARDS ARE NOT CUE CARDS……..THEY ARE IDIOT CARDS (Arlin Report thoughts of the day)

Or you could say: I don’t have a clue cards!


Biden predicts ‘second pandemic’ — Aletho News

NOTE: JOE BIDEN IS THE VIRUS…………(There is a cure!) BTW, the only time Biden is ever right about ANYTHING, is when he has been given information from someone else, AND it has already happened or is already in the works. He doesn’t come up with FACTS on his own. (Arlin Report comment)

Samizdat – June 22, 2022 The US needs more money to plan for “the second pandemic,” President Joe Biden said during a press briefing on Tuesday, as he praised his government’s efforts to ensure children under five can get Covid-19 vaccines. Biden also hailed as “a very historic milestone” that the US has become the […]

Biden predicts ‘second pandemic’ — Aletho News


I think that revolution should have already started. Better late than never. Here would be a great start, similar to January 6, We the People ban together and march on Washington in numbers of which has never been seen. I mean massive numbers, we go to the Capitol, and we keep it peaceful, but use our voices with extreme force. Just the sight of people protesting (even peacefully) in those numbers would scare the hell out of the Nancy Pelosi crowd to a point they’d soil their pants. A protest, with massive numbers would overwhelm these pansy asses. If Jan. 6th told us anything it is that “The Washington D.C. powers that be are afraid of the American people”. A revolution is on its way, it must start peacefully. We don’t need to smash out windows and enter, to walk around the halls and chant. We can do that outside. Are weapon, doesn’t even need to be a gun. We can beat these morons without a gun. We can beat them with numbers, we outnumber them by the millions. They’d know we are coming, but there is nothing they can do to stop us. Of course they’d close down their sessions and probably go home. Or maybe not, their transportation home would be closed off, by the overwhelming number of real Americans taking back their country!

Here is one thing, a big thing we must be cautious of: There will be these radical, out of control groups that will want to infiltrate whatever we do. Wolves in sheep’s clothing type……..whose purpose would be to sabotage our massive protest. They’d want to do it their way……..with violence and destruction, like some on Jan. 6th did, like those cities in 2020. We can’t have that happen. We can defend against it, simply with our massive, overwhelming numbers. Remember THERE IS STRENGHT IN NUMBERS! That is our weapon of protest, and a defense against those wanting to sabotage our revolutionary movement.

Biden has been right about one thing: “It will get worse before it gets better folks!”. (Biden is a has-been). There is no end of this craziness in sight! How much worse can we allow it? You can’t afford food prices …….and it goes up daily. You are paying higher gas prices daily. You can’t afford gas to even get you to the grocery stores, to work or to the doctor’s office. WHEN IS ENOUGH, ENOUGH? We are beyond that! Do you see any difference between our governing bodies today (who are out of control, only care about themselves and continue to take power, power away from We the People) and the British red coat’s ruling over our forefathers? They look the same to me!


Here is an interesting article on link below. I do not necessarily agree with everything stated, but makes an interesting read. (Also any politically stated positions mentioned or not necessarily my position either).



Raising the age for gun purchase from 18 to 21? What does that do really? A mentally ill 18 year old, without some sort of intervention/help will still be mentally ill at 21……probably worse off. So the 18 year old just waits till he is 21. Okay, you mean like he waited until he was 18. Better results would be to recognize mental illness and DO SOMETHING (FOR GOD SAKES, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH). How bout some treatment, some therapy. Free therapy instead of forgiving student loans. Maybe a document from a mental shrink, that declares a person is mentally fit to own a gun should accompany applications to purchase a gun. Wow……that would keep someone from just on the blink of an eye walking in a gun shop and buying because he is ticked off at locals and wants to go shoot up their children in a school, a hospital or a grocery store. Personally, I am not sure Joe Biden would be mentally fit to own a gun now. Lets see, I have to test negative for COVID to get entry into another country, via airlines……….TESTING? Why not mental health testing to buy that gun? I’d go for that! Rights are not violated…..proof of competence is essential. In fact Joe should have taken a competence test before he was on the presidential ballot. When and if the need comes for Americans to protect themselves, even from their own government, mentally ill individuals are dangerous to all of us with a gun in their hand. They’d just want to shoot somebody, anybody…….they aren’t capable of recognizing who we are at war with. To them, everyone is the enemy.  (Arlin Report comment)

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Another reason for Dems to worry: Low primary turnout in California

JOHN SEXTON Jun 02, 2022 at HotAir:

Politico reports on another reasons for Democrats to worry about the upcoming midterms. In deep blue California the number of ballots being returned in primaries is lookinglow so far.

After this week’s break in the primary calendar, seven states will hold elections on Tuesday. In the biggest of them, California, Democrats are already looking at some troubling early turnout numbers: So far, only about 2.2 million Californians have returned ballots. That’s less than a third of the total early vote at this point in California’s recall election last year.

Primary turnout is traditionally apoor indicatorof general election turnout. But Paul Mitchell, a leading political data expert in California, says Democrats have reason to be concerned this year.

Mitchell, who works with Democratic campaigns says everything that can be done to…

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Uncle Sam’s HEADLESS HORSEMAN Will Not Be Able To Leave His Room This Month?

Gee, I thought we sent America’s best in wino Nancy P. and disinformation king Adam S to the Ukraine just a week ago? LOL, so I guess they told the Ukraine leaders and people, we’re with you till the end (like Vietnam and Afghanistan), then if another socialist democratic president is in the WH, we’ll abandon you eventually. Leave everything for Putin. Sold 250 books on Jill……..WOW and you’re right, how does that happen with the most popular president ever elected in the U.S. that received the most counted votes in history (over 81,000,000)? BECAUSE IT AIN’T TRUE, THEY CHEATED! Just like Joe said they would! Is Hunter going with Jill, to show her the ropes? (Arlin Report comment)

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The wrong Biden is traveling to Romania and Slovakia this month

KAREN TOWNSEND May 02, 2022 at HotAir:


AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Jill Biden (call her Dr. Biden) is scheduled to travel to Romania and Slovakia, her second solo trip since becoming first lady. She will spend Mother’s Day with Ukrainian refugee women and children.

The question is, why is she going on this trip and not her husband, the leader of the free world? She’s going to be in the neighborhood of Ukraine because the purpose of her trip is to show support for American troops and Ukrainian refugees, particularly since most of them are women and children. Why not send Biden and let him cross over into Ukraine as a show of strength? Ina postI wrote yesterday, I mentioned that it may not make much of a difference in the long run, but it would…

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Editor and Publisher

Woodward and Bernstein of/and the Washington Post, were all in on Watergate, the break-in and the Nixon cover-up. So much so it occupied all their investigative and reporting time with the Post. They were more than aggressive, they became part of the cover-up story. The more people they interviewed (their informants etc.) the more there was to cover-up. It was a huge story for these investigative reporters, writers and authors. They were relentless! Breaking into Watergate, DNC Headquarters was a biggggg deal. Today? Will, yes it still would be if broken into DNC headquarters, Republican headquarters probably not so much. Watergate was a Nixon, Republican scandal……….a major presidential resignation type event. What has changed since 1972/73? Not much as the media wanted to destroy Donald Trump, and now leaving a most scandal ridden Joe Biden alone!

The business dealings Joe Biden was involved with, with China was/is more than just business deals. It is the buying of influence, favors, positioning, and really who knows what else. It is the kind of influence that can be bought by a country that benefits them when they invade another country like Taiwan. (We bought you Joe, so when we help you into the presidency, you’ll let us walk into Taiwan untouched). All this under the cover of Hunter Biden’s business, partnerships with China and the Ukraine. (The Biden’s have been paid over $31 Million dollars, from the Chinese alone, high ranking Chinese.)

Connect the dots, all this money to Joe, via Hunter’s name to get to Daddy (19 visits to the White House by the Chinese to meet with Joe, they didn’t go there to talk to Hunter.) (Ooops, just learned they have discovered 8 more visits on the WH log of visitors, now up to 27). We also know the Big Guy (The code name for Joe in “HUNTER’S BUSINESS”) received at least 10% of money from HUNTER’S BUSINESS (but Joe frequently claimed he never discussed Hunter’s business with him). THAT IS A BLATANT LIE, told many times. Besides, what father NEVER discusses a son’s business with his son? NEVER? Like I said, blatant lie. All that money with the Chinese connections as VP. Joe gets into the presidency, probably with the help of China. Think not? Trump’s team claims to have evidence of CHINESE INTERFENCE in the election. It’s been explained how it was done, but I am not going into all that here, it’s too complicated. And that isn’t the purpose of this post. The Chinese have bought influence and have made Joe Biden a compromised U.S. President. Another words, China owns Joe Biden. Hunter is nothing more than a doped up Trojan Horse. What the Biden’s have done is treasonous! So, where is the media now? I get it Woodward and Bernstein are too old to do what they did in 1972. Not sure they would today, unless the president was Trump. They’d go after him. Where is the Main Stream Media? What the Biden’s have allegedly done is far greater than a beak-in. Obama is not innocent here either. He had to know Joe was meeting all those Chinese folks in Obama’s time in the White House. They weren’t there for just a friendly chat.

Today you have the media covering-up Biden. If they don’t make it news, it never happened. That is your liberal (socialist) media today. Covering up acts of treason makes you treasonous. Most of the MSM is treasonous. Instead of reporting truth, they become part of the news (lies and cover-up).

Added late comment: As I mentioned above 8 more visits of Hunter’s partners to the White House. The number is now 27. Apparently someone is investigating, probably FOX.


Hunter Biden is the Trojan Horse for the Biden Family (corrupt) Business; Joe in the center. Arlin Report thought(s) of the day!

NY Post

Joe Biden: ‘I know nothing!’

$31 Million to the Biden family business, thru Hunter, you know the business that Joe knew nothing about. RIGHT! Joe’s hidden placement in Hunter’s dealings centered him directly, code name forJoe, THE BIG GUY! Joe Biden’s arrogance springs the code name and leaves no doubt who the BIG GUY IS!

This is not Hunter’s business solely. Hunter Biden would never have had the connections on his own to ever meet international businessmen, especially to partner up, not even to meet casually. THIS IS JOE BIDEN’S SET UP. Joe simply hid himself in the middle of it all, and pretended to be an “I know nothing” kind of guy.

Hunter did what he was told, when he wasn’t stoned, or partying with naked little girls. He always reported back to daddy (you know the Big Guy). Hunter was like the Trojan Horse, got the foreign businessmen inside to meet and deal with the Big Guy (19 visits at the White House while Joe was Vice President). Oh and by the way, you would absolutely believe that Obama knew about these meetings as well. Hard to believe Obama would not know what Joe was up to (with all those meetings with the Chinese) in the White House at that time. Word would have certainly circulated around Joe had some Chinese interests and business being done in the White House. You can not tell me Obama didn’t know!

It is not Hunter’s business. He is the front man, the Trojan Horse, a big part of the business, the go between. This is Joe Biden’s business, his family business of which Hunter is part of, along with Joe’s brother. It is only stated as Hunter’s business to shade Joe’s Business, his connection. And the connection and business meetings Joe had with the Chinese has certainly compromised him big time. It compromised him while VP and certainly compromises him as President. This is treason!


Nikkei Asia

This is a sign! Sleepy, senile, stammering Joe Biden walking down the stairs unassisted in Brussels (hours ago), no handlers around. This is not a sign that Biden is stable, it is a sign that his handlers have their fingers crossed that he will actually stumble and goofy Joe will be removed. Rumors have it the “loyal” Biden Administration are searching for a way to get him OUT of office. Joe wouldn’t be leaving alone either, the White House staff is petrified of Kamala Harris as well, if not more so.

Look for less assistance from Joe’s staff in the future, his gaffes, stumbles and blankness is sure to increase. Like the Left’s Democratic Socialist’s policy they won’t even attempt to hide it.

Further embarrassment on it’s way, just wait for it! Biden is in Brussels entertaining! It will undoubtedly be a comedy.

Are you ready for the global cabal’s ‘Plan B’? With Covid now a fading memory, phase two of the Great Reset will surely ‘get your attention’ — By the Blood of the Lamb

Cyber pandemic vaccine? LOL, Bill Gates………..right up his evil little ass. (Arlin Report comment)

Originally posted on LeoHohmann.com: The U.S. administration of Joe Biden is now fully engaged in stoking World War III, but before any Americans can be sent to die in the Ukraine, we must feel more economic pain here at home. If you haven’t already begun to feel it, you will soon. Gasoline has now…

Are you ready for the global cabal’s ‘Plan B’? With Covid now a fading memory, phase two of the Great Reset will surely ‘get your attention’ — By the Blood of the Lamb

S.W.I.F.T and Oil and Putin: Arlin Report thought(s) of the day

Russia Russia Russia

Sanctions against Russia…………but not completely. We, the U.S. still buying oil from Russia. Make threats…..weak threats if Putin invades Ukraine? Major consequences says Joe Biden…..serious sanctions! LOL……We’ll still buy your oil though. If we were oil independent……….as we were (nearly there) Putin’s oil would not be needed……strike it from our shopping list! Not sure it is still so necessary. But hey, one of the main driving forces (the real reason) for war has been the control of OIL. It is why Jed Clampett called oil BLACK GOLD.

Sanctions? Not enough. SWIFT, the international banking system, punching Putin out of the SWIFT System would have much more of an impact. Money/wealth moves through that system. It is how countries do business with one another. That would cripple Putin. It’ll hurt the Russian people……….which is unfortunate as citizens are always victims of poor/careless leadership (that is something we all share).

Joe Biden/the U.S. do not have sole authority to bounce Russia from the S.W.I.F.T. Banking System. In a brief explanation of what SWIFT is: An international messaging and wire transfer system. I know a great deal about SWIFT as I was an International Banker for about 15 years. It is a very beneficiary communication tool……actually vital in todays world. It is unfortunate that people with political power can not be as civil to one another as those who use the S.W.I.F.T. system (worldwide financial institutions) for international business are and as respectful. A great deal of the S.W.I.F.T. messages and transactions I processed daily was with banks in China. Those were more professional and respectful than many I submitted elsewhere……….like in South America (some were a pain).