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KOMMONSENTSJANE – READ: Trump Mount Rushmore Speech Transcript — kommonsentsjane

Originally posted on Nwo Report: Source: David Blackmon President Donald Trump hosted a celebration of our great nation at Mount Rushmore. In the process, he delivered one of the greatest patriotic speeches in U.S. history. The corrupt news media, which hates America, obviously hated the speech and is portraying it as having been, in the…

KOMMONSENTSJANE – READ: Trump Mount Rushmore Speech Transcript — kommonsentsjane

Careful, Creepy Sleepy Joe Biden may steal the speech!

From Majestic to Racist: What a Difference an Election Makes — Common Man. Common Sense.

The “fundamental transformation of the United States of America” that Barack Obama promised in 2008 is now going at warp speed, all at the hands of panicked leftists, socialists, Marxists, the Democrats and their complicit, propaganda arm we all know as the media, the Fourth Estate. They must make as many changes to our country […]

From Majestic to Racist: What a Difference an Election Makes — Common Man. Common Sense.

Planned mt. rushmore attack

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Planned Mt. Rushmore Attack Stopped Cold By Governor

by The Bearded Patriota day ago251Views

All across the country, political operatives have torn down countless statues of historical figures. Moving well beyond Confederate leaders, these anarchists have destroyed numerous monuments that honored heroes. The question was asked, will Mount Rushmore be next? The governor of South Dakota weighed in, setting the record straight.

If you thought the movement to remove statues was just about Confederate icons, think again. This wave of destruction—motivated by Democrat-controlled group BLM—is about erasing our national heritage. This group wants Americans to hate the very men and women who built this country. It has little to do with lashing out at slavery—since they’ve destroyed monuments of abolitionists and Lincoln himself.

This is all about trying to destroy our identity and replace it with something else. What, you may ask? It’s simple: the godless and corrupt identity of Marxism. The forces behind this movement need to get Americans to hate and forget our heritage of independence and liberty, so they can install the all-consuming power of socialism. Few Americans would sit back and let socialism just take over. But if were all hated what America represents, then maybe we would.

The question was asked if these vandals would go after Mount Rushmore next. Governor Noem had a simple reply.

Commenting on the absurdity of the mob crusade, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro rhetorically asked earlier this week when “our woke historical revisionist priesthood” would come for Mount Rushmore, which is located in South Dakota…Republican South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem quickly chimed in, “Not on my watch.”“The men on Mt. Rushmore helped make America the greatest country in history,” Noem wrote in a tweet posted Wednesday, captioning her appearance on Fox News’ morning show “Fox & Friends.”

“They weren’t perfect; nobody is,” she added. “But we should learn from their example and work together to accomplish their dreams for our country.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Don’t be fooled. If these idiots can muster enough manpower, they’d happily scale the side of Mount Rushmore to deface it. Heck, if they could get their hands on enough dynamite, they might just try to blow it up!

This is a group who vandalized the Lincoln Memorial. Who promised to tear down a statue that commemorates the Emancipation Proclamation. They are deliberately spitting on the part of our history when we freed the slaves. Do you really think they wouldn’t spare a monument as prominent and iconic as Mount Rushmore?

Like I said, this isn’t about slavery or racism. This is about stamping out our identity. This is about manipulating Americans to hate who we are, so we’ll embrace a toxic economic/political system.

Gov. Noem didn’t mince any words when she refused to let Mount Rushmore be touched. She herself accused this destruction as “a radical rewriting of our history.” She said South Dakota loves the mountain and the monument.

Because it is a federal work, Mount Rushmore is protected by federal law. While cowardly Democrats at the state and local levels allow vandals to destroy monuments, they won’t get away with that in South Dakota. President Trump has promised swift prosecution against vandals who destroy federally-protected monuments, with up to ten years in prison.

We can safely say that if anyone tries to touch Rushmore, they will face the brunt of the federal government. The fact that the state’s governor is on board with defending the monument means there won’t be any local cowards encouraging or bowing to the mob.

But what about all our other landmarks and monuments? Will our leaders bother to stand up to this radical, un-American group? Will they do the right thing are refuse to erase our history?

I guess that’s up to them.