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Half Of Republicans, One Third Of Democrats Say They Have Lost Faith In Democracy — Conservative Review

I have not lost faith in Democracy, I have lost faith in those protecting it and executing it’s principles! (Arlin Report comment)

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Foxx: Democrats are dipping into taxpayers’ wallets to give another socialist handout to liberal special interests — DonnyFerguson.com

“The Biden administration and its allies are asking Americans to pay for their failed programs twice: once with taxes from workers’ personal paychecks and again at gas pumps and grocery stores.”

Foxx: Democrats are dipping into taxpayers’ wallets to give another socialist handout to liberal special interests — DonnyFerguson.com

interesting dems know i no longer donate to republicans…….no i am not a dem now.

I have in the past, (let me make that clear THE PAST) contributed to Republican candidates, those I had confidence in. However, it has gotten to the point where I have no confidence in any, or the few I do, that confidence has shrunk to a little. I am tired of talk. The ones you hear from the most, has been and continues to be just that ……. TALK.

Now it seems, the other side, liberal Democrats think my withdrawal of any funds to Republicans must mean I have become a supporter of the Dems ! They are now asking me to assist them. They all beg for contributions to get themselves re-elected, both Democrats & Republicans do this. Now, Democrats through internet spying know I have dried up any pipeline (as small as it even was) on monetary funds to their opponent. They believe I must have switched over. NOT! LET ME REPEAT THAT! NOT! They disgust me the most!

I am sick of do nothing politicians. Why would I give to those I want to see OUT? Removed! Gone for good!

The Decline and Fall of America Mirroring Decline and Fall of California — Liberals Backwards Think

This is the same as liberals being taught that America stole wealth from the world rather than created its own prosperity. How people are so obliviously stupid as to believe in such lies when it is obvious under even the most cursory examination that trade with America made all other countries rich is beyond intelligent understanding. The stupidity of liberalism is why America has fallen to the totalitarian dictators of the Democratic National-socialist Communist Party. Liberals believe all the world is backwards from what is truly righteous and wicked.

The Decline and Fall of America Mirroring Decline and Fall of California — Liberals Backwards Think


Originally posted on Balladeer’s Blog: Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog takes another look at Democrats, those nauseating scavengers of human misery who pretend to be THE moral models for the rest of us. Well, actually, it might be more appropriate to point out that they are very often the CAUSE of human misery with their…


arlin report thought(s) of the day: rep. jerry nadler, you concern me…….you need replacing


‘A prominent Democrat said the quiet part ‘out loud’ during a hearing in the house on the monstrous Equality Act when he responded to another member quoting scripture in defense of the biblical roles or men and women that “God’s will is no concern of this Congress.” (Truth2Freedom)’

As we have often seen over the last 4-5 years, Rep. Jerry Nadler is a complete jackass. GOD FORGIVE ME FOR THAT JUDGEMENT.

I disagree with one thing about the Truth2Freedom statement as quoted above: I don’t consider Rep. Jerry Nadler (NY) to be a “prominent” Democrat. Thank you though Jerry because you only confirm what we already knew! What you are concerned about is of great concern to us, the American people; that you do not concern yourself what you should be concerning yourself with. You are not concerned with our will either. If you are not concerned with God’s will you can not be concerned with ours. We know your concern………THY SELF! But the more you speak, the more you expose your evil ways!

Liberal’s Backwards Think Has Reversed American Liberty — The way I see things …

The Democratic Socialists Party only refers to the Constitution during impeachment trials; and then falsely with abuse.

Originally posted on Liberals Backwards Think: Communist Amerika is now the Land of the Freeloader and Home of the Depraved. Democrats have fundamentally transformed America into their socialist totalitarian toilet on January 20, 2021 with the surrender of President Trump to Premier Biden under General-Secretary Obama. They have effectively done away with the Constitution. The…

Liberal’s Backwards Think Has Reversed American Liberty — The way I see things …

arlin report thought(s) of the day: socialism is making it’s mark

There is absolute widespread voter fraud in this election; and I suspect it is part of the coup to remove Trump. They’ve been trying to do this since day one. This has been an organized……a very well organized scheme. There is suspicion, and in many cases proof of massive voter fraud across the nation. First they tried to destroy Trump with (plan A) a sex scandal…….a scheme, then (plan B) Russia Russia Russia collusion hoax, then (plan C) a phone call that led to impeachment. You don’t think these same people wouldn’t scheme to steal the re-election of Trump? They absolutely would!

They, the Democrats, have been planning (for years……plan D) and now have executed this scheme to remove Trump with this sham of an election. Guess what folks, you should absolutely question whether your vote means anything anymore (if they get away with this massive fraudulent election). Welcome to Socialism, many of you asked for it, now you’re living it!

They, the Deep State Swamp had to remove Trump……..he was exposing way too many, some we may some day be shocked to learn who they are……..if we the American people ever decide enough is enough! DOJ and FBI are full of scum.

Nancy Pelosi, while peeing in her skirt, has now proclaimed Joe Biden as the President Elect. Wow! Nancy, who the f……… made you queen?

Joe Biden, the senile, racists, and treasonous Democratic candidate may well be taking the White House in January. He will not be in charge……..he isn’t capable. Kamala Harris will be literally standing by Biden’s side ready to let him fall, so she can slide on in.