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I love the photo above, reminds me of my grandchildren.

I am going to be away for a few days and will not be posting anything. I know some others post Bible verses as well.

Going to just west of Chicago for a few days. Will be celebrating my 70th birthday there with some friends. Nothing special planned (since they closed our favorite horse racing track there).

70th is big for me. My father died of heart issues at 67 (In 2000). My grandfather died of a heart attack at around 65. So, this is an accomplishment. I keep good track of my heart, having had my aortic valve replace 3-1/2 years ago. Doing great, knock on wood. Hopefully not the wood in the trees today. Off to play golf for now.

See you when I return on the 22nd. We just happens to be my birth date (8/22/1952). Who would have thought I’d make this far.

michelle o. hasn’t always been proud of her country……..remember?

This just a reminder, Michelle hasn’t always been proud of America. Last night on her televised DNC taped speech she said she was “……..very proud of her country.” She only became proud to be an American when she and Barack resided in the White House. She was proud that Americans elected Barack as president. THAT IS WHAT MICHELLE OBAMA IS PROUD OF. Also, her speech was full of distortions. Remember when Barack said: “Those jobs ain’t never coming back……..does Trump think he has a magic wand (to paraphrase)?” Michelle said Barack and Joe’s administration created a record number of jobs. She didn’t mention those LOST.

I noticed she did not mention the rioting and looting (Portland, Chicago, Seattle and elsewhere)………LED BY THE LEFT. Not to worry Michelle neither are the rest of your Democratic swarm of bees. They want the violence to continue up until election day………hoping it helps them.

Three Mayors — One Blue Horse

Posted on July 28, 2020 by mariomurilloministries NEWS FLASH! Portland’s City Council said Tuesday July 28th, 2020, it is fining the federal government $500 every 15 minutes until it removes a reinforced fence in front of the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse that has become a central battleground in the nightly clashes between federal officers and […]

Three Mayors — One Blue Horse

tearing it back down after building it back up. nothing learned, nothing gained in ferguson or across america

Some protesters watch as other protesters and police exchange lobs of fireworks and smoke grenades across South Florissant Road Saturday night May 30, 2020.

Businesses trashed, burned, jobs that were alive during a virus pandemic are now gone. This isn’t 2014 Ferguson, this is 2020 Ferguson. The questions are the same! The answers are the same. The rhetoric has not changed, we hear the same discussions. In reality NOTHING has been learned, nothing has been gained. We continue on a down hill spiral.

Ferguson set the blueprint for protesting and spinning it to rioting 6 years ago, and these protesting/rioting groups (Antifa and BLM) learned well. We see it in Minneapolis, New York, Louisville, Atlanta, Chicago, LA, Seattle, St. Louis…………nearly all the big cities across America.

I have been slow to blame Democrats for the destruction, the idea that Democrats want to tear down America……..lead it to a 3rd world country. But, I was awake at 1:30 to 2:00 AM Central Time last evening (actually early morning), that is 2:30 to 3:00 AM Eastern Time/NEW YORK TIME. America’s largest police force was NOWHERE to be seen while looters (criminal thugs) were going into and back out of Chanel and other businesses carrying merchandise after breaking out (vandalizing) windows. They weren’t even rushing to get away, they could not have been more casual. It is as if they knew the cops weren’t coming. They were right, they never did. The thugs, which included blacks, whites and Asians gleefully stole the night away. Where was this bragging ass mayor of New York (De Blasio), bailing his daughter out of jail perhaps? She was arrested on Sunday during the protests/violence. It isn’t just/all outsiders to blame. I guess the good mayor was going around asking people to coronavirus mask on! He was more concerned of that than saving businesses. By the way, the businesses were an easier mark because most were still closed due to the virus. It was De Blasio and the greatest police force in the world’s responsibility to protect these businesses. They did not, there was little to no attempt. Maybe there is something to the Democratic Party standing by planning, watching and praying for destruction of our cities and country.


The Democratic Left’s love affair with socialism as directed by Saul Alinsky.   The common denominator……….Clinton, Obama and Alinsky from Chicago.   Community organizers = country destroyers.


PRICELESS! Federal Lawsuit Filed To Stop The Obama Presidential Center – They Tried To Hide Everything! — WEATHER INTERNAL

They’re desperate! Source: PRICELESS! Federal Lawsuit Filed To Stop The Obama Presidential Center – They Tried To Hide Everything! We are now getting reports that a Chicago nonprofit organization has filed a federal lawsuit this week in an attempt to put a stop to the Obama Presidential Center in Jackson Park. And best of all,…

via PRICELESS! Federal Lawsuit Filed To Stop The Obama Presidential Center – They Tried To Hide Everything! — WEATHER INTERNAL


This didn’t take a lot of brilliance to put this together; I was thinking about the suddenly active Jill Stein.  I just realized also, she ran for President in 2012, so there has been an increase in name recognition through the 2016 run. Now she is an everyday name as the RECOUNT NUT.

There is a pattern, Chicago raises political nuts!    Jill Stein born in Chicago and raised in Highland Park, Il…..a northerly sub of Chicago.   Hillary R Clinton was raised in Chicago.   Barack Insane Obama moved to Chicago and became a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER.   See the pattern?   Take a look at Chicago, aside from the Cubs (this year); not exactly a great breeding ground for political smarts; Illinois for that matter.   Illinois is a financial mess!

Obama and Hillary shared the same demented mentor.  I refuse to say his name again.   We might want to avoid political activists coming from the Windy City area; especially one Jill Stein.  It is believed that Hillary Clinton is more conservative than Silly Jilly!    I mean, how far to the left can you get?