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Adam Schiff: ‘There Doesn’t Need to Be a Quid Pro Quo’ for Impeachment — WEATHER INTERNAL

What Schiff is saying is, and it is perfectly okay for me to make my own narrative, I mean he did it: ‘We don’t need a reason, we can impeach just because, because I am Adam Schiff and I am a Congressman of the United States.’ ‘Because we are crooked, fakes and liars.’ ‘So tuff!’

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) indicated over the weekend that the Democrats’ impeachment efforts are not contingent upon evidence of a Ukraine-linked quid pro quo offer.

Adam Schiff: ‘There Doesn’t Need to Be a Quid Pro Quo’ for Impeachment — WEATHER INTERNAL

arlin report thought of the day: adam schiff vs. donald trump

Does anyone actually believe that Adam Schiff is smarter than Donald Trump? Honestly? Schiff gets caught in his lies as soon as they come from his mouth. Trump has been several steps ahead of Schiff throughout this bogus impeachment (LOL) “inquiry”.

Even when Geraldo says Trump should not cooperate with Congress until they vote on proceeding with impeachment, the inquiry is bogus as well. They aren’t voting because they have nothing.

Hunter Biden, giving up his China position. “He wasn’t doing anything wrong” says Daddy Joe. But Hunter will quit doing it.

Back on Adam Schiff: A witness testifying can be locked up for lying. The committee representatives, especially Adam Schiff, there are no repercussions for lying. They aren’t/haven’t been held accountable. They should receive the same punishment. Perjury! They took an oath of office. They were sworn in. Should be responsible for honesty in office. So why aren’t they? Because those that are responsible for holding them accountable, don’t want to be held accountable when it circles around.

arlin report thought of the day: former ambassador…..Trump pushed to………

So, the leaks are coming out. Why not just open these hearings to the public……..Adam Schiff? Opening statement from Schiff’s planted witness the former ambassador to the Ukraine, (A Democrat working with the Dems, specifically Schiff): “Trump pushed the State Dept. for my ouster.”

WILL GUESS WHAT LADY! Trump had the authority to oust you, for any reason he wanted. You were his to oust……..or maybe Obama’s to remove. He didn’t even owe you an explanation. ZERO!

not playing by these house rules

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When I was a kid if I was playing a game, no matter what kind, if my opponents (friends/neighbors) did not play by the rules and/or changed them as they went along……..I wouldn’t play, until they did. So, why would Donald Trump play this game of impeachment with the House. I am reluctant to say with only the Democrats in the House, because only a handful of Republicans seem to even care.

Adam Schiff is the first to scream OBSTRUCTION when Trump or his administration doesn’t comply to demands of the House. Yeah, lying Adam Schiff, straight arrow Adam Schiff, I play by the rules Adam Schiff. We know better than that. Adam Schiff is as twisted and crooked as it gets in Washington. Why would anyone play along with him, let alone listen to him? Unless you have a Trump card to play!

arlin report thought of the day: house proceeds like a house from china and north korea

This “inquiry” this “impeachment inquiry” is being conducted (and orchestrated) by a House Committee LEAD BY Adam Schiff. True blue, honest till death Rep. Adam Schiff. An absolute anti-Trump, Trump hater. Schiff has been caught in lie after lie, especially on evidence he claimed to have, and did not.

Nancy Pelosi put’s little Adam Schiff in charge of this impeachment inquiry. Nancy and Adam are now (strongly) believed to have an arms deal of their own with the Ukraine. This appears on the surface to be Nancy and Adam’s use of their power of office to kill Donald Trump’s efforts of “any” investigative cooperation with the Ukraine on corruption. Forget about Joe Biden, we’re talking Nancy and Adam’s own activity with a foreign government.

There is more than one reason Nancy and Adam are seeking impeachment. Its been the Dems priority to remove Trump from office from day one. Congressman Green even said…….. to paraphrase, ‘We have to impeach him……….we can’t beat him’. Now, Nancy and Adam’s own little history with the Ukraine, they can not allow Trump to go any further with an investigation with the Ukraine’s cooperation. And Trump most likely didn’t even suspect a Pelosi/Schiff Ukrainian plot. What a bonus! The Congressman was right, it is the only way they can beat Trump, through impeachment. Their problem is, The Senate and they have no impeachable offense. NONE! ZERO! NADA! No matter how you say it…….. it ends the same.

The way this impeachment inquiry is unfolding with Adam Schiff in the lead of HIS COMMITTEE, it looks like a hearing/trial that you would see from China and North Korea……… let’s toss Russia in there as well. The Democrats under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi are the Socialists in our nation.


If this is true, and the article below sheds light in that direction of possible truth, THEN NO WONDER PELOSI HAS SCHIFF LEADING THE IMPEACHMENT B.S. I definitely would not put anything past Adam Schiff. He has already been caught in numerous lies, from collusion & obstruction on Russia to the phone call to the Ukraine. Could this be the real reason they are now going after Trump’s inquiry to the President of the Ukraine to “look into corruption”? Are Nancy and Adam afraid of what they will find on Biden but also on Nancy and Adam? Is the Swamp getting a little too warm?


arlin report thought of the day: democrats and a charlie daniels fiddle

Once again the Democrats are prematurely wetting their pants. They get so excited over their own fantasies they lose control. Adam Schiff the biggest leaker of them all. What will be next when the Ukrainian phone call from Trump fizzles out? Is this the best they can do? They have nothing. What it comes down to is they want to impeach because Trump has disrupted their state of mindlessness. He (Trump) has caused them sleepless nights, interrupted nights of nightmares. What to do with Trump? Lets impeach him, he has been offensive to the Democratic Party.

Trump is playing the Democrats and mainstream media like a Charlie Daniels’ fiddle!