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There is more hot,smelly air coming from New York’s rep. Cortez than all the cattle on the planet.

The Green New Deal, a ridiculous document by the attention seeking Cortez would eliminate airplane transportation (build more trains) and kill off cows with a natural bodily function of releasing gas (eat more chicken).

If this Socialist ding-bat had her way America would no longer have air traffic (that alone is asinine), but convince the rest of the world to do the same.  I hear the laughter.   It would however make those trips by train much longer for Nancy Pelosi to take back home.  Imagine the bar tab sky rocketing…….at tax payer expense.   Ms. Cortez, have you thought of how those trains cross the oceans, above or below the sea?   Where are you coming up with the dough?  Forget about it even being possible.  We’d surely need to have inventors invent new things that haven’t been invented yet, as you’ve said.

AOC, you are obviously to immature (a kind word for someone your age for stupidity) to understand you are embarrassing yourself, your district, your state and your country.  You have lessons to learn, some being taught to you now.   Let’s see if you ever catch on.  Nancy doesn’t like being upstaged!  The two of you make an interesting pair………a House filled with idiots.