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Seeing quite a few posts about the White House (Trump’s administration) turnover rate at 34%, being higher than normal.   Why would that even be surprising?   Trump is the king of “You’re Fired”.    But there could be other reasons, most past administrations did not have the constant, high rate of media and political attention.   Not even a Bill Clinton administration (with his sidekick Hillary) with all his/and her scandals got this kind of attention and spying!

Another thing……………Obama wouldn’t rid of his WH staff, the MSM gave him a pass on everything, and he had all the wanted corrupt folks right where he needed them.


Nation of hypos!

 http://ift.tt/eA8V8J Globalist intelligence operatives have started a war with Trump. Vía Infowars http://ift.tt/2kqRBZr

via Flynn Just The Beginning If Trump Doesn’t Clean House — peoples trust toronto

It is amazing that a White House as dirty as Obamas’ there was no call for a cleansing.

The crooked yelling foul!  Life in a hypocritical nation!

Obama Plans to Rule America Outside the White House | — Brittius

Obama is still suffering from his delusions which apparently have been made worse with the depression he dealing with, like most true believers in the fraud we know as Hillary Clinton. In es… Source: Obama Plans to Rule America Outside the White House | Relax. Like I used to say, of other people, of […]

via Obama Plans to Rule America Outside the White House | — Brittius

Interesting editorial!


Does the CIA have more credibility than the FBI?   Both have had their trustworthy issues, especially of late.  The CIA has never been deceitful?   Of course they have, often.  The CIA have at times done whatever it took to get their preferred results.  They, the CIA made it clear early on, they did not want Donald Trump elected as their POTUS.   Now, in a last-ditch effort to influence the electorate to change their votes, they claim Russia interfered with the election, got Trump elected.  The FBI does not agree with the CIA.   The anti-Trump leaders, some electorate and congressional members are taking a drastic, final hour, hail Mary to keep Trump out of the White House.

Russian hacking……probably happens!  We found corruption in the DNC, at the expense of Bernie Sanders; possibly leaked due to Russian hacking!   Possibly.   Those so anxious to dump Trump dismiss the same against Sanders.  Nobody wanted to back the Primary results from Hillary?

Russian influence of the election?   If not before, it certainly is now…..with Americans leaders using that influence with their foot on the gas.  They’ll get that preferred election results by whatever it takes.   Fixed elections……..influence by the likes of the CIA, Russia in the past?  Did it work until Trump turned it upside down?    Now their in a panic.   Their real fearful that if Trump makes it to the White House, the magical world of the elite Establishment will die.


Quote from Dave Hodges Dec. 10 2015

“It is one thing for people of Islamic faith to serve the American government out of a sense of duty, honour and patriotism. It is quite another for people of any faith with ties to known terrorist organisations to be allowed to serve in highly secure and sensitive positions involving people with clear ties to a major terrorist organisation.

In this context, I am speaking about people holding key positions, many of them inside of the Department of Homeland Security, who are tied to the extremist terrorist group known as the Muslim Brotherhood. And when the Commander-In-Chief is one of these individuals, America has a duty to speak out and take steps to force the government to remove these individuals, with very questionable loyalties, from office.”

The people that are criticizing and whining that Trump has appointed Steve Bannon to his staff are the same people who were silent when Obama welcomed a flood of members of the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House.