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arlin report thought(s) of the day: socialism is making it’s mark

There is absolute widespread voter fraud in this election; and I suspect it is part of the coup to remove Trump. They’ve been trying to do this since day one. This has been an organized……a very well organized scheme. There is suspicion, and in many cases proof of massive voter fraud across the nation. First they tried to destroy Trump with (plan A) a sex scandal…….a scheme, then (plan B) Russia Russia Russia collusion hoax, then (plan C) a phone call that led to impeachment. You don’t think these same people wouldn’t scheme to steal the re-election of Trump? They absolutely would!

They, the Democrats, have been planning (for years……plan D) and now have executed this scheme to remove Trump with this sham of an election. Guess what folks, you should absolutely question whether your vote means anything anymore (if they get away with this massive fraudulent election). Welcome to Socialism, many of you asked for it, now you’re living it!

They, the Deep State Swamp had to remove Trump……..he was exposing way too many, some we may some day be shocked to learn who they are……..if we the American people ever decide enough is enough! DOJ and FBI are full of scum.

Nancy Pelosi, while peeing in her skirt, has now proclaimed Joe Biden as the President Elect. Wow! Nancy, who the f……… made you queen?

Joe Biden, the senile, racists, and treasonous Democratic candidate may well be taking the White House in January. He will not be in charge……..he isn’t capable. Kamala Harris will be literally standing by Biden’s side ready to let him fall, so she can slide on in.


arlin report thought(s) of the day: john bolton …….. jealous walrus and the enemy within (the leaker)

Alex Wong/Getty Images

John Bolton is nothing more than one of the Washington D.C. Swamp members, with credibility issues. Not even the Democrats want him aligning with them, despite all his critical comments and “the book” on Trump’s administration. When you are black balled from the Swamp you have serious credibility issues. John Bolton has not improved on his CREDIBILITY stained image. I believe with the aired interview he had with Brett Baier he has only further exposed and expanded his credibility.

I watched most of the Bolton/Baier interview. Bolton continuously stated that every action made by Trump was only for the purpose of getting re-elected. (my opinion here): Doesn’t every first term president take action, that they believe is positive and would help get them re-elected? Why would any president do things that they know would get them voted out? Bolton’s comments were weak in nature, if not out right lies. Bolton stated “Trump never listened or took my advice.” So, Bolton felt that all of his advice should have been final, that ‘he had the final say’. Bolton with the warmonger reputation was obviously pissed that Trump didn’t take his advice. Bolton came across as a spoiled brat, wanting all the attention within the administration (National Security Adviser). Bolton was nothing more than a power sucker. When he didn’t get his way……..he became the leaker in the White House?

Brett Baier mentioned (in the interview) that Bolton has not had the confidence of many (including Collin Powell, George Bush), all having negative things to say about Bolton. Baier asked Bolton if there was anyone that had a positive opinion (to paraphrase) of him; he couldn’t come up with a single individual. Not one!

John Bolton’s credibility is shot, and he shot himself with a cannon. If you like fiction, buy Bolton’s book………..’The Room It Happened In’. The room Bolton was stifled in?

arlin report thought(s) of the day: holding obama accountable

Serving 2 terms as president does not give anyone or any administration a free pass for crimes and corruption uncovered once you have departed the White House. That is true for anyone and Barack Obama is no exception.

Things are beginning to unravel up to and around Barack Obama and his administration. Obama AND BIDEN knew about the FBI under Comey and the coup and attempted destruction of Donald Trump, before and during Trump’s occupation of the White House. Obama bragged about how his administration had no scandals. As we see things unfold, Obama’s Administration may be the most corrupt, unlawful in history. Many participated, many should fall. Being out of office does not make Obama exempt from accountability. Punish to the full extent of the law, after a fair trial before the American people.

Stay tuned, Barr may just be getting started.

arlin report thought(s) of the day: dems aren’t really endorsing joe biden…..but his backups

Would someone please take the stick out of my back! I hope the wind doesn’t blow. Where’d everybody go? Who is my running mate again? I could use a hug!

The Democratic Party, their followers, and a mass majority of liberal celebs are not really endorsing Joe Biden, unless they are deaf, dumb and blind. Howard Stern recently endorsed Creepy Joe. Stern I believe is smart enough to know his endorsement is not really for The Creep. Even without having announced his female running mate yet, the Democrat’s endorsements are for a potential White House/Democratic Committee. They won’t call it the White House Democratic Committee, but that is what it will be. Sleepy (Where Am I) Joe for the most part won’t even have a say as to who his advisers are. They’ll just give him a list, tell him to nod his head yes then read it from his notes, before a TV audience. Jill will be by his side for comfort, but won’t be able to hold Joe’s hand, he’ll need them both to steady the note. I don’t mean to make harsh fun (offense) of someone, anyone, especially a presidential candidate; but we are talking about the highest position in our nation…….and one of in the world…..

Here is the point, Democrats are constantly having to prop Joe Biden up, covering up for his gaffes………which are no longer gaffes or funny. These are signs (extreme and obvious) of a man aging and deteriorating mentally and physically. It is sad, not funny. There is no way this man could possibly pass a prerequisite mental evaluation before entering the White House. Hell there should have been a required evaluation before he became a candidate. Would that be discrimination? NO, how many times have you taken a test prior to being hired for a position?

Biden would not last in the White House. The everyday responsibilities, events and duties, meetings……etc. are hectic for anyone. Look how quickly past president’s hair turned gray.

Those people endorsing Biden, know he would not be the master of each day. The White House Democratic Committee would be running everything, while Sleepy Joe is taking his daily nap in the presidential bedroom. The vice president will be standing in waiting, when the day comes Biden and Company decide for him to step aside, officially resign. I am not sure he could make it a year, not even as only a frontal prop. They’ll have his resignation written out for signature……….If he is to do it by speaking to the American people, he’d have to do it very soon. He already has stumbling issues reading from scripts now. January 2021 is a long way off, for someone like Joe. The public image is only going to get worse.

So, these endorsements are not specifically for Joe Biden; they are for the team standing beside and behind him. It is the way the Democratic Socialist liberals do things, with deceit. The really sad thing is, Joe Biden’s family are in the middle of it, they are allowing this to happen. They should be taking him home.

Joe biden’s first choice for vp?

Biden’s choice? Our Democratic Party’s choice? They know Creepy, Sleepy Joe isn’t right……mentally. They know it! They need someone to closely watch over him. Michelle Obama, would not be the person watching over Joe. A committee of chosen (shadowy types) others will watch over him. Joe could be making a quick exit from the White House (If, and this is a big it, he would ever be elected). Michelle Obama would be in the waiting. Kind of like sitting in the waiting room of the doctor’s office waiting to here your name called.

Yeah, lots of diplomatic, domestic and foreign experience here, but Barack is just steps away. Isn’t he?!

michelle spending 1

arlin report thought(s) of the day: when (if) bloomberg spends your money

Bloomberg is spending millions (could end up being billions) of his own money to move into (buy) the White House in January of 2021 (Nov. 2020 election) OR NOT! If Mike Bloomberg wants to waste millions of his own money, that’s his business. However, when he starts spending ours that’s our business. If Bloomberg is so willing to waste his money like this (almost bottomless pit); how much of OUR money will he waste?

Sorry Mike, the White House isn’t for sale.

A note to the President: Mr. President, rather than reassigning Lt. Col. Vindman from the White House, why not just have him shadow the Secret Service and carry your luggage.


Soleimani: General of Iran. Call him an official if you wish. But can you call him an official without also calling him a terrorist? No you can not. He used his “official” position to position himself up to the highest point of terrorism. He planned, implemented, ordered terrorist acts world wide.

Killing/assassinating Soleimani is being criticized mostly by the Democrats in the U.S. The only other geographical complaints are coming from Iran. So, Democrats are siding with the Iranians in ripping Trump for doing away with the world’s most dangerous terrorist. They (Dem’s) claim there was no “imminent” danger, so why take him out now? Soleimani gave no indication he was puting a halt to his terrorist orders. He wasn’t supposed to be out of Iran, he was in Iraq. He wasn’t on vacation. Iran had already stepped up aggressive assaults. A terrorist act was imminent, was likely and soon and in the least inevitable. If Trump had passed on this target and an attack against more Americans had taken place and it became known he passed on it……….the Dems would be screaming, why not? The point is, it doesn’t matter what Trump does he is going to be attacked by the Left.

What are the Democrats really pissy about? Possibly the fact that Trump DID what the previous administrations failed to do. The Democrats are afraid the 2020 entry into the White House will fade even further away. So, they attack Trump. They can not keep him from doing what he should do, is supposed to do, what the Constitution requires him to do, and what he got elected to do.

The Democrats would rather place 2020 before the country. What Trump did was in the best interests of the country. What Trump did was put the country first. The Democrats are thinking only of their seats and election 2020.

It is disgusting listening to the Democrats justify their unjustifiable position. The Squad in Congress are the most pathetic. There was a time they’d be considered traitors. They are!

The Democrats need to learn the meaning of imminent. Yes, had Soleimani been allowed to continue his path freely, terrorists acts would have been/were imminent!

Definition of Imminent:


likely to occur at any moment; impending:Her death is imminent.projecting or leaning forward; overhanging.



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