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OBAMA, It’s time for a little KISS


ISIS are the initials we are all quite familiar.  Whether or not we have come into direct contact with any member of this terrorist organization, who claim to be fighting for a peaceful religion, we are aware of their presence.   Their destructive activity and hate based character certainly gets them the attention they seek.  Inflicting fear upon their enemy, anyone non-Muslim/Islamic is their greatest weapon.   ISIS, ISIL, SL, EL, HELL or whatever they want to go by now and in the future; our leaders, if we have any, can deal with them with one simple philosophy, KISS or KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID.

KISS, what does that really mean you may ask?   KISS is synonymous with “common sense”.   This is a great philosophy or attitude because it works.    KISS is not a Democrat, Republican,  Independent or Libertarian; it could be from the “Lets Just Get’er Done Party”.   That would be simple enough wouldn’t it?   I understand what you may be thinking; our worldwide issues are complex.   How has complex solutions combating complex problems worked for you/us?

Obama, no I still can’t address him as president, you see the word “president” is synonymous with “leader”; is not interested in simplistic solutions; chaos and complexity are part of his makeup.  If Obama really wanted to destroy the threat of ISIS or any terrorist group, he would be following the direction of our military leaders.    If I were president, I would meet with the military brass, instruct them to put a strategic plan together to defeat ISIS as quickly and definitively as possible.  Call me on the Red line or come by the Oval Office, lets chat for a moment, then GO DO IT!   KISS!

KISS will not happen under Obama, but this would be a great method of thinking for our next presidential hopeful.   KISS would be a great philosophy for all leaders and future leadership.  KISS is not limited to war or fighting terrorists.   KISS would most definitely be effective for immigration, the economy, jobs, debt…..you name it.   Oh, by the way, KISS doesn’t worry about political correctness, it gets it right, gets it done.

We are where we are because or leaders present and past have muddied everything; made things worse by coming up with complex solutions with policies and programs that do not work.   It really doesn’t have to be that way.   It won’t change either if we keep voting in professional lifetime politicians who get rich keeping it chaotic and complicated.   We need leaders that have common sense, that know how to KISS, not kiss ass!

You probably think this is too easy, too simplistic, not even possible and vague.   It’s worth a try, nothing else is working.  KISS could be a political movement of its own.  It might be time for a little KISS.




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Those few words speak volumes.   As Obama would tell you, America is better off now under his administration than before he took office.  If you say something often enough you can convince yourself that which is untrue to be true.   Those that have to listen to his or that kind of crap, the American people, won’t buy it, with the exception of Obama followers.

How is it we are better off now that Ebola has made its way into United States.   How are we better off under Obamacare, maybe a few are, most are not.   My health coverage during Obama pays less and costs me more.  Again he, the big fraud of a president will try to convince us we have better healthcare because of him.  Not so, it’s part of the destruction of America Obama Blueprint.

The military has been sliced down with some of its top  officers given pink slips, while chaos is at an all-time world high.  Do you feel safer under Obama?  But he says we’re better off.   Border control is out-of-control, so are we better off?  How?

Benghazi, would you want to be a diplomat or a security agent in a foreign country under this president with the kind of non-support you’ll receive?  But they’d be better off under Obama, right.

I guess Obama’s presidency really is a success for him if you measure success according to his agenda, destruction and tearing down America to a third world country.  Unless we wake up, remove him (and Biden) from office that is exactly where we are headed.

Are you  better off?






Respect?...in OUR House?

There is a lot of talk and criticism about the quality of security at the White House.   Why would we expect a tighter ship, when security and our nations safety is threatened everywhere else?  We send troops to Ebola stricken countries, we allow travelers entry into our country from those same areas.  We have a case in Texas with Ebola, Obama isn’t concerned.   We have a loose border, with anything and everything crossing, including disease; again Obama is not concerned.   ISIS, Syria…….. he wasn’t concerned until now; unless that too is a facade.  What has the almighty King been concerned about except himself and his golf game?

I am not concerned with the security at the White House.   Hey, you know what goes around, eventually comes around, no matter who or how great and invincible you think you are.



Obama gave his usual executive order to bomb ISIS in Syria or at least somebody in Syria.  The genius military strategist picks his own targets.  Does he select those targets by throwing darts at a Syrian/Iraqi map?  Does he now have a plan within the no-plan, I don’t know what I am doing admission?   Does Obama frighten anyone other than Americans?   One thought always follows Obama, “There are always more questions than answers.”  Confusion, uncertainty, doubt lingers.

Lets back up for a moment, I just had a thought, another question.  The oil-refineries, just recently bombed in Syria; it was stated or believed that those refineries were a source of income for ISIS.  How does a young, but growing terrorist organization gain control of funds from oil refineries?  Google sites say the refineries are Islamic Terrorists controlled.   How does that happen, so quickly, so easily unless that government supports the terrorists groups?   Your countries greatest financial lifeline, you would think, would be the one asset you protected with all your might.   So, who are we fighting or I should say bombing, BO doesn’t fight, he is a bomber?  Is ISIS and Syria one and the same?  Questions, so many questions.   Does Obama know?  He may, he is close to the Brotherhood.

While Obama has us focused on Syria, he can conveniently avoid other issues, except for his beloved resigning AG, Eric Holder.   He is trying to push-off and remarkably has, the southern U.S. border to seal or not to seal and the unpopular amnesty problem.  Which, he makes our problem, not his.  Obama has no problems, as long as Americans sit quietly as he continues his free will parade, his agenda succeeds.  You see, failure is what inspires this POTUS.  Barack Hussein Obama is the greatest threat to the security and future of this country.  Obama has followed the Saul Alinsky blueprint to destroy the United States from within to perfection.  Destructive perfection!  Alinsky may be the only human being (that’s being nice) Hillary R. Clinton has ever had any pure admiration.  She’s been around longer than Barack, she understands the Alinsky theory.   Birds of a feather flock together.

One great leap we can take to protect this country, is to keep Saul Alinsky’s student, Hillary Clinton, out of our White House.

We need to elect someone of character, not “a character” and one who should by all accounts be in jail.  If we, the average American citizen sitting at home watching TV right now did half what she has, we’d still be locked up.

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Something just doesn’t feel right!  Barack Obama was too willing to engage in the Syrian bombing.  This is about his strategy, he picks the targets?   Seems, feels like there might be a motive we are not being told about, a hidden agenda if you will.  Maybe I don’t feel this way if I had more/any trust in the POTUS.  It pains me to call him Mr. President.

Syria’s Assad?  Is he part of Obama’s new theatre?   Saudi Arabia?  ISIS needs, must be destroyed, I agree.   Obama had a blow up in a briefing with Pentagon representatives prior to his departure to Camp David recently.  The Pentagon staff made comments about Islam, that set off, touched a nerve with Obama.

Is the Pentagon and Military on to the Pretender-in-Chief?  There are more questions than answers.  ISIS, went from being the JV terrorist group to Varsity to Pros in a very short time.  JV, Obama’s original description of the ISIS threat.

If Obama is serious about destroying the ISIS regime ……..  he should be letting the Military brass do their thing, be the directors and producers of this theatre.   Let them manage this war.

I don’t have a good feeling about this, is it just me?   We have been lied to too often.


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If Obama uses a speech writer, he should fire him or her.   If he doesn’t use a writer, he either should or have someone review his speeches to possibly avoid exhibits of stupidity.

Obama stated the ISIS, ISIL or IS terrorists, whatever you refer to them, are not Islamic.   Everyone has quoted Obama on his description.   So what exactly are they to him, they are not Christians or Jews?  Plenty has already been said on this now infamous quote.

Obama also stated the air strike strategy to destroy ISIS will not be a combat mission, no boots on the ground.   Would someone please explain to this moron that fighting an enemy whether by ground forces or striking by air is combat.   This isn’t a damn chess game.  He can say this in the same breath that there is risk?

Does the POTUS hear what he is saying?

Obama really is in over is head, he is like a little league player showing up to play in the major leagues.   Or he really does know what he is doing, and it is not in the USA’s best interest.


Mike Ditka, who doesn’t love this guy?   Ditka appeared in a TV ad for Republican candidate Bruce Rauner during the Chicago Bears game.   Ditka, stated he liked Rauner because of his toughness.  The former Bears coach then gave a cold stare towards Rauner, when the candidate stated maybe sometimes he was too though.  Rauner retracted his comment and Ditka responded with “stick to the game plan Bruce, stick to the game plan.”

We’ve heard Mike Ditka speak on talk shows many time; yes most about football.  He is one celeb that often is ask his opinion on many matters, including politics.   Ditka even considered running for the U.S. Senate in 2004, which would have had him contend against Barack Obama, oh my, we were that close to having an actual American citizen in the Senate seat Obama eventually won.

Mike Ditka is a tell it like it is, no BS man.  He would not be controlled by special interest groups or political correctness.  When he speaks it comes from his heart and common sense brain waves.

Mike Ditka is the type of individual this country needs in congress and the White House.   I doubt we could talk this tough straight shooter into running, but he is a great role model.


Claire McCaskill has always positioned herself close to, very close to President Barack Obama, clinging to his coat tails and in his pocket.  Claire is being uncharacteristically quiet these days.

Claire, has Barack Obama gotten too radical and out of control even for you these days?  Maybe Claire is not happy along with her colleagues that Obama does not get approval from them on his activities.   The good senator from Missouri appears to be distancing herself from THE PRESIDENT.

Claire has been a strong supporter of Obama, especially during his campaigns for election and re-election.   Now that Obama is a Lame Duck Commander-in-Chief, with more flexibility, he may not be so attractive to Claire.

With all the issues of the likes of Benghazi, the illegal immigration horror, King Obama’s executive decision attitude……..on and on,  McCaskill has little to say and who could blame her.

Claire has always been an outspoken politician and her silence only confirms a disapproval of Obama and a legislature that is doing nothing.

Claire your public, especially in Missouri, want to hear from you.  What do you think of King Obama now?  Why are you so silent?  Have any thoughts on the immigration mess?  Stay silent Claire and you’re part of the problem.

Enjoy the 4th of July Senator!