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Have a beautiful day!


Have a wonderful day.

BTW……..If you haven’t seen the movie The Shack (Netflix), I highly recommend. I have watched it at least 4 times. I get something out of it each time I hadn’t gotten before. Mucho messages there, much to learn. I did/I have!

ROMANS 12:16

I made it back after a mini vacation. Spent a few days in West Chicago, celebrating my big 70th birthday. Hey, I’ve made it that far which is about 3 years further than my father did. I have only God to thank that I am still on His beautiful planet Earth (you know the one we are trashing). A Green New Deal won’t fix that…………we can just pickup our junk and trash, keep it clean. DO NOT LITTER (THERE MY ANNUAL RANT).

Back to West Chicago, spent the eve of my birthdate (8/22) at Maria’s (Mexican restaurant near O’Hare) with 6 friends. First time I’d seen O’Hare, but will be going back in October for a flight to Cancun. Spent Monday the 22d) playing golf at St. Andrew’s Golf and Country Club (West Chicago). Course is in beautiful shape………I played decent for not having played there in about 3 years (shot a respectful but nothing to boast about 81).

Since I don’t know how a 70 year old is supposed to feel, all I can say is this one (me) feels great. And I was told I don’t look or act like a 70 year old. I took it as a compliment. I have made a pledge to myself. Enjoy life, to the fullest, act like a kid again for the rest of my days. Time went slower when we were younger……..growing up and having fun (aside of going to school). So I am going to experiment with that, slow down the clock …….be that kid again, only a little wiser and less reckless. Like I said I have only God to thank that I am still here. I have had some very lucky, fortunate breaks along the way. And I know only God with whoever he sent to me watched over me…….protected me. I had two auto accidents I could have but amazingly did not die. A tree was in the way of us (my college roomie was driving) plunging into a dried up creek bed (after going over a steep slope) to miss a deer. The other time, I fell asleep, smashed into a guard rail. A young man came by, said I went into the deadend rail hard, he thought I was drunk. He looked at me after helping me out of the car and asked “You aren’t drunk……what happened?” ‘ I must have fallen asleep (it was late). I was a bit dazed and the guy took me to his apartment for the night. Who would do that today? He realized I hadn’t been drinking after he had me in his car on the way to his apartment. He thought he was keeping me out of trouble. I did have to explain later, why we had left the scene! I told the State police I was too stunned…….and this young man had assisted me. I didn’t think about leaving the scene until the next day. No problem! So I have had some angelic assistance along my path to 70.

Have a wonderful day, I intend to!