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Stanley’s Cigar Bar and Lounge – St. Louis


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I’ve been a customer of Stanley’s Cigar Bar and Lounge for a few years now.   I can only call myself an occasional visitor, as I don’t get in there as much as I would like.   I usually go in after I get off from work, to chill out, have a drink, smoke a cigar and wait for my girl to come in for a quick drink before we head off to the Fox, or Blues or Cardinals game.

What I love about Stanley’s is………the atmosphere.   The guys are very friendly, helpful with cigar selection, its extremely comfortable and they have several TVs for watching sports.   The ladies, love the place too, and yes they too like a good cigar, a beer, rum or wine.

There is nothing negative to say about Stanley’s, except, I wish they had a place out by St. Charles.

Stanley’s Cigar Bar and Lounge at 1000 Washington Ave., St. Louis, MO.

I’ve never left there without a couple of cigars in hand.   They have a great walk-in humidor.

Check out the link above with photos from Stanley’s Cigar Bar and Lounge (Yelp.com/biz).



Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks uses a protest oppression to exhibit his own racial attitude.   If he was serious about improving racial relations, expressing power over another certainly isn’t the way to do it.  It only makes matter worse.   Lack of intelligence is great detour.   NFL ratings and attendance will continue to drop.   Soon salaries will need to drop in order to sustain a league of these highly oppressed spoiled phonies.  Blacks make up 70% of the NFL player base and 83% of the fan base are white.   Do the math, the fan base, not necessarily the % but the total number is rapidly dropping.   Follow the money, 83% white………. They do not understand where their bread is buttered.   They are creating greater divide.   It would seem they are pushing for segregation.


CHESTERFIELD, MO (KPLR) – It’s being touted as the largest indoor/outdoor sports complex in America; and it’s coming to St. Louis. “We feel we have a great platform when we create this incredible space to make a lasting impact on many people’s lives,” said Cardinals manager Mike Matheny, an ambassador for the PowerPlex project. That…

via Largest indoor/outdoor sports facility being built in Chesterfield — kplr11.com



Since the end of February, I have been out fishing six times.    Today and the last couple of times out, the weather has been perfect.   I wish the fishing were as good as the weather.   The last Missouri fishing report was only fair for the lakes and slow on the rivers, Cat & bass both!

I had a few bites yesterday on nightcrawlers (those poor pathetic Canadian crawlers) and a couple today.  Just nibblers it seems.    I’ve been bank fishing, so most of the fish must still be pretty deep.   Not much activity around the banks, not seeing minnows or anything.   Seems like the water temps are warm enough it should be getting better.   It maybe, but seems really slow.   I had better success as kid, when I just threw a nightcrawler to the bottom without a bobber.

Any Missourians having better luck?


Hundreds, thousands will post and write about Muhammad Ali today and for years to come.   Why repeat here, what everyone else is and will be saying about this legend except my personal perspective:

Sometimes, I didn’t like him much.   Loved him in the Olympics.   Loved him knocking out Sonny Liston.  Didn’t like him beating “Smokin Joe Frazier.   I liked Frazier.  In the beginning hated his action (not the man) for “dodging” the draft; thought he became a Muslim to use the religion to keep him out of the military.   Took a few years to realize he was sincere about his belief.

Muhammad Ali never “dodged” the draft like he dodged punches from his challengers.  He took the punches, never ran.  He fought it, stood up to the battle.   Muhammad Ali never ran from anyone or anything.

Parkinson’s Disease did not beat Muhammad Ali, it was his final round, the final bell.