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it’s part of the clinton cartel

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arlin report thought of the day: former ambassador…..Trump pushed to………

So, the leaks are coming out. Why not just open these hearings to the public……..Adam Schiff? Opening statement from Schiff’s planted witness the former ambassador to the Ukraine, (A Democrat working with the Dems, specifically Schiff): “Trump pushed the State Dept. for my ouster.”

WILL GUESS WHAT LADY! Trump had the authority to oust you, for any reason he wanted. You were his to oust……..or maybe Obama’s to remove. He didn’t even owe you an explanation. ZERO!


If this is true, and the article below sheds light in that direction of possible truth, THEN NO WONDER PELOSI HAS SCHIFF LEADING THE IMPEACHMENT B.S. I definitely would not put anything past Adam Schiff. He has already been caught in numerous lies, from collusion & obstruction on Russia to the phone call to the Ukraine. Could this be the real reason they are now going after Trump’s inquiry to the President of the Ukraine to “look into corruption”? Are Nancy and Adam afraid of what they will find on Biden but also on Nancy and Adam? Is the Swamp getting a little too warm?


arlin report thought of the day: 2nd whistleblower

I have a theory on the 2nd Whistleblower. He, also an “intelligence agent”, is most likely the source of Whistleblower number 1’s information/accusations. Looks likely to be a mirror image of 1.

Direct witness of the phone call to the Ukraine? That does not change the transcript of that call. Another words………… BIG DEAL!

Keep fighting President Trump!

the swamp being exposed

Trump like a punching bag, taking hits but not wearing out.

This is one reason, and it’s a big one, why the Democrats are desperately in attack mode to get Trump out of the White House. While Trump is being beat up by the Democrats and supported by the media, names are being exposed for their corruption. Adam Schiff, excitedly makes up garbage about the famous (infamous) Trump phone call to the President of the Ukraine. Schiff tries to paint a dark picture and believes the American people will buy it. Schiff IS A LIAR. For over two years this wimpy jerk claimed to have evidence on Trump on Russian collusion and obstruction. HE DID NOT. If he had he would have presented it. Period. Now, we are expected to believe his stories and accusations over a phone call.

Draining the Swamp, the more they hammer Trump, the more names will surface. Many names like Schiff, Comey, Nadler to name a few……….. will be dropping like Fall leaves. Trump is breaking up Washington politics, just as he said he would.

obama asked ukraine to investigate trump, by breitbart not fox

Hmmmm! Investigate? Republicans should be jumping on this. Its the goose and the gander. I know we’re tired of all the investigations. Actually I wouldn’t call House hearings investigations.