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REALLY??? Who didn’t know this? Arlin Report thought(s) of the day!

So China gathered INTEL from their spy balloon that was allowed to fly coast to coast across the United States. I guess Joe Biden thought it was a recreational accident when it’s gathering data while it is making circle eights over our military bases. China TOLD Biden how he would handle this even before it entered our air space. And you wonder what it was CHINA BOUGHT from Joe Biden with the millions they deposited into Biden bank accounts with Cathay Bank (CHINESE-American bank founders)? And they, the establishment Swamp are going after Trump for misdemeanor business falsifications and TRUMPING them up as felonies. By the way………this NYC DA took serious felonies (MANY) and reduced them to misdemeanors.



WATERGATE! If you’re old enough to remember and too young to know, because the education system failed to teach the history of it………….it is a mild joke compared to the BULL SHIT of today!

OUR GOVERNMENT is as corrupt as any government in the history of the world.

All those 3 letter agencies………….The FBI, DOJ, CIA and IRS lead the way in corruption. Criminal activity that is mob like.

I’ve been relatively quiet for quite sometime……………WELL I AM BACK………AND I AM HOLDING NOTHING BACK.

WE THE PEOPLE need to raid Hillary’s house, drag Hunter Biden out on the street from the house the Government is protecting him

in (yeah, he is being guarded because they believe they need to protect him from WE THE PEOPLE)……….they may be right! Then there is the BIG GUY……..JOE BIDEN himself………(Mr. 10% from all Hunter’s pay days with China, Ukraine and Russia). OHHHH! No wrong doing there! Espionage Act? There is espionage for you! But………you know, now Archives has those docs on the Russian Collusion missing. The FBI cleaned their own messes up, just like a mob organization.

We are fully in the middle of a 3rd World scumbag governed country!

Unprecedented action by our governing bodies…………high corrupt agencies. ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT(S) OF THE DAY!!

Hmmmm. The most corrupt continue on as though they have nothing to fear. Why wouldn’t they, they’ve had nothing to fear as they protect one another, lie to We the People at every turn. The police state, the CORRUPT FBI…….have stepped into unchartered territory. Of course they’ll never have to justify or be honest about it…………..they’ll just respond with “We/I can not respond over an on-going investigation”. They’ll just do as they please as they have been since Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower. The most corrupt agency is charging full steam ahead in this Biden Administration POLICE STATE. Isn’t it interesting all this when it’s been announced 87,000 IRS agents will be hired. 87,000!!! That is 1,740 per state! They apparently anticipate coming after a lot. The rich? Not on your life. The middle class always pays the most. That is $2,610,000,000 at a very modest $30,000 a year salary. You can bet that is a low ball number! They are coming after us!

Don’t give me any of that “If you just pay your taxes on time you have nothing to fear”! This is the Biden Administration’s revenue raising program, like the Inflation Reduction Act (that has no inflation reduction ways)……..it’s part of their program. It is deception!

I believe the American people are about to be highly underestimated. First of all, the average American is smarter that the jackass’s in D.C. I believe we are crossing into the We Have Had Enough Territory! January 6Th? Washington has more to worry about than January 6th. I will leave it at that………………..for now! (Hint…….. are they trying to force us into a revolution, or are they just not taking us serious enough!)

ARLIN REPORT THOUGHT(S) OF THE DAY! Their going to get you sooner or later anyway!

This may seem a bit …………I’m not really sure how to express it. Maybe as being without much hope, in my fellow man, governing bodies (whoever they are now) and world; but, yes they’ll get you/us sooner or later. If you aren’t terminated/exterminated/eliminated/executed before or at birth………they’ll just inject you with vaccines that don’t work and have a possible purpose of gradually killing you anyway. Penicillin, worked………! They quit using it because of allergic reactions……..so they say. Name a drug, any drug on the market from Big Pharma that does not have allergic reactions. After every drug commercial on the tube there is a list of possible reactions. MIGHT DESTROY YOUR LIVER! Oh, and Penicillin was never advertised on TV like drugs are today. You went to the doctor and you got a Penicillin shot in the butt. Went back a few days later for a booster (sometimes, depending on how sick you were). Then they started using Amoxicillin: Even amoxicillin carries a risk of serious side effects. Besides the risk of side effects, there is another reason to avoid prescribing antibiotics when they are not needed: antibiotic-resistant infections.Jun 23.

Penicillin may still be used but often only in the hospital.

This is a deep topic, and I am not qualified to take it any further, except for my opinion. But you get the picture……..everything on earth has a side effect, so it seems.

I once took two doses of this poison ivy extract that was mixed with water. For many years I never caught poison ivy again. I used to get it annually and sometimes really bad. I have on more than one occasion looked like a mummy covered with Calamine Lotion. The extract doses I took I got from my father; he was a superintendent at Union Electric (now Ameren UE) at the time. They had these tubes of ivy extract that was available to their employees (ones out in the field). It was not FDA approved, I guess UE employees were lab rats. I don’t think any of them took it. Dad brought it home to me. IT WORKED. Was never approved by the FDA! Why? Because it worked?

They (the establishment, those making all those genius decisions on our behalf) don’t seem too concerned about the ineffectiveness of the COVID vaccines do they? Or all the side effects and DEATHS they have caused. This was my main point from the beginning. They are more about elimination than solutions!

Russian blog viewers: Arlin Report Thought(s) of the day

I haven’t really been posting a daily Arlin Report Thought(s) of the day for awhile. Not sure why, maybe haven’t had much to say lately. But, I’ve been interested and paying attention where my viewers of this blog come from. I’ve been getting many views from Russia. Actually Russia has become one of my highest viewer countries. Not all my viewers respond or make comments on my posts. Which is okay. However, since Russian viewers make up my 2nd highest location, I find it interesting I have never received a response or comment from you/them. I would really like to hear from you! Even if it is just to say hello! Hopefully you are not restricted to do so.

So, hello to my Russian viewers!


You will continue to see the President by Committee propping up Biden until he either collapses or time runs out. They (The Committee in the White House) do not want their jokester of a vice president moving into the pretentious office of president. If that were to happen according to the constitution, Kamala Harris would become more of a basement figure head than Joe Biden has been, especially during his campaign. She would be seen and then unseen. You’ll see her walking and waving. They (the Committee) will order her to keep her mouth shut………..always. Good morning and good evening may be the extent of her communication with the media and the public. Not only will they place her in a hole somewhere, they will lock her up, kind of like those kids that get kidnapped by sickos and are locked away……….even chained in, out of public view.

They wanted someone as VP that was dumber than Joe, someone that was easy to control…….JUST LIKE JOE. The problem is, they didn’t realize just how dumb she really is! They probably should have listened to Jill. If they had Harris would not likely be VP.

They do not want Kamala Harris on the prowl, on the loose. They will not want her near a microphone……….just wave and keep walking. As inarticulate and incoherent as Biden is, you’d think there couldn’t be anyone for the worse…………THEN YOU HAVEN’T LISTENED TO HARRIS (AND SHE IS NEARLY HALF BIDEN’S AGE).

Their problem is, Harris would screw up everything they (the Committee and Biden) are trying to screw up in this country. That has been their agenda! Screw things up. That is what they have been successful at…….SCREWING EVERYTHING UP. They are turning this country into a 3rd world country faster than the Venezuelan powers that be destroyed Venezuela. Harris may only be good for one thing, because she can’t keep her mouth shut she’d expose everything. I mean, who is stupid enough to admit they are bailing arsonists and looters out of jail to get them back on the street to continue on and that violent protest is good? Harris doesn’t know the meaning of confidential……for government eyes only stuff. National Security? Lets not go there…………she doesn’t have a clue. She’s the type that announces military strategy to our enemies………..she’d keep everyone informed! Harris thinks the nuke buttons are games on XBox. And you were worried about Trump.

Teleprompter, teleprompter, teleprompter! Press conferences? Joe’s limited on what he is instructed to say (“Oh I’m supposed to be leaving now folks, I’ve been told not to talk about that.”) Harris would be a comedy show greater than Biden’s. She would talk about whatever they tell her not to talk about………….and cackle her way through it all.

Yes, the pathetic powers in the White House do understand that Kamala Harris would screw up everything they are trying (have) to screw up.


There still is a lot of information you can get by Googling. I hate to admit it but, sometimes I Google YouTube to learn how to fix something. You can usually find a video showing you how. The correct way to bait a hook for chicken liver……….(thought I knew, but have been having trouble with that lately, might be the quality of the meat!) HOWEVER, when looking for new technique on oil painting, looking for the right color scheme for an object……if you ask for a free video lesson (like you once could get), you might get a few minutes free or a TRIAL PERIOD free, but then YOU PAY! Now I do get it. People are making money on the internet, and that is okay! But, many are luring you to their websites by using deceit. Get these lessons FREE. What you get is a trailer…….small sample FREE. Then for $129 USD you can have life time access to our lessons. All I wanted to know was one simple technique to get the best results. Illegal immigrants can get free medical care (I must pay), and I can’t find out the best way to “scrub in” far distant trees in an oil painting. Actually, finding out a quick solution like that I can, I am exaggerating a bit here, but If I want to really learn a technique, or just get better……….and they tell you “get it here free”. IT IS NOT! I don’t want to continue to go through the whole search process, only to be told in the end, what free means to some people isn’t what free means to me! Stop wasting my time!!!! And, how those Trial Periods work is another issue!

To be honest myself here, you can still find ‘some’ tutorials that are very helpful. But even the tutorials (limited) are advertising samples basically. I have found one guy from in France that does a monthly demo, on storm clouds. I have learned a great deal from him. An old guy now living in France from the U.K.; his name is Stuart Davies.



If you post something I believe needs shared or simply repeated because of its importance or interest I will repost here! You will be given the credit. If I know the source, I share where it came from. There is much needed to be shared. I actually reblog more articles than I write……..and I am obviously ok with that! I enjoy doing it, however, some topics are not enjoyable to show, but still need sharing, exposing. We often need the word out to one another. We can not rely on the media.

Thank you! As Roy Rogers would say……..Happy trails!


Lots going on right now. We’ve got the revolution going on in Canada. Trucker’s have been noticed world wide. So Trudeau and the likes of media freaks like Geraldo Rivera lie about what is happening. Trudeau and Jerry Rivers, I mean Rivera are spouting that the truckers are terrorizing neighborhoods and waving swastikas and Confederate flags. One of each was actually seen, and they were not demonstrated by the truckers. Those morons were removed by the truckers. And unlike Trudeau and Rivera have stated the truckers protest/demonstration/revolution has been peaceful. Not like the peaceful protest/riots that destroyed and burned property in our American cities you would hear Kamala Harris describe but actual peace.

It is great to see citizens speaking up, standing up and more often. It will increase, what the Canadian truckers are doing can and will spread like a pandemic……….a virus upon corrupt government. The media can slow it down, but they can not stop it! And once it gets rolling, it will make Let’s Go Brandon look like one little pea in a large pot of boiling soup!



I was going to say at this moment I am working on an oil painting, putting finishing touches on, but I am typing in this post; so I can’t post and paint at the same time. I will go to the painting immediately upon posting this blog. Why would I even mention this? Actually, I think in the future I will occasionally post some articles on my oil paintings, technique, subjects…….etc.

I have never posted about my art work before, that I can recall. Like blogging I try to paint everyday. Occasionally I get painter’s/artist’s block, as I do with blogging. Posts about my paintings should help with my blogging blocks. I doubt that posting articles to this blog will cure any painting blocks however. Unless of course a reader gives me an idea for a subject. I’ll listen!

The painting I am about to finish, hopefully today, is a re-do of one I painted about 5 years ago. It was of a golf green, with the flag, a closeup of the hole and flag (red flag); with a moonlit background and trees. I had a lot of errors in this painting that I realized shortly after I thought it was complete. Major errors………..like the shadow in the wrong direction. The moon and trees were not in good proportion. SO, the re-do is giving a whole new look………I put a lake in, put the trees further back and added a sand trap. With daily painting I am seeing improvement. Maybe soon I post some of my work here.

I already have some topics for tomorrow………..see it’s working! 🙂