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There still is a lot of information you can get by Googling. I hate to admit it but, sometimes I Google YouTube to learn how to fix something. You can usually find a video showing you how. The correct way to bait a hook for chicken liver……….(thought I knew, but have been having trouble with that lately, might be the quality of the meat!) HOWEVER, when looking for new technique on oil painting, looking for the right color scheme for an object……if you ask for a free video lesson (like you once could get), you might get a few minutes free or a TRIAL PERIOD free, but then YOU PAY! Now I do get it. People are making money on the internet, and that is okay! But, many are luring you to their websites by using deceit. Get these lessons FREE. What you get is a trailer…….small sample FREE. Then for $129 USD you can have life time access to our lessons. All I wanted to know was one simple technique to get the best results. Illegal immigrants can get free medical care (I must pay), and I can’t find out the best way to “scrub in” far distant trees in an oil painting. Actually, finding out a quick solution like that I can, I am exaggerating a bit here, but If I want to really learn a technique, or just get better……….and they tell you “get it here free”. IT IS NOT! I don’t want to continue to go through the whole search process, only to be told in the end, what free means to some people isn’t what free means to me! Stop wasting my time!!!! And, how those Trial Periods work is another issue!

To be honest myself here, you can still find ‘some’ tutorials that are very helpful. But even the tutorials (limited) are advertising samples basically. I have found one guy from in France that does a monthly demo, on storm clouds. I have learned a great deal from him. An old guy now living in France from the U.K.; his name is Stuart Davies.



If you post something I believe needs shared or simply repeated because of its importance or interest I will repost here! You will be given the credit. If I know the source, I share where it came from. There is much needed to be shared. I actually reblog more articles than I write……..and I am obviously ok with that! I enjoy doing it, however, some topics are not enjoyable to show, but still need sharing, exposing. We often need the word out to one another. We can not rely on the media.

Thank you! As Roy Rogers would say……..Happy trails!


Lots going on right now. We’ve got the revolution going on in Canada. Trucker’s have been noticed world wide. So Trudeau and the likes of media freaks like Geraldo Rivera lie about what is happening. Trudeau and Jerry Rivers, I mean Rivera are spouting that the truckers are terrorizing neighborhoods and waving swastikas and Confederate flags. One of each was actually seen, and they were not demonstrated by the truckers. Those morons were removed by the truckers. And unlike Trudeau and Rivera have stated the truckers protest/demonstration/revolution has been peaceful. Not like the peaceful protest/riots that destroyed and burned property in our American cities you would hear Kamala Harris describe but actual peace.

It is great to see citizens speaking up, standing up and more often. It will increase, what the Canadian truckers are doing can and will spread like a pandemic……….a virus upon corrupt government. The media can slow it down, but they can not stop it! And once it gets rolling, it will make Let’s Go Brandon look like one little pea in a large pot of boiling soup!



I was going to say at this moment I am working on an oil painting, putting finishing touches on, but I am typing in this post; so I can’t post and paint at the same time. I will go to the painting immediately upon posting this blog. Why would I even mention this? Actually, I think in the future I will occasionally post some articles on my oil paintings, technique, subjects…….etc.

I have never posted about my art work before, that I can recall. Like blogging I try to paint everyday. Occasionally I get painter’s/artist’s block, as I do with blogging. Posts about my paintings should help with my blogging blocks. I doubt that posting articles to this blog will cure any painting blocks however. Unless of course a reader gives me an idea for a subject. I’ll listen!

The painting I am about to finish, hopefully today, is a re-do of one I painted about 5 years ago. It was of a golf green, with the flag, a closeup of the hole and flag (red flag); with a moonlit background and trees. I had a lot of errors in this painting that I realized shortly after I thought it was complete. Major errors………..like the shadow in the wrong direction. The moon and trees were not in good proportion. SO, the re-do is giving a whole new look………I put a lake in, put the trees further back and added a sand trap. With daily painting I am seeing improvement. Maybe soon I post some of my work here.

I already have some topics for tomorrow………..see it’s working! 🙂


I don’t really make New Years resolutions, and anytime that I ever did probably forgot about them within a day or two. I am not making any now! But, nothing will change. It will be business and government as usual, corruption as usual, with the same old players. 2022 will be no different, no better than 2021 and the previous years unless WE THE PEOPLE demand it, we take charge of our own destiny. Otherwise, people like Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Meek Mitch McConnell………..and lets face it most of the congressional worms and snakes are allowed to continue to do what they’ve been doing. TIRED OF IT ALL? We can, and must stop it!

Don’t ask for the truth, DEMAND IT!

Do not accept that they continue to lock away documentation and evidence of THEIR corruption! That is hiding the truth, that is the same as being lied to! That is the continuation of the guilty protecting themselves, because they believe they are above the law. They have been because we continue to allow it! When the truth is locked away it is not to protect the innocent, it is to protect the guilty.

You and I know, the corrupt (especially in government) go unpunished! They protect themselves, it’s called cover-up! The established Swamp, Deep State (it doesn’t matter what you call them) have been covering up, going deeper for many years. January 6th is such a big, frightening event for them only because they are afraid it will happen again, on a greater scale. They are afraid of we the people! They are afraid of us holding them accountable! I believe Jan. 6th was mostly staged (ask Nancy Pelosi), by those who are screaming the loudest that they were violated! If it were a true attack on the government, it would not have been left in tact (the Capitol). Nothing was burned down, like citizen’s protest in our cities?

Much of what is placed before us, in the public eye (and they use the media) is fake, is bull shit. We are being lied to on nearly everything! Is there any issue, anything at all we can trust our government and politicians on? They lie on everything………from both sides of their isle. What goes on in those houses of Congress is crap. The real business gets dealt with behind closed doors. They are all together more so than they are ever apart. Their division is fraudulent. That may be the greatest trickery of all. AND, they’ll continue to put their hands out for your contributions! We are suckers!

Demand the truth, start now! Demand to see everything! They have abused the “We can’t share everything due to national security” line long enough! We must start seeing, demanding that those that are corrupt start being cuffed and taken away! NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS on crimes against We the People!

We must do a better job protecting our children from these leaches!

Happy New Year!

ignorance creation, what the morons in charge are really up to! (arlin report thought(s) of the day)

I will start off by saying ‘I am opinionated!’ Most of you that read this blog know that. Most of you are as well! You and I are capable of forming an opinion; because we are capable of thinking! Our abilities to do so were formed by learning! We learned how to read, write, and do math! We learned history, science, chemistry and so on because we learned how to read and write! WE DEVELOPED OUR BRAINS! Now let us move on to the dumb asses in charge! Actually they are not dumb, they are evil, greedy, power hungry………., some (many) are globalists. They are your government officials! They are your governors, representatives and senators. They are those we keep putting in charge! Here is what I am getting at! Their reasons, justifications for anything are never (okay seldom) the truth. Their is a buried truthful underlying reason they inflict whatever, everything on us! It isn’t really hidden, not completely. We have to think, use logic to understand what they are doing.

Here is the act that created this blog today: The governor of Oregon has suspended Reading, Writing and Math as a requirement. The reason you ask? Its RACISM! Of course!

I have an opinion on what I just stated. I have an opinion, once again because I am capable of forming one. ‘Teaching reading, writing and math, along with any subject TO ALL is not racism. To suspend the teaching of those subjects (and say you are doing so because of race) IS RACISM. It is insulting to say, and especially create discriminating policy because of one’s color, that they (we) are not capable of learning, THAT IS EXTREME RACISM! ‘ It really is a major part of the dumbing down process!

Let’s remove reading, writing and math! Yeah, so our children’s minds can not be fully developed! To be controlled! After all, we don’t need healthcare workers, we don’t need engineers, we can just rely on a computer or machine/robot to do it for us! Where is the logic in that? What they really want, is for us to stop forming opinions, to stop thinking logically. To stop thinking period. They know they will eventually create lost sheep, zombies! Take this pill citizen, or we have a vaccine here you must take! Just do as we say! Not everyone will buy into this crap and will learn the skills for an advanced society or at least enough to survive. Are they weeding us out?

Where do you go, who can you trust to give your child an education? As we can now see, what is being taught is an attempt to brain wash, control not just what you think, but to think specifically what they want you to think! This is mind control. This is the Critical Race Theory! You are a bad little white boy, bad little white girl! So you can’t read Peter Rabbit, because we know Peter was only meant to go down a white hole. We aren’t going to let black children read Peter, because we know learning to read is RACISM! We can not allow our children to find out that the rabbit hole knows no color! We can not let our children find out that going down that hole, they’ll see black and white rabbits living together. Nope got to control that hole!

They are afraid, that if we continue to think for ourselves we will discover the truth(s) about all they have done, are doing and plan to do. We are in their way……….of a globalist (rule) world.

They want to wreck our ability to create minds smarter than them! Minds of all color! They do not want us to wake up!

Even cavemen were capable of learning! I have an opinion, you do, will your children and grandchildren?

No more writers?

NOTE: If there is an ad on here with a dancing Joe Biden………I had no control over that, I couldn’t figure out how to remove it! I do not endorse his bull shit!


life priorities, what should be important replaced by televised make believe crap: by the arlin report thought(s) of the day

I get it, we need some entertainment. But entertainment should not dominate our lives, especially when the entertainment is planned by media, and television/movie industries to distract us from priorities, important matters like educating our children, earning a good living for our families, quality of life!

So many people freak out over who chose who on the Bachelor, who was unfair to one of the contestants on Big Brother. People concern themselves over a Kardashian having a nose job.

People have become addicted to Netflix! Sometimes those episodes are social messages from an industry wanting to control the narrative, issues they often create, taking our minds away from REAL issues we should be more concerned with, like paying attention to what the far left is trying to indoctrinate into our children. BS! It also keeps us from actually being active in holding those responsible for corruption, especially within our government. Keep the flock busy watching all their favorite stars and they can easily be controlled/manipulated; because we can count on the media lecturing us on what we should be doing, and just believe they are always right!

I have also gotten sick of so many series, especially from Netflix (and movies) inserting all the social issues of the day into their episodes to “make us” more aware and acceptable by us: Every episode seems to “must include” inter-racial relationships, transgenders, gay relationships with sexual scenes. YOU ARE RIGHT! I can turn it off!

AND: I don’t need, never have needed the local media telling me what I should wear each day, like “Dress light today it’s going to be hot.” Really? No kidding it’s summer!

I’d rather take my grandkids to the park or fishing (golf at some point), than watch the crap on TV. They are more important to me than who the Bachelorette chose!

arlin report: podcasting resumed

I am now podcasting again (Spotify). I had been on hold due to some technical difficulties. I thought when I was recording, when the clock froze, my recording was frozen as well. I have been trying to record since Monday night/Tuesday morning. I noticed late last night/early this morning that I might be able to continue recording even when the clock froze. So I tried that……….yep the clock stopped but I kept talking, not knowing for sure if I was recording. At the end of my talk, I hit the stop recording button, ………….it was frozen. I exited out, went back in and it showed 21 minutes on my recording. I played it to make sure, I trust nothing. Then I had an issue saving it. Exited, went back and saved it successfully. Launched on first attempt! Yeah!!!!

I know you didn’t need to know all the details, but hey, after pretty much being idle for a few days I apparently have a lot to say. Besides if anyone out there is experiencing the same, maybe this will help. I wish someone could have told me that when the clock stops the recording does not. Thing is ……… It isn’t really working properly. The buttons should work. I even changed the batteries in my mouse, thinking the click button wasn’t working all the time. Wasn’t that! Anyway I found a way around it all. I have a tech looking into it. Thanks to him I now know my browser is Google Chrome 89. It was automatically updated to 89. I did not know that. If you don’t know what your browser is you can go to whatsmybrowser.org…………it immediately comes up for you (type that address in your browser, takes you there quickly). I am wondering if updating my browser to 89 has been causing my freezes (which only seem to occur after I have been idle for about 5 minutes).

Have a wonderful day! Glad I could help! 🙂


There may only be a hand full of people actually interested in this, but, I am putting my podcast on (Anchor/Spotify) hold for now.

I am having issues with my computer. When it sets idle for several minutes it freezes. My mouse will roam fine, but won’t click on anything.

Most of the time this isn’t that big of a problem, however, when I am in Anchor/Spotify trying to record an episode, after a few minutes of recording (mouse isn’t moving so the system thinks while I am recording I am idle) the clock on the recording stops. It was stopping at the 5:01 minute mark. After trying to fix this, I finally got it to where it would stop at the 10:28 minute mark. I just tried another recording moments ago (after having retrieved my site) and it stopped recording at the 12:08 minute mark.


JAMES 3:10

James 3:10

I must be gaining more patience. I had a hellish night trying to retrieve my blog site after having lost it most of the day. I tried retrieving it most of the day unsuccessfully. I had re-installed wordpress over my original site. When I did that it apparently forfeited my site, and asked me if I wanted to create a site. Finally got it right, and was able to retrieve WITHOUT CURSING AT ANY POINT DURING THE PROCESS. THERE IS HOPE FOR ME. 🙂

Have a wonderful day!