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The Biden family!

VP Biden tried to kill news story on Hunter at his firm’s request, emails show – YouTube

“I don’t know anything about Hunter’s business, and he knows nothing about mine.” ( LMAO, Arlin Report comment)

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Emails obtained by America First Legal revealed a then-Vice President Biden’s office tried to kill a Bloomberg story about Hunter Biden. A “Mornings with Maria” panel with more #foxbusiness#morningswithmaria

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Who do you trust?

After a long delay of handing over documents, do you really trust the Treasury Department led by Joe Biden appointed Janet Yellen, to give all the documents or even the actual docs? In a filthy D.C., it would not be beyond this government department to cover up for Biden. They have before, probably more often than we know. Trust is not a common factor in Washington. (Arlin Report comment)

Joe Biden doesn’t lie!! LOL!

My significant other and I recently had lunch out with another couple of friends. I wasn’t listening to the conversation my significant (LOL) was having with one of our friends. I was apparently in conversation with the other. When we got in our car to leave, the first thing my Sig asked me was, “Did you hear what ________ said?” No was my reply, “I guess not!” She said, “I have NEVER known Joe Biden to lie!” All I could do was LAUGH!

Now, lets just start on a lesser scale: Biden lied to people, people that were challenging his honesty about his education (law school); that he was at the top of his class! That was in fact a lie. He was closer to the bottom! Ok, who really cares, we know Joe likes to brag. He brags about things he never even had anything to do with, or any real knowledge of. He likes to take credit even though credit is NOT due him. He has done that his entire political career. And gee, shall we get into the Hunter stuff. Joe has claimed he knows nothing about his son’s business dealings (though they had boarded the same plane to foreign countries where Hunter apparently had business. Oh and Joe’s partner says “Joe is the Big Guy”. Receiving 10% of the money Hunter collects. NO LIES THERE: LMAO!

Now, I do understand that our friend is a liberal Democrat!


Hunter’s sold paintings, business with China, driving daddy’s corvette, classified document access……WHAT COULD BE WRONG? (Arlin Report comment)


Oh, I didn’t have enough room in the title for this: Hunter rented Joe’s house for nearly $50,000 per month. You know The Big Guy! Is that Joe’s 10% take on China’s payments to Hunter. Imagine this, China paid Hunter (business right?) more than it ever paid for anything to the U.S. China does not give anyone money unless it gets SOMETHING in return! Hunter’s art? PLEASE. Have you seen it?



Wow, I almost felt sorry for Biden’s press punching bag. That is the position Biden has put this poor incompetently overwhelmed press side kick. She has no answers to cover for her boss. She can not even look any of the reporters in eyes. That would be asking a lot of her……..Joe!

All this poor girl could say was “The President took classified documents very seriously!” NO HE DOESN’T, IF HE DID THEY WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN IN HIS GARAGE, SOMETIMES IN PUBLIC VIEW WHEN THE DOOR WAS OPEN AND JOE PULLED OUT AND BACKED IN SHOWING OFF HIS CAR (AND APPARENTLY DOCUMENTS). Oh and his partner in crime Hunter had access to that garage/residence. You know the guy(s) that have CHINA connections. Not to mention, PennBiden’s little dive which often open to friends and campaign staffers and who knows how many Chinese (Donors).

Inadvertently misplaced classified documents? Look what happened to Tricky Dick Nixon when he inadvertently lost a few seconds of tape. Nixon did nothing compared to the crap/corruption Biden is caught up in. He is in quicksand. Evidence of treason is right around the corner!

Garland’s special counsel appointment more sinister than just Getting Trump …. — Freedom Is Just Another Word…


Garland’s special counsel appointment more sinister than just Getting Trump …. — Freedom Is Just Another Word…