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Obama did little to nothing while in office, except create a major headache with Obamacare; now claims credit for all the good happening under Trump’s administration.    And all you libs out there think with Trump it’s all about Trump.   No one that has ever been in the White House used the pronoun “I” more than Obama.

Shell Oil president contradicts Obama’s claim for the oil boom; “No he didn’t!”

Obama was/is about destroying, Trump about building.  It is what they have always done.



Testify before Congress – just plead the 5th

Getting prosecuted for lying to Congress, depends on WHO you are.  Why take the chance, do as liberal Dems do, plead the 5th.   Unless you are testifying against Trump, you likely won’t be charged for perjury.   We’ve seen this time after time.

Plead the 5th to avoid a trap.

It now appears that the crimes Mueller is chasing are crimes his investigation created.   Lying, only lying.  What color shirt did you wear yesterday, answer “Blue”.   No…..wrong answer you wore “Red”.  You are now being charged for lying to Congress or “Special Counsel” (very special).  That is your crime.

Clinton and Obama run free, they apparently exemption to lying.

Big freaking deal, a real estate proposal that was “REJECTED” between Trump and Moscow (prior to 2016 election).  This is what Cohen lied about?  BIG DEAL.  Hey, but they got another lying guilty plea.

Mueller, simply looking for a trail to get Trump.   All roads turn somewhere else.

Uranium to Russia, during Obama/Hillary administration………no harm here.

The only connection between Trump and Russia……..a rejected real estate proposal (prior to election).  BIG FREAKING DEAL!


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From day one, when Trump moved into the White House after being elected by The People, the liberal left and mainstream media jumped in the same bandwagon to remove Trump from office.   Their agenda isn’t wait to remove him through the 2020 election process, but to smear and trump up anything and all they can with scandals, constitutional violations (as only they can interpret) and a list of false accusation after accusation.  If your candidate doesn’t make it, then we’ll remove the one that did, despite the American people; we the peons of this nation.

Are we to put every elected president through this scrutiny and shameful continuous attacks?  Lets not allow him or her to be presidential, but only spend time in defense of oneself.   We know, this will never happen with a Democratic president, it didn’t with Obama………when it easily could.   Not even a scum bucket like Bill Clinton went through this.  Oh yes, impeached……..but even that was controlled.

It is amazing how much more attacking Chuck Todd has become now that his favored party has control of the House.   He is lining up Trump bashers non- stop.   The Democratic House is now solely about removing Trump from office, starting with impeachment, they are only aiming for “The full Nixon”.    They will focus on impeachment, rather than legislating, because they have nothing else.

Cooperation…….forget it.  Reaching across the aisle, forget it.

These D.C. Bozos will not wait to leave it in the hands of the American people through the election process for a White House occupational change.   Allegations will continue, new investigations will continue, until they can find something, anything……….truthful or not.  Truth means nothing in The Swamp.

There is collusion alright, between the media and liberal left.   It is all the same!

Sen. Claire McCaskill says she’s 100 percent behind President Trump on stopping the migrant caravan — WEATHER INTERNAL

When did Claire change here position on this?   She is against The Wall.   Oh! Another lie for a vote!   This isn’t the first time, but we the voters of Missouri can make it her last!


This statement of support for Trump should garner Claire McCaskill somewhere around zero Republican votes. The post Sen. Claire McCaskill says she’s 100 percent behind President Trump on stopping the migrant caravan appeared first on twitchy.com.

via Sen. Claire McCaskill says she’s 100 percent behind President Trump on stopping the migrant caravan — WEATHER INTERNAL



90% of the millennials probably don’t even know what PTSD is.   “Hey we must have it though”.

Trump did this to them.   Seems most of the Democratic Liberals could make the same claim.

Trump said “Nationalist” not “White Nationalist” IT IS RECORDED AS SUCH!

It doesn’t matter what Trump says, the MSM call him a racist for it.  He said he was a Nationalist not a White Nationalist, and there is a huge difference.   Even the media, knows that or they are dumber than I thought.

nationalism. noun. Devotion, especially excessive or undiscriminating devotion, to the interests or culture of a particular nation-state. The belief that nations will benefit from acting independently rather than collectively, emphasizing national rather than international goals.

Nationalist.  a person who advocates political independence for a country.   And the liberal media (CNN, MSNBC) believe there is something wrong with that.   Obvious GLOBALISTS!

White nationalism
Political ideology
White nationalism is a type of nationalism or pan-nationalism which espouses the belief that white people are a race and seeks to develop and maintain a white national identity. Its proponents identify with and are attached to the concept of a white nation. Wikipedia


CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta asked Trump what he meant by calling himself a Nationalist, if he meant “White Nationalist”, that they wanted an explanation for Nationalist.   He, Trump, never said White Nationalist.    He said NATIONALIST!   Jim, I have a difficult time believing a WH correspondent doesn’t know the definition of Nationalist.   I get it Jim, you are just trying to get Trump to stumble.   Keep trying Jim. The more you try the dumber you look.

If Trump had said he was a White Nationalist or Nazi Nationalist or Black Nationalist, then yes he’d be a racist.   Nationalist = putting your country FIRST!


Joe Biden criticizes President Trump for coddling dictators such as the King and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.   Joe recently stated he can not understand why Trump is coddling with the Saudis (on this recent missing/dead journalist).   Really?  Biden knows darn well Trump can not and should not jump hastily in what is an international crisis.   Is that what Biden would do?   Thanks Joe for giving us that insight on how you would handle such a situation.  Oh, that’s right, you never really said what YOU WOULD DO!

Joe Biden has always been mouthy and shared with us what he would do (or tries to imply what he would do)……….when he knows it isn’t his decision he shows such boldness.   He is actually quite ball-less!

Joe knows a lot about coddling!   We have plenty of photos of him doing just that, usually with women and little girls!