Biden’s Hush money earned? But how? Arlin Report thought(s) of the day

Lets see, Donald Trump has been indicted for paying (hush money) a porn actress (whore) to go away. She didn’t! More attention was to be gained. A New York DA wants to call it wrongful payments with campaign funds. Even the moron attorney who actually made that payment said it wasn’t with campaign funds. But still, here we are, here we go! Another chapter in the book of Get Trump (By the way there is a book out there with that title).

So paying off a porn star is a bigger deal than accepting payments from China? Here is the biggest difference, Trump’s lawyer paid off some one (HUSH)…………BUT the Biden family circus has been accepting/taking in payments from China. No problem?

Paying off this whore with personal funds is some how a greater threat to our nation than Biden getting paid by China for whatever it is China bought. Most notably they (China) bought Joe Biden. Who knows what Biden gave up for the pile of money deposited in the Cathay Bank, in Biden family accounts. FOLLOW THE MONEY!

Cathay Bank: “We’re the oldest operating bank in the U.S. founded by Chinese Americans. As we witnessed our community grow, we as a bank grew alongside them. In 1985, we expanded internationally by establishing our footprint with a representative office in Hong Kong, which was later converted to a branch.”

Once again, Trump’s people paid hush money. Joe Biden and family received hush money. Oh……..right those were Hunter’s earnings for all the work he does!

There is a list of your typical corrupt political figures (and family members) pages long, that we have mentioned before (you know, the Clintons, the Obamas, Bidens……………..etc., etc., etc.) for much more serious offenses and treasonous acts. Yet, Trump gets indicted for paying off a whore. Yeah, that isn’t what you want out of an elected official (any official), but come on man………..there are others out there that have done worse that affects US ALL. Biden is a threat to national security.

6 thoughts on “Biden’s Hush money earned? But how? Arlin Report thought(s) of the day”

  1. Always thanks! And I always like hearing your comments. I can’t recall ever disagreeing with you! We may have some variations, but usually on the same track. Need more like you! Not because we I usually agree, but we just need good common sense.


  2. Now, another female has come forward that Trump allegedly paid off to go away. How many rich people have been extorted, and paid the perp to go away? One only needs wonder.

    Whether Trump did anything or not, he gets indicted for paying someone to shut up and go away. Damn, what a crime, on top of that, the statute of limitations has run on the alleged crime,. I don’t see that paying someone to shut up and go away is a crime.

    How many years have they combed over Trump, his businesses, and his entire life? They came up with something? Yea right.

    Compared to like you said, the Biden Crime Family, Trump is a saint. Biden has been owned by China since he was Vice President. And Hillary was selling uranium to Russia, so who are the true criminals? Clinton and Biden have been sleeping with the enemy for far too long, they are traitors to our country and nothing is done to them. Everyone knows about the Clinton Body Bags, and Hunter’s Laptop. Oh, if anyone wants a copy of what was on Hunter’s laptop, you can go to MarcoPolo and order it for free, just pay shipping and handling. Trust me, it is very explicit.

    We live in very sad times. The country is run by a bunch of deep state Satanists, people that screw with children’s minds, where there is transgender story time, by people that I would not really consider transgenders. True transgenders, you cannot tell what their gender actually is. Men in drag, want everyone to think they are females. They go out of their way to look female, they are not fat slobs with facial hair and their dicks hanging out. I don’t know what you would call those people, other than pedophiles.

    I was watching some of the House hearings yesterday, the military budget discussion. The military, which is a bunch of pansies now, trying to get a bigger budget. They want to build all of this new equipment, because we either left ours in Afghanistan, or have given it to Ukraine. Biden has cut off all energy from fossil fuels, where is the energy going to come from to run the smelters? What are they going to build, electric tanks and planes? Without fossil fuel, they don’t have energy to make electricity. This past year, CA, where they have the most electric cars, had total black outs, and people were not allowed to charge their cars. No one bothered to ask what they were going to use for energy to run the smelters for the metal, and no one asked what they planned this new equipment to use for fuel to run the equipment. We know solar won’t do it, and wind won’t do it. So WTF are they asking a bigger budget for. Unless and until they come up with a viable form of energy to build the equipment, and use for fuel for the equipment, I don’t see any reason for a bigger budget.
    Besides, they didn’t bother to keep the equipment we had. The Taliban now has some of our equipment, because of the hasty pull out of Afghanistan where we left equipment and even people behind for the Taliban.
    Further, the pansies in our military aren’t going to stand up when it comes time. If we were invaded right now, what equipment do we have to defend with? Nothing. We have no fuel for equipment, we have no equipment, and they say that China is prepping its military for war.
    They said something about all of our allies will help. With what? Our allies don’t have huge, capable armies, that is why we send money to NATO for them. They can’t even pay out to NATO their own dues. Trump told them no more, that if they want our money and our protection, that they were going to have to pay their share. Our allies don’t have huge capable Navies or huge capable militaries. We are on a brittle road to death of America.

    We have the democrats and republicans that are really made from the same cloth. Yes, there are a few new members, that are young, and not part of the old system yet. But they are few and far between. We live in a world of tyranny and corruption, where the government is rotten to the core, from the local government, all the way to the Mr. Biden’s WhiteHouse. Biden is working hard to confiscate all our weapons, so that when we are invaded, with no equipment to fight with, no real soldiers, and a population without the means to protect themselves.

    And what are we going to do about it?

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  3. Unfortunately for Democrats, Bragg just opened a HUGE can of worms. If you can now indict a former president for crimes as trivial as what we’re hearing (not sure that’s what’s in the indictment yet) about, Joe Biden is a sitting duck. It won’t take much if this indictment of Trump goes to trial (which it shouldn’t), some conservative DA somewhere will do the same thing to Biden. They may wait until he’s out of office, but they’ll get revenge…just wait!


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