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Originally posted on BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!: If reports are true, Imran Awan’s wife has cut a deal and no doubt gotten immunity to come on back to the USA. Husband Imran leaving the laptop with his personal info appears to be begging for a deal as well. Fox is the only one…

via DWS IT Awan was running a secret server, banned when discoverd — Brittius

Somewhere in the back room you just feel the Hillary presence.   Hard to believe with all those connected to Awan and DWS, he did not have some IT work the Hillary’s servers.



Editorial cartoon on Hillary Clinton, James Comey and Vladimir Putin
Sure, there’s plenty of room, or we find another bus………….


I don’t want to toss Hillary under the bus.   I want to slam her under the bus, back up and go again.   I won’t read her freaking book either…… I don’t need to.   People on Fox, are sharing the crap she is claiming, which isn’t a surprise.   Its a blame game, which is the game she always plays.   Hillary is trying to make herself look like the ultimate angel.   She’s never been an angel, so we can not refer to her as even a fallen angel.

Hillary is even slamming poor James Comey.   The former FBI director that kept her from being indicted………probably for many crimes.   When Hillary no longer has any use for you, your tossed in the dumpster.  The longer Comey is there, the stench continues to rise.

Now, it is time for someone (Jeff Sessions) to do something with Hillary and (Bill, Loretta and Barack).  These are just swamp dogs, that need to be taken to the pound.  NOW!


You don’t have to read, let alone purchase, Hillary’s book “What Happened” to know one of those she blames for her election loss is James Comey.  She and her leftist Democratic Party have already made that clear.   This is Hillary Clinton typical behavior, nothing unusual here.   We now know, James Comey orchestrated the fraudulent Clinton investigation results, by not recommending indictment; which the attorney general, Loretta Lynch was an accomplice.   Is Hillary grateful to the former FBI director?   No, once a Clinton gets what they want/need from you, you are kicked aside like garbage to rot; only to be blamed for everything directed against poor Hillary.  It’s never Hillary’s fault.   She didn’t do it!   Sounds like a cry that needs to come from a prison cell, just like in the movies.


If you listen to the Main Stream Media, you would tend to believe this is the first time there has ever been any sort of chaos from the White House.   If WH staffers, from the President on down to the Head Chef never got into an argument or shouting match, they probably don’t care enough about doing a good job or they aren’t doing their job at all.  Even the Kennedy brothers argued.   Nixon?   Calm as kitten right?   Oh, and lets not forget about the Clinton’s.   Hillary from what we have learned threw a few lamp shades, talked to portraits of dead presidents and possibly had Vince Foster shot inside the White House.   Bill Clinton?  I guess sex with an intern in the Oval Office and what he experienced underneath our desk with a cigar while moaning in personal pleasure may not seem chaotic but should not have been so acceptable as normal behavior.

Most of the activity above had little to do with government business; just on-the-side time outs; like school recess I suppose.   At least the chaotic nature of Trump’s White House and how he is handling it by removing pieces has something to do with becoming more efficient for the security and good of the nation; and getting rid of leakers.   I prefer that to personal satisfaction………..   The Clinton’s and Obama’s know a lot about personal satisfaction.

If all is quiet and peaceful in the White House, especially during prime time, absolutely nothing is being achieved, debated and yes at times argued.   At least the First Lady is not heard screaming at Donald about who he is sleeping with during the day; nor is she cursing the Secret Service Agents for saying good morning!

A little noise from the WH is good!

Bush Lawyer: Trump’s Calling For Clinton Prosecution Is An ‘Impeachable Offense’ — Nwo Report ARLIN REPORT COMMENTS BELOW LINK


Painter said that pressuring Sessions to prosecute Clinton is an impeachable offense Daily Caller Former President George W. Bush’s chief ethics lawyer Richard Painter said Tuesday that President Donald Trump calling for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to be prosecuted is an “impeachable offense.” Painter sent out a tweet in reference to an early morning Twitter rant from […]

via Bush Lawyer: Trump’s Calling For Clinton Prosecution Is An ‘Impeachable Offense’ — Nwo Report

Painter’s claim is ridiculous, a totally leftist comment/opinion even if it came from a rightie.   He states while Trump’s calling for Clinton to be prosecuted is not illegal it is immoral; because she was his opponent in the election and to have free elections you don’t go after your opponent.    Therefore Trump is impeachable.    She wouldn’t be prosecuted for being his opponent.  We have a free/fair election process unless you count all the illegals the DNC and Hillary Clinton recruited.   You can go after Hillary for that, not Trump.   Hillary would be prosecuted for her crimes.

Being a candidate for POTUS or any other office doesn’t or should not get you off.  Trump has every right to press the AG and, did you forget in one of the pre-election Debates, Trump said, looking straight at her, he would have her prosecuted?    Where the hell was Richard Painter then?     We know where he was, counting on false hope/or votes that Hillary would be elected anyway.


VIDEO Lynch Linked, Pro-Hillary Group Promoted FAKE Russian Dossier – Senate GOP Shifts Focus to Loretta — Reclaim Our Republic

June 25, 2017 BY DML DAILY/ According to the NY Post, a Clinton-backed group was behind the promotion of the Russian dossier that contained false information against President Trump. The Senate Judiciary Committee is considering subpoenaing the research firm Fusion GPS as the firm remains silent about the funding of the dossier. According to the NY Post, […]

via VIDEO Lynch Linked, Pro-Hillary Group Promoted FAKE Russian Dossier – Senate GOP Shifts Focus to Loretta — Reclaim Our Republic