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Half Of Republicans, One Third Of Democrats Say They Have Lost Faith In Democracy — Conservative Review

I have not lost faith in Democracy, I have lost faith in those protecting it and executing it’s principles! (Arlin Report comment)

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interesting dems know i no longer donate to republicans…….no i am not a dem now.

I have in the past, (let me make that clear THE PAST) contributed to Republican candidates, those I had confidence in. However, it has gotten to the point where I have no confidence in any, or the few I do, that confidence has shrunk to a little. I am tired of talk. The ones you hear from the most, has been and continues to be just that ……. TALK.

Now it seems, the other side, liberal Democrats think my withdrawal of any funds to Republicans must mean I have become a supporter of the Dems ! They are now asking me to assist them. They all beg for contributions to get themselves re-elected, both Democrats & Republicans do this. Now, Democrats through internet spying know I have dried up any pipeline (as small as it even was) on monetary funds to their opponent. They believe I must have switched over. NOT! LET ME REPEAT THAT! NOT! They disgust me the most!

I am sick of do nothing politicians. Why would I give to those I want to see OUT? Removed! Gone for good!


Most certainly will be an on going agenda of destruction attempts by the Democrats (SICKOCRAT DEMS).

We have already had a taste of this (persecution) under Obama – so we know what that was – no jobs and conservatives persecuted while the law went amuck. More Accurate than The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC for Two Years and Counting! Sunday, February 2, 2020 The Gateway Pundit Store THIS […]


pelosi’s foot-in-mouth disease

On the impeachment of President Trump, Nancy Pelosi said, “it’s not a question of proof, it’s a question of allegations!”

Oh really?” @JudgeJeanine

Democrat’s strategy to convict: Trump must prove his innocence.

In a real court of law the accused must be PROVEN guilty by the prosecution. Hopefully one side of the political isle will get this right. We know the Democratic (Socialists) side will not along with a handful of Trump hating Republicans. We know Mitt (nitwit) Romney is so jealous of Trump’s victory in a presidential election……he is everything anti-Trump. He can’t stand it that Trump out-performs old political hang around antiques.

Pathetic injustice. If they’d do this to a president they’d do it to any of us. Just expose them for what they are.

Welcome to Adam Schiff’s 2019 version of “the twilight zone”

Today’s fiasco (already a failure of its intention) is not an impeachment hearing. Lets refer to it for what it is……. the next step of the COUP! The majority of Americans know it!

The Democrats have their trained circus monkey sitting in the center of it all. Nancy Pelosi chose the one individual from The House she knew would go to any extent, lie his way through a corrupt process without any remorse to get where we are today. If this were a legal hearing, one that followed the constitution, one of fairness, then the President would have legal counsel there, the Republicans would be allowed to call witnesses. None of this will happen. The Republican’s witness list was rejected. This is not a legitimate hearing. If this were in a court room anywhere else, they’d be allowed all that. It is called due process, which we all have a right, a right to defend yourself. Due process isn’t just being withheld from Trump, it is being withheld from the American people. This whole thing is a farce. What it will be is a long, drawn out fictitious televised series. The names will be real, fairytale crap, produced by Nancy Pelosi with taxpayer financial backing and directed by Adam Schiff. Welcome to Schiff’s “Twilight Zone”.

This pathetic series should be cancelled. The main actors, Pelosi and Schiff and “the committee” (Dems) should be removed and forced into retirement, without retirement pay. They’ve stolen enough from us.

Schiff should be held in contempt. He has lied, does not follow rules of law. Schiff is a selfrighteous, habitual liar. The most corrupt individual in The House is guiding this fake hearing, a step in this planned coup.

Think about this, how much taxpayer money do they continue to toss down the drain, with no concern of what we think? This is the biggest scandal in the history of our nation. Nixon never came close to what Schiff (NO NOT TRUMP) and the Democrats are doing. This is the greatest demonstration of what Washington and the Deep State think of We the People.

THIS CIRCUS IS A NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT. Maybe Trump should declare one! Wouldn’t that be fun, cause quite a stir. Order the National Guard to circle Capitol Hill, take Schiff into custody. I know, I’m dreaming.

About these Adam Schiff cherry picked witnesses; they’ve already testified behind closed doors. I wonder how many stories/responses will change now that they are before the American public? Schiff is walking a tight rope, and it could snap.

Dead in the water, supposedly in the Senate, which means this is really a waste of time and our money. If they can’t remove Trump, the Dems (Socialist Party) hope this fictitious series influences enough votes to remove him in the 2020 election. The Dems are shooting craps!

Duct tape fixes everything

There was/is an answer to controlling Adam Schiff’s mouth. DUCT TAPE! Republicans complain about Schiff not allowing them to ask questions. Tape Schiff’s mouth shut and just ask your questions. Keep his mouth taped so he can’t guide and/or instruct the witness to answer or not to answer questions of Schiff’s choice.

I find it disturbing actually that the Republicans haven’t had the backbone to put this wimpy ass Adam Schiff in his place. Really, Adam didn’t let us ask questions? I know Schiff is the “chairman” and controls the hearings, but please………be a bit disruptive. You know he can’t handle it. He’ll get up and leave, like he did when you raided him earlier. Just don’t allow him to escort the witness out with him. Do you not see, those are witnesses who have already been schooled on how to answer Schiff’s questions?

You want to have some real fun, Duct Tape Schiff to his “Chair”, then tape his mouth. Make him sit there and watch a Republican (Jim Jordan or Devin Nunes) ask questions. Then when the hearing is over, leave him there, since he likes the basement so much.

Everybody knows Adam Schiff is a lying piece of crap, shut him up!

Duct Tape, it is for “Mult-Use”, home, office, shop and The House.

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Hoax conspirators work on……continue they’re madness

Don’t you wish these legislative morons could be as committed and persistent in real issues, important matters that really matter, rather than pushing a fake story Hillary funded and DNC supported.   We know the dossier Hillary bought and paid for is no good, FAKE.   We also know that if anyone had a working relationship with Russia it would be a Clinton (especially Hillary).   Uranium One!  Remember that or have you forgotten?

Schiff and Nadler continue their pursuit of Donald Trump. It is clearly a conspiracy to remove a legally elected president from office, simply because, ‘Well he is my (our) president, we didn’t vote for him.  We can’t have that!’    Schiffty wants that entire Mueller Report, because there must be something Barr isn’t telling us.  They are adamant to find something illegal, anything.   If Trump dropped a candy wrapper on the sidewalk they’d have him arrested, start the impeachment proceedings!

During all this, what is amazing and profound is they ignore all they have done illegal.   Hillary and the DNC team…….the fake dossier, as a set up, a FRAME.   Lets not even get into all those emails (the security risks etc.).   But, Hillary still has been hands off.   There is a clear explanation for this.   The Democrats are in the conspiracy together, top to bottom.   They do a far better job of protecting and covering up for one another than the Republicans do.   The United States government is as dirty and corrupt as any government in the world, worse than most.   Is it beyond the possibility of being cleaned up?   That is a question for another day, with a very lengthy and complicated answer.



Blunt, as a Missourian, I will actively campaign in support of any primary opponent for your re-election next time, if we can not eliminate you by term limitation.   I might as well have voted for a Democrat.

Honestly, by action alone, now and in the past, been difficult to tell whether Collins, Murkowski and Alexander weren’t Democrats anyway, if I didn’t know better.  They sure seem to have a difficult time deciding which way to go.   Rubio just needs to be combative for attention.   Romney, he is a NEVER TRUMPSTER, has no interest in doing what is right for the American people.  Rand Paul just being Rand Paul.

Excuse:  Not wanting to set a precedent for future presidents to declare a national emergency.   BS……..the President has a Constitutional right.   This declaration by Trump is exactly the reason he has this option before him, and it is to protect America.   There have been many national emergencies declared by past presidents for issues/events/threats in to aid other nations.  It is time one is declared, when greatly needed for the purpose of defending/protecting our own nation as it is intended.