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JUDE 1:2

Have a wonderful, peaceful day!



We can certainly use more kindness and love. They go together. This is needed in every region, every state and every nation, every desert, every jungle……every forest. Every inch of ground on this planet could use, needs more. What that does: We work together, accomplish great things, nothing would be impossible. Actually live without fear of one another. It is a solution to many if not most of our problems. I am not advocating A New World Order/ One World Government by any means. That will only bring hate, unhappiness across the globe.

Now on to Satan’s brother………Putin. He thinks, acts as though he is the world leader. Tells the rest of the world what it can and can not do or else. Or else we will see responses like we have never seen before. His aggression is the only act that is acceptable (in his mind). Our response (if any) is an act of war. The man is crazy. He initiated an act of war on the Ukraine. He did that!

Leadership is missing, not just in America, Canada, RUSSIA, Germany, France………it is missing around the globe. Oh and I definitely must mention The United Kingdom. It isn’t just that leadership is horrendously bad, but those in positions of leadership reign in stupidity. Being in a position of leadership does not make you a leader. For solutions to this go back to the first paragraph. It might be a good place to start. But I am not naive enough to think this would ever happen. But, we can certainly pray for it!