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JOHN 1:5

Wow, nearly forgot to post a verse today. Better late than never. My sleep pattern is a bit screwed up right now. Was COVID positive for a few days (very little symptoms), and slept a lot, with naps during the day. Feeling great again, no symptoms and after taking Paxlovid for 5 days am now non-contagious. Felt like a mild, very mild cold. Only found out I tested positive, because I thought it would be a good idea to test before we went to dinner at a friends house. Chances are he’d have been wearing a mask anyway, he is one that you see driving down the Highway, car windows rolled up and he is wearing a mask. Normally, I’d have just reacted as though I had a slight cold. Not sure it wasn’t just that. I don’t really believe these test………colds can test out as COVID.

Any rate, I am normal again. Even for me! 🙂

Hope you are well.

JOHN 1:1

And He (God) will have the Word in the ending as well. No one will be around to write it, nor read it. The Word has been spoken and written already. I am guessing the script will not be necessary as to how it actually plays out (the end), if there is no one to read it. Or is there, if we move on? We should already know it if we believe. We just don’t know when!


JOHN 14:26

The reminder is coming. If we aren’t good with God yet, time could run out. Get good with God. I want to be better with God than I have been. I don’t want time running out …………I don’t want Him asking me “Where have you been?” Though He already knows!

Have a wonderful day! Its a beautiful morning here in Missouri.

Thank you Lord.