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New hypocrites in Congress are born every election

They just don’t usually stick out this much and this quickly.  This is the Democrats answer for needing new blood.  Ummm……why isn’t she taking the train?  That’s their new thing.



Image result for photos of ocasio-cortez and Omar together

From the mouths of babes!  The fresh-women, of the Democratic Socialist Party are taking control of the left, far left.  Democrats supported these nukes to get them elected in order to take control of the House but can not control them.  Nice job.  Nancy did her best, leaving Ocasio-Cortez out of the Climate Change Committee.  But, that will allow her to continue to say what she wants, when she wants.  She will continue to be ignorant from it all.  Nancy and the Democrats do not know how to deal with their newly elected agitators.

The Socialists from “The Party” have drunk the poisonous Kool-Aid served by these wild, misguided kittens.  Dems have jumped on Ocasio-Cortez’s ridiculous New Green Deal and why not it got her attention.  Anything stupid and destructive now becomes part of the Democratic Socialist’s agenda.   Rep. Omar’s anti-semitic comments came deep from her Muslim heart.  The Dems have a highly populated Jewish membership.  Lots of money.  By the way, the Green Deal includes more BS than just addressing climate change.   What does eliminating ICE have to do with climate change?  Nothing, its the way socialist work, by destroying.   Cortez would spend trillions for a program that will ruin America, economically and physically.   Spending 5.7 billion to build a wall for our national security, violates everything socialistic and disrupts Cortez’s nutty mind.  Anything resistant to Trump is supported by the Left.

The Democrats have a serious problem, however, since stupidity has become the ground base of their party, they will grab on to the tails of these dogs and run further into the Deep Dark State.

Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib and Omar are the greatest gifts from the Democratic (Socialist) Party to President Donald Trump.  The American people are laughing, and scared of these cartoonish monsters.   To some of those previous Trump haters, the President isn’t looking so bad now.

This is why the Democrats want the border open, and illegals allowed to vote.   They need their votes (to continue to grow the Nut House).  Common sense Americans will drift away from the Democratic Socialist Party of DESTRUCTION.   Keep talking ladies.

The Democrats may be coming out criticizing Omar’s anti-semitic comments, but only because it is the politically correct thing to do.   Realistically, THEY GOT WHAT THEY ASK FOR, even though she was elected from a Muslim populated district.   Democrats were proud to have her, she helped carry the Nut House.



Front Page: “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez falsely claimed to be a girl from the Bronx, when she was actually an architect’s daughter from Westchester. Then she decided to claim Jewish ancestry and now, joins Senator Elizabeth Warren in claiming to be Indian.” FB: “The self-described Democratic socialist spoke on Thursday alongside several liberal groups, including MoveOn […]


Mexico’s new President ends “War on Drugs”

Well, well, well….Mexico’s drug cartels can rest easy now.  The Mexican President has ended the military war on drugs.  So, their life threatening drugs can be manufactured and distributed much easier now.

The Mexican/U.S. border will now be a greater hot spot for drug movement and bad boy traffic.  Why not just set up Meth labs tents in Tijuana?   Attempts to move drugs across the border will escalate dramatically, become more intense.

Trump will surely jump on this, that the need for The Wall just rose……..greatly!

Russian influence on elections? Dems invited 58,000 illegals to vote in Texas alone!

The Democrats have been screaming now for sometime about Russian influencing our elections.   Never mind though that 58,000 illegal immigrants voted in Texas alone.  By the way Socialist Dems that is voter fraud.  You bitch about Russia’s influence because you fear they don’t favor the Left Democratic candidates.   If they did you’d be silent.

Russia has been trying to influence our elections for generations.   THEY ARE COMMUNISTS, SOCIALIST………THAT IS THE RUSSIAN STRATEGIC WAY.   Their government also influences their own elections.  Surprised?  I know this may be a shock to some of you but the United States government has influenced elections as well.   No kidding ask Hillary!

An open border is a recruiting tool for new Democrat voters.  Forget the legality of it all!  Kamala Harris will want to include all those illegals for her “Medicare for All” pledge, it doesn’t matter they’ve contributed a dime.  You naturally born Americans and you who became citizens legally will contribute more which means you’ll have less as those who never contributed get more (the free stuff).


Good, but only partial list of those who have yet to be raided by FBI: GUNS DRAWN


HILLARY (that would be Hillary R. Clinton)                                                                                      Obama (Yes former illegally elected, Kenya born, president)                                                      Comey (FBI former director)                                                                                                              McCabe   (FBI connect)                                                                                                                        Lynch (DOJ)                                                                                                                                            Strzok (FBI)                                                                                                                                              Page (FBI & Strzok’s lover), hey raid Strzok & you might get two for one here (bedroom)  Rice (Obama’s cover up liar)                                                                                                                Brennan (Just like Hillary, opens his mouth and BS spills out)                                                    Ohr (Is this guy trying to save his own neck suddenly?)                                                            Clapper (The name says it all)                                                                                                            Holder (DOJ, what justice, liar in charge wants to be your next President)

No, no FBI dirties here!  These people are great examples of Socialists tools, personnel, whatever you want to call them.  Basically it is a horrendous failed system, a system of chaos and destruction.   Unfortunately and sadly they are winning.  The American people need to re-engage.   Oh, and they count on election fraud to assure corrupt politicians remain in power.  This is why the likes of Pelosi, Schumer and now Cortez are so vital to their Deep State cause.  Welcome all illegals, we’ll get you to vote for Dems, no citizenship or ID required, you’re a new member of the Democratic Party.    Only requirement, vote Democrat!  If you do, we’ll get you a job picking crops, landscaping, a nice home (not even our homeless Vets get this perk), healthcare (for you and your disease infested family).   ALL FREE, will sort of, our wonderful natural American citizens will continue to pay for you illegals!   No problem, Nancy and Chuck promise!  Have no fear of Trump, we are desperately tying to get rid of him.   (Count on it, this by your favorite Socialist Democratic agenda).



Tijuana Health Dept. – Caravan carrying disease. “Coming to America!”

Tijuana Health Dept:  Migrants being treated for Tuberculosis, chicken pox, HIV and lice. 1/3 of migrants are being treated for health issues.

MS-13 gang member arrested by Border Patrol said he was part of the caravan.

DHS:  600 gang members and criminals infiltrated in the caravan.

Sounds like tear gas isn’t their biggest problem.