Fairytales, Lies, and Political Correctness

A. L. Luttrell:

Do the Liberals hear the conservatives knocking? More are speaking out.

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I started this blog out of total frustration,Go-ahead-get-angry-but…-360x375 because we are at a place in a time where our right to freely express ourselves is being greatly restricted. You will find yourself pretty much silenced if you are unable to speak political correctness as a second language, or don’t belong to a protected species such as an illegal immigrant (more affectionately referred to as an “undocumented” immigrant). This is a huge problem because I have an awful lot to say and none of it is politically correct.

I write for a couple of news outlets as a freelancer. I’ve been having a bit of a problem with one because it seems they don’t like it when I speak against the POTUS, FLOTUS, Islam or ISIS. Well, everything pretty much centers around those topics. And, we all know the mainstream media (MSM) isn’t going to give you an objective, or…

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A. L. Luttrell:

Obama released 5 terrorists, but does nothing for a Marine held in Mexico. NOTHING!

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Please watch this 6 minute video and pass it on. We don’t have much time left. Andrew needs to get home, he suffers from PTSD and has been in Mexican custody since March 31. End his role as a political pawn.

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Muslims, not just any Muslim but those involved in terrorist activity would be concerned with bomb sniffing dogs.   Why would you give in to a demand against your own security, the security of your nation?  I guess we will see if the demand is placed on the U.S.   Will I would have one simple response.   Go to HELL!   This type of political correctness is ridiculous.  The citizens of the U.K. should be outraged!

Muslim terrorists can claim anything to be unclean.   Why would we even listen to them.  Why is the U.K.?   It isn’t just about Muslims!

Muslims, peaceful Muslims, if there is such a being, aren’t helping themselves.   Religious, if it really is a religion (not sure anymore) prejudice, hate grows not just from misunderstanding but from what is seen.

Political correctness must end, it will only destroy.



Liberal Democrats want Rush Limbaugh off the air.  This  is nothing new, they have been trying for years to get the conservative political commentator bounced from the radio airways.

Rush has been labeled a bigot, racist, a big fat liar and too many other names to even begin to mention and some I shouldn’t, I’m a gentleman.   Liberals want Rush gone because he exposes them, what they really stand for, their underlying policy and agenda.   He sees through their B.S. and informs and even educates.

Banning Limbaugh from radio would be nothing more than censorship.   Rush represents the one principle we, Americans have a right to, freedom of speech.   I don’t always agree with him, but do much more than not.

What the liberals really hate about Limbaugh is, he is smarter than they are.   They can’t debate him without being crushed.  Pick a political issue, chances are Rush has done the research and has more facts than the government officials.  Rush doesn’t worry about being politically correct, he says what he thinks based on what he knows.

Good luck getting him booted from radio, he has too much power, too big an audience, too much popularity and too successful with his program.   Rush Limbaugh is money and that is something Democrats should understand.   Rush Limbaugh isn’t going away.


Hate this           &         Love this

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17 awesome things about the St. Louis Cardinals

A. L. Luttrell:

I have been a Cardinal fan all my life. Reblogging was a no-brainer.

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The St. Louis Cardinals clinched the NL Central pennant for the fifth time in the last decade on Sunday after the Pittsburgh Pirates’ 4-2 loss to the Cincinnati Reds. The Cards will return to MLB’s postseason for the fourth consecutive year as they look to win their 12th championship in franchise history.

Here are 17 awesome things about the Cardinals:

1. Perennial excellence

(USA TODAY Sports Images)
(USA TODAY Sports Images)

The Cardinals have become this era’s answer to the Yankees of the late 1990s: They’re always good and they seem to always have more good players on the way, so baseball fans everywhere outside St. Louis now hate them. But it’s a testament to their management that they’ve established themselves as perennial contenders.

2. Adam Wainwright’s curveball


Wainwright doesn’t draw as much national attention as Clayton Kershaw, but he’s been fantastic whenever he has been healthy in his career. His big curveball is…

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Buttocks augmentation with implants and fat grafting

I’m 62 years old, so the fact that I use any social media amazes and amuses my daughter, and probably my two boys; she has just stated so.

There are some trends on social media, Twitter in particular that I don’t quite get.  Why is big booty shaking such a craze?  Is it supposed to be to show off who has the biggest butt or who has the best booty implants?   Is it sexy?   Okay some may be.

Why are people, women mostly getting butt implants or injections?  I don’t consider myself out of touch or uncool, but I don’t understand this?   Surely Obamacare does not pay for booty implants?  It’s like there is a national contest going on Twitter as to who can shake the most booty the best; like a dance contest.

Celebs  suspected as having implants or injections as well.   Can someone explain what I am missing?



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