A system  of checks and balances was built  within the Constitution to protect us against tyranny .

The Executive, the Judicial and the Legislative branches of our United States Government is a checks and balance system, right?   This C & B system really does work, when there are responsible people executing the responsibilities and duties of each branch.   John Adams said, “Only by balancing each against the other two could freedom be preserved.”.

The best example of a dysfunctional government is the one we have today.   The Legislative and Executive Branches are good at pointing the finger and giving the middle one to the other, but take little action.   When one is in violation of the Constitution and our laws and the other branches do not respond accordingly, holding the other accountable, then both or possibly all three are in violation, thumbing their noses at the system.  It is the responsibility of each Branch to check and keep the others within the law and to preserve the Constitution.

Here are just a few of many checks and balances which are threatened today:  From for a more complete list.

” Legislative (Congress) can conduct investigations of Executive  to see if funds are properly expended and laws enforced.”

“Legislative (Senate) has power to impeach Executive (President) with concurrence of 2/3, of members.”

“Legislative by Joint Resolution, can terminate certain powers granted to Executive (President) without his consent.


In fairness (some) while writing this article I learned the House of Representatives passed a resolution to file a suite against Obama.

“The president has waived work requirements for welfare recipients, unilaterally changed immigration laws, released the Gitmo Five without properly notifying Congress, which is the law, and ignored the statutory requirements of the Affordable Care Act,” House Rules Committee Pete Sessions (R-Texas) said. The resolution approved Wednesday only allows the House to file a suit against Obama over his decisions to Obamacare. While some Republicans were hoping for a broader authority to allow suits on other issues, Sessions said Republicans believe their best chance of success in the courts is to focus on Obamacare. (

Depending on what fence you are lounging on, I guess something is better than nothing and late better than never.   However, with just the above mentioned accusations, what took them so long.   If the House believed these violations to be true, it was their responsibility under the Constitution to act.  I understand they must build their case.  It was a pretty open and shut case on the Gitmo Five.  Obama’s other Executive orders haven’t exactly been a secret……..Richard Nixon he is not.  I get it the Senate won’t follow through with impeachment.    Whatever can be done, must be done.

I believe the citizens in the country could claim that Congress and the President have violated our Constitution, simply in regards to ignoring the Checks and Balance System.

We the People are a part of that system, we vote.  We are ultimately responsible for removing people from office who do not take their oath of office and our Constitution seriously.   It is our freedom at stake.


President Obama Responds to Republicans’ Lawsuit: ‘Stop Just Hatin’ All the Time’

A. L. Luttrell:

Does Obama hear himself? Apparently not. The King of Hate…….hates everything American.

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U.S. President Barack Obama talks about the economy at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City, Missouri, July 30, 2014. CREDIT: REUTERS/LARRY DOWNING
U.S. President Barack Obama talks about the economy at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City, Missouri, July 30, 2014.

President Barack Obama took his criticism of congressional Republicans to a higher pitch on Wednesday, imploring them to “stop just hatin’ all the time” as they voted to sue him over charges he has overstepped the bounds of his office.

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Many primary elections are approaching, it is time for us to make some change.

Albert Einstein once said “Insanity:  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”    We have a United States Congress that a recent Fox poll shows  a 78% disapproval rating.   A man in the White House, that I have a difficult time calling the President, with a 55% disapproval rating and quickly falling, even among Democrats.   So, why then do we keep re-electing these people over and over again?

When employees don’t work hard and don’t perform their jobs, they eventually get fired.   We need to fire some people, now.  Why do we put these men and women, Democrats and Republicans back into office when they do nothing but draw large salaries, or we disapprove when they have done something?    Career politicians get way too comfortable………   It…

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A desperate plea for peace in Gaza …

A. L. Luttrell:

Hopefully a future leader.

Originally posted on Shiraz Socialist:

An incredibly moving cry for peace and simple human solidarity with the people of Gaza, from an Israeli citizen:

“I call on the Israeli government to put an end to this bloodshed now … this is not a video game … there are only losers … Israeli society is losing its tolerance and becoming a mob…”

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Searching for Palestinian and Israel Understanding

Late Monday night July 28, 2014

I solemnly write tonight after a day of contemplation over the Israeli and Palestinian war; what else can you call it?   Innocent lives are lost, on both sides, many of which are children.  This is nothing new, civilians die in wars.

I have read the tweets from those living in Gaza this evening, while bombs were dropping around them.   I tweeted one 16-year-old girl wondering, as she stated, if she would live through the evening.   Now I certainly have no way of knowing if she was in the middle of the bombings, but I have no reason not to believe her; it’s certainly possible.  I am also quite aware that people, any people can use social media for sympathy and twist the truth of what is happening.   I also read tweets of Israeli’s, while they wanted it to end, their tone was not as heavy, possibly because they weren’t being hammered like Gaza.   Here is what I do know, if Hamas continues to  fires missiles at Israel, Gaza is going to continue to get hammered by the Israeli’s.

I have been doing a lot of research, trying to get a better understanding why Israel and the Palestinians remain enemies, so content it seems to destroy the other.   It is no secret they hate one another.   That may be a greater understatement than anything Obama has shared during his presidency, particularly the 2nd term.

I am not a university professor, I truthfully only knew the basics about the Israel vs. Palestinian history.   I have learned a lot in a short period.    I can not tell you all the references I have hit for information.  I selected resources I felt would be most unbiased with accurate facts.   I did not seek authors giving their opinion.

What I have learned is the Jews returned to the region they currently occupy beginning in 1917 with the heaviest flow around 1947.   The Arabs became more interested in settling in only after the Jewish people improved the agriculture and further developed the territory.    That’s when things went bad, but then the history between the two has always been bad.

There is much history, the U.N. dividing the land basically because the two people’s or I should say religions could not live together as one.  Then the Six Day War…….. and today’s war, along with everything in between.   It’s not as simple as that, but I am not the one to give a history lesson here.  Here is an opinion, why there will always be war between Israeli’s and Palestinians.

Palestinian’s, Hamas have made it clear over what seems to be generations and lifetimes they will not be content until all the Jews are dead.  The hate runs too deep for too long for attitudes to change. The children are taught to hate Jews.   I believe Israel initiates military offenses because they understand this, they are defending their future.

It is difficult seeing children hurt and killed because of the actions of their elders on both sides.   I believe this is more about religion than it is occupation of land.  If there was not an ocean between us, the U.S. would be right in the middle with Israel.   We are the Great Satan to the Muslim world……we will continue to be targets as well.

Attitudes that have been present since what seems the beginning of time, will never change.  That is a sad thought, history repeats itself.  I am searching for more understanding.






The Benedict Arnold of Our Time…

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John Boehner, the traitor, stays silent on Obama’s immigration agenda in an op-ed about his lawsuit against the Obama Administration. More from Brietbart.

And, in a concerted effort to distort perception about the will of the American people on illegal immigration, the main stream media has been caught lying about patriot numbers attending protests against Obama’s immigration agenda. More from Infowars.

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