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Barack probably drilled Hillary on how many of those deleted (but can be recovered) emials lead back to him?

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imageWASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles) – President Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton met privately at the White House for about an hour Monday afternoon.

The White House says the former rivals-turned-colleagues discussed “a range of issues” that included Clinton’s personal emails controversy.

The Adobo Chronicles can now confirm with certainty that 2016 was not among the issues discussed.

Our inside sources, however, confirmed that after the private meeting, Clinton was seen touring the various rooms at The White House, including the Lincoln Bedroom, the Oval Office and the State Banquet Hall with her private interior decorator.

In addition, she asked to be shown the White House room where the email server is located.

Finally, she was treated to a ‘taste test’ of sample menus from White House Executive Chef, Filipina American Cristeta Comerford.

You know, in the likely event that she and Bill will have a homecoming in…

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2015-03-15_1120 Hillary Clinton

This is my opinion but, Hillary Clinton is not going to voluntarily meet with Trey Gowdy and the Benghazi Committee.  To most of you that may be calling me Mr. Obvious and 1 + 1 = 2.    

Rep. Gowdy is giving Hillary too much room.   He has given her until May 1st to meet for an interview.  Bring her in, Benghazi didn’t happen yesterday.  I know she has been interviewed once, another time, but she wasn’t serious then, we didn’t know or suspect as much.  That doesn’t mean she’ll take the Committee serious now, she has a huge I am above the law and everyone else attitude.  Speaking with forked tongue was easier then for the Arkansas Princess.  She’ll have a new set of questions.   The answers will get more difficult, she has more to hide than just emails.   Hillary has some “Hard Choices” to make, that doesn’t mean what she chooses to tell can be taken as the truth.   She has a history of being less than honest.  That is understated.  She doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt, she has had that long enough. 

Gowdy should skip the invitation approach, go directly through the House now, don’t threaten her, just do it. 

I have some blogger and author friends will tell me “Arlin be patient, let the Committee and Gowdy play their cards.”.    After years of contempt, unlawfulness and corruption that goes back to at least the days Hillary served on the Watergate committee, that she was fired from, how much more patience do we have to have.   Enough is enough.   Hillary Clinton and the Clinton clan should not be an issue, they should be in prison where you or I would be.    And yes friends, there is a trail of other former office holders that should be there too.   We aren’t talking about them today.


Onward Christian Soldiers: Brett Felton , Formerly 10th Mountain Division Now Fights ISIS

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Doing what Obama refuses.

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Former 10th Mountain Division Soldier Aids Christian Militias Fighting ISIS

” A former 10th Mountain Division soldier is helping Christian militias in Iraq protect their homes from Islamic State group militants.

  Brett Felton, who previously served with the 2nd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, told a crew from CBS News’s “60 Minutes” that his Christian faith inspired him to travel into the country.

“ People say, ‘You’re crazy for doin’ this,’” Mr. Felton said on the program. “I think people are crazy for not doing their part, to be honest with you. To me, for the Christians here, it would be an honor to give my life helping these people.”

  Mr. Felton deployed to Iraq in 2006, and left the Army in 2007.

  The Troy, Mich., native arrived in Iraq after sneaking over from Lebanon, where he was studying.

  The news program’s…

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Vrbata, Bonino score for Canucks in 4-1 win over Blues

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Yep, the Blues doing what the Blues do this time of year……struggle. Are they the Cubs of hockey?

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ST. LOUIS – Radim Vrbata had a goal and assist, and Eddie Lack made 23 saves as the Vancouver Canucks opened a four-game trip with a 4-1 victory over the struggling St. Louis Blues on Monday night.

Zbynek Michalek scored for the Blues, who never led and missed a chance to clinch a playoff spot with a victory. St. Louis has lost two straight at home, has one win its last six games overall, and remained one point shy of a seventh 100-point season.

Nick Bonino netted the go-ahead goal midway through the second period, just 31 seconds after the Blues tied it on Michalek’s first goal since Jan. 31.

Shawn Matthias also scored for Vancouver, which strengthened its hold on second place in the Pacific Division.

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from Twitter @conservgrlprob

You can be truthful and sincere without being hateful.   If you  have a point to make, make it.   Sometimes the truth does hurt.  What we need to hear can be hard to listen to.    Difficult messages don’t have to be insulting.   Using words to intentionally hurt another is hate.

Stand up, speak-out for what is right.



From Black Listed News


Obtained exclusively by The Intercept and described in a news story on Friday, a leaked Transportation Safety Administration document reveals the “suspicious signs”—including excessive yawning, a cold hard stare, or a rigid posture—that TSA agents have been trained to look for as airline passengers make their way through U.S. airports in the post-9/11 era.

The document details how a 92-point checklist for TSA agent is divided into numerous categories with a point score corresponding to the various kinds of personal traits or behaviors exhibited by unwitting travelers.

tsa-spotcheck.pngClick to see larger image. (via The Intercept)

According to The Intercept:

The checklist is part of TSA’s controversial program to identify potential terrorists based on behaviors that it thinks indicate stress or deception — known as the Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques, or SPOT. The program employs specially trained officers, known as Behavior Detection Officers, to watch and interact with passengers going through screening.

The document listing the criteria, known as the “Spot Referral Report,” is not classified, but it has been closely held by TSA and has not been previously released. A copy was provided to The Intercept by a source concerned about the quality of the program.

The checklist ranges from the mind-numbingly obvious, like “appears to be in disguise,” which is worth three points, to the downright dubious, like a bobbing Adam’s apple. Many indicators, like “trembling” and “arriving late for flight,” appear to confirm allegations that the program picks out signs and emotions that are common to many people who fly.

The TSA responded to The Intercept’s inquiries about the document by calling it “just one element” of its strategy to “mitigate threats against the traveling public,” but the journalists who reported the story, Cora Currier and Jana Winter, point out that strong evidence exists that these kinds of programs are very ineffective in accurately identifying or predicting passengers who may want to cause harm.

“The TSA has insisted on keeping documents about SPOT secret, but the agency can’t hide the fact that there’s no evidence the program works,” said Hugh Handeyside, a staff attorney with the ACLU which just filed a lawsuit against the agency for failing to publicly disclose requested information about the SPOT program.

One  former Behavior Detection Officer manager, who asked not to be identified, told Currier and Winter that the TSA approach to profiling passengers suffers from both lack of science and simple inconsistency, with every airport training its officers differently. “The SPOT program is bullshit,” the manager told The Intercept. “Complete bullshit.”




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