Please read the above link on the Keystone Pipeline donors to the Clinton Foundation.   Hillary silent on the matter, because it is a current issue of the present administration, so she should not comment.   Wow, I guess until Obama is out of the White House, Hillary the candidate won’t have anything to say about anything.   How is that going to work Hillary?   I guess you won’t participate in any debates either?

The truth is, Hillary has a position, she favors the pipeline.   She and the foundation have had millions contributed to them, from proponents of the pipeline, mostly from out of Canada.   Foreign donations accepted.   Hillary and Bill have had many of their speeches funded by Keystone.  But, Hillary can’t be straight about it.

It must be difficult when so many foreign countries and companies own a piece of your ass.

No one in the history of this country has an individual/couple profited by selling out the interests of this country like the Clinton’s.  We the people see little to no benefits, the Clinton’s rake it all in.

Hillary Clinton’s Ridiculous Hedge On Keystone Xl

A. L. Luttrell:

She may also be afraid to answer on the Keystone Pipeline. She has had heavy ties with an oil man in Canada, which may have ties to this project; mainly heavy donations/bribes if you will.

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Hillary Clinton’s ridiculous hedge on Keystone XL – The Washington Post.

I’m a Democrat and that’s all you need to know.

“Look. When you are running for president — whether or not you served in the current administration — you are going to be asked to take positions on issues that the current president is dealing with. As long as we hold elections that begin two years (or more) before the current president is set to leave office, that’s going to be a thing candidates need to contend with. If Clinton’s position is that she can’t take a public stance on any issue that has some sort of pending business before this White House, then she’s not going to be able to take a position on, well, anything.”

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