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“County government really is just for:  regulation, regulation and regulate some more.   Government should be as accountable for their action as they hold us for ours. ”

Fixing/replacing/repairing structure that is a safety issue is one thing.   Replacing structure that, such as plastic water supply lines to a bathroom basin that is in perfect condition and DOES NOT LEAK, with braided flexible lines is ridiculous.   Replace them when they start to leak.   Same with a water heater flue, changing from aluminum to galvanized steel…….why change when it has worked perfectly for 12 years and looks as good as it did when put in.   Why not replace with galvanized when you replace the water heater?   Nothing is grandfathered in when getting a permit for re-occupancy( sold house).   St. Louis County inspections motto “Fix it even if it ain’t broke”.  They couldn’t hold protesting looters, vandals and arsonists accountable in Ferguson, but let them in your home!!!!

Grandpa (grandfather clause) is dead in St. Louis County.

And don’t send an inspector to my home that spells “cattle as caddle”.


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Peter Schweizer, the author of “Clinton Cash” has admitted to some errors in the book, about 20 of them.       Given there are thousands of points made and facts, 20 errors “ain’t half bad”.   Twenty errors out of one thousand attempts in the major leagues gets you a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract and in the Hall of Fame.

The fact is, this book is more than likely spot on with truth about Clinton Cash (mostly from the Clinton Foundation) otherwise there would be a law suit against Schweizer and the publisher in this sue happy nation.   The Clinton’s don’t miss opportunities to make a buck.       But in this case they can’t, even if some of the facts prove to be false.   A law suit would draw more attention to the book, the facts, facts the Clinton’s want secret.   They would have to prove the facts to be untrue……..which obviously they couldn’t do either, they’re true.  A law suit could drag more irons out of the fire, more info on the Clinton Foundation and donors, with promises exposed.   With the Clinton’s all that is bad can and usually gets worse.

The Clinton’s just don’t want to talk about it.    When asked about their Foundation and the Donors during Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State, her response is usually “I am very proud of what the Foundation has accomplished.”   Bill’s response pretty much the same.    Like everything else, the Clinton’s will wait for the issue to just fade away.



A. L. Luttrell:

A rising Clinton body count?

Originally posted on Christian Patriots:

Message released by State Department refers to 2 bodies

An unexplained Hillary Clinton email released last Friday by the State Department speaks of two bodies being recovered in the immediate aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2012, Benghazi attack.

It is not clear to which two bodies the email was referring.

The reference raises questions about a previous document, which, as WND was first to report, claimed that another American, aside from Ambassador Christopher Stevens, was being treated at the Libyan hospital where Stevens died.

The batch of Clinton emails released by the State Department last week contains one dated Sept. 12, 2012, at 6:23 a.m., presumably Eastern Time, one day after the attack.

The email was from senior Clinton aide Cheryl Mills. It was titled “We recovered both bodies overnite and are looking at getting at statement out at 7am.”

The text of the email was entirely redacted.


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