VIDEO NYT MB Obama is overworked – Judge Jeanine – USA has No President

A. L. Luttrell:

I completely agree, we have no president…Obama does not work for us……We can’t call him a traitor, he isn’t even American….

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-Seems to want to portray the President as a real statesman
-Judge Jeanine Pirro – Opening Statement – DESTROYS Obama on ISIS James Foley Beheading Playing Golf
-America has no President
July 15, 2014 by Michael Krieger Liberty Blitzkrieg

What’s so amusing about today’s article from the New York Times titled, At Dinner Tables, Restless President Finds Intellectual Escape, is that the author appears to be quite sympathetic to Obama. She seems to want to portray the President as a real statesman; one who is so far above politics and the pedestrian task of being Commander in Chief that he finds it necessary to flee his responsibilities in order to find intellectual escape while dining extravagantly with “elites” in Europe. In contrast, he merely comes across as the arrogant, disconnected, oligarch coddler he is.

The article also seems to say something important about the New York Times’ own disconnectedness, particularly…

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Glenn Beck: Hillary Clinton ‘will be the next president’

A. L. Luttrell:

If that in fact does happen, it will take the biggest voter fraud in the history of the U.S.
I believe however, she’ll talk her way right out of contention.

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WASHINGTON (CNN) – Glenn Beck may not want to vote for Hillary Clinton, but he is convinced that she will win the presidency in 2016.

Beck, the conservative radio and television host, used part of his radio show on Tuesday to talk about the prospect of Clinton running for president and why, if she does, she “will be the next president of the United States.”


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Mr.Obama ! / Mr. Biden ! / ISIS Beheaded The Second American And Stabbed Every American Father’s and Mother’s Heart.

A. L. Luttrell:

Every MOTHER AND FATHER should know by now, that THIS MORON, that goes by the name of OBAMA, DOES NOT CARE what happens to our fellow Americans. Barack Obama is Islamic, one that hates America. What does that make him….One of them! Some of us, 10 years ago said, this guy is not American. Believe us now? It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

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Mr. Obama the extremist thugs ISIS whom you labeled as Sept.2,2014 beheaded the second American journalist STEVEN SOTLOFF . ISIS is not a you named it few days ago.Remember when you said.”Bin Laden is dead,Al-Qaeda is decimated and terrorism is on the run?”” Well,all your statements about terrorism proven to be not true.ISIS is rather bolder than before it has a fascist army of 10,000 or more .ISIS is defying the whole world to lay the foundation of their Caliphdom.

Remember,when Mr.Joe Biden said.” Iraq is the greatest achievement of Obama’s Administration .”” Is it really ? Or it is the worst failure of all time.This is another false statement., by Mr.Biden.MR . Obama you pulled the American soldiers from Iraq and gave Iraq an easy PREY to ISIS.

Mr.Obama, remember you said few days ago.” we have no strategy to confront ISIS or how to deal with…

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Texas Democrats Accused Of Buying Votes With Cocaine, Marijuana, Cigarettes, And Beer

A. L. Luttrell:

This is nothing more than old school politics! LBJ come to mind?

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A developing federal investigation has brought up allegations that a Hidalgo County Commissioner paid for votes with bags of cocaine while other politicians paid for votes also with cash, cigarettes, marijuana and beer.

Court records obtained by Breitbart Texas from the arrest of two women accused of buying votes show that during the democratic primaries in 2012, a campaign manager for a Hidalgo County Commissioner who said that during the campaign, he bought $50 worth of cocaine, commonly known as an 8-ball and split it up in order to give it to the two women so they could use it to entice voters.

Earlier this week Belinda Solis and Veronica Salazar went before U.S. Magistrate Judge Peter Ormsby who formally charged them with vote buying and set their bond at $10,000.

The two women were part of a large year and a half long FBI investigation into election corruption in…

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Famous Republican: Obama clueless about border….. “Texas Gov. Rick Perry has seen firsthand the recent surge of illegal immigration and unaccompanied minors crossing America’s southern border, and he says President Obama is clueless about what’s really going on.”

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Texas Gov. Rick PerryTexas Gov. Rick Perry


Texas Gov. Rick Perry has seen firsthand the recent surge of illegal immigration and unaccompanied minors crossing America’s southern border, and he says President Obama is clueless about what’s really going on.



“To this day the president of the United States has yet to see the facts on the ground at our southern border, even though they area direct consequence of his policies,” Perry declared Friday at the “Defending the American Dream Summit,” sponsored by Americans for Prosperity.Perry detailed what he’s seen and why Obama is to blame: “Young boys and girls, children, thousands of miles away from their parents – they’re vulnerable, they’re afraid, they’re drawn here by rumors of amnesty.

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Obama To Resign January 1st Amid New Benghazi Revelations – National Report | National Report

A. L. Luttrell:

I find this difficult to believe, that Obama would agree to resign even if the new scandal were true. He is too arrogant. He isn’t going to resign by being pressured. Only those that set him up for this office would be able to convince him to resign.

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Obama To Resign January 1st Amid New Benghazi Revelations – National Report | National Report.

Right now this is a rumor.  But often times there is buried in rumor a particle of truth.  We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.  But if it does, you’ll know you saw it here first.

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