FBI Chief Instructed Agents To Lie About Benghazi To Protect Hillary — Nwo Report

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe instructed agents at the bureau to lie to the public and Congress about the Benghazi attack, in order to protect his pal Hillary Clinton. Rep. Ron Desantis (R-FL) claims that he recently interviewed a retired FBI supervisor who revealed to him that McCabe instructed him not to refer to the 2012 attack […]

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CNN Once Again Botches Major News Story

Desert Musings

The “Cable News Network”, more widely known as “CNN” has been having a very tough time lately. Most news organizations would tell you that getting the facts straight on a story would be the most important thing that they do. CNN has had a tough week. They’ve been locked in this “fake news” battle with Donald Trump for months now, and it seems that they keep trying to dig up a story that is going to nail Trump to a tree.

So far, all they’ve been able to do is botch up news story after news story!

The latest comes amid allegations that Donald Trump Jr. was sent an email back on September 4th from a guy who claimed to have sent him the latest Wikileaks dump of stolen Gucifer files, along with the encryption code that would allow Trump Jr. access to the files. At least that’s what CNN…

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More Evidence Shown By The FBI Informant: I’m Sure It Has Hillary, Obama And Obama’s Whole Former Justice Department Freaking Out

Worth a repeat!

John A Pappas

We are approaching “D” Day when the FBI informant will be taking his stand and present everything he knows to the Congressional committee behind closed doors. I am not happy whatsoever that it’s going to be behind closed doors, I feel that We The People should know and I am sure the excuse for doing so will be because of sensitive material not to be exposed. That’s a whole crock of bull considering people like us who have kept up with all this already know what the sensitive material is and that is the uranium that was sold to Russia. What they don’t want us to know I guarantee you is the wrong doings of Hillary and Marxist Obama by selling the United States of America down the river in a treasonous act of relinquishing our uranium to Russia which uranium is hard to get in the first place. The…

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