LOL! Comedian Tim Allen Says He Liked Trump Because He ‘Pissed People Off’ (AUDIO)

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Comedian Tim Allen is one of the few open conservatives working in Hollywood today. It’s no secret that Allen is a Trump supporter, but during a recent interview he explained one of the things he liked about Trump and it’s triggering liberals. Allen said that he liked the fact that Trump “pissed people off.”

Source: LOL! Comedian Tim Allen Says He Liked Trump Because He ‘Pissed People Off’ (AUDIO)

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“As Uselesss as Joe Biden” – EPIC! Marjorie Taylor Greene Sports a New Face Mask on House Floor

I love it! IT IS TRUE, SPOT ON!

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Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is still turning heads. Just like with President Trump, the totalitarian left tried to shut her down to no avail. Marjorie dropped her “Censored” work mask for a new look on Thursday. Taylor Greene’s new mask reads, “This mask is as useless as Joe Biden.” Epic! and true!

Source: “As Uselesss as Joe Biden” – EPIC! Marjorie Taylor Greene Sports a New Face Mask on House Floor

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bill gates works for the devil

Watch this video. If you don’t have time to watch the entire video, watch the 15:45 minute mark; here is where it talks about Bill Gate’s partnership with Jeffrey Epstein. If you watch the video from the beginning you will see a very sarcastic, arrogant Bill Gates, a SMARTASS as we say in Missouri. The Gate’s Foundation was kicked out of India (due to his vaccination program). See too where Bill Gates even pushed to use mosquitos as flying syringes for vaccinations, via mosquito bites. Tell me his acts are not the work of evil, the devil. This jackass needs to be censored, permanently. His companies need to be shut down.

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Fox News should also get Donna Brazille off their payroll as well, she was as corrupt as it gets with the DNC.

a "Backwoods" Conservative

In the spirit of full disclosure, yes I voted for Donald Trump, both in 2016 and again in 2020, and yes I was one of the 31 Million Americans who chose to tune into the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) gathering, this past weekend, for the sole purpose of listening to President Trump’s speech. And yes, I listened to it in its entirety and personally, I loved it. Now as you can well imagine the speech sent heads all over the left to spinning, and especially among those in the Democrat Party. And knowing that, for me, made the speech just all that much better.

And it has been since the speech that I’ve heard all manner of descriptions of it, and they have really run the gamut. But, as you can likely guess, it was one of the nuttier descriptions uttered that came from a guy who fancies himself…

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Biden cancels Trump’s `Operation Talon’ Program that Targeted Sex Offenders Living in U.S. Illegally

In answer to your questions why would Biden do this. ‘Biden is doing what he is told by his handlers, the Left Democratic Socialists. He is doing what the Hillary Clinton Administration was supposed to do, only now Biden is on steroids, they have a lot of ground to make up!’   (Arlin Report comment)


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