scholarly petition to impeach

500 “scholars” apparently signed a petition that Trump should be impeached. 500 scholars? What this really means, the Democrats found 500 far left liberals to agree with them.

Lets make this clear, 500 liberal scholars trying to convenience YOU that We the People should believe what THEY think.

We could start a petition, signed by middle class America alone (signed by thousands), that states we no longer care what liberal scholars and professors think and that YOUR petition has no relevance, except to yourselves. BIG DEAL.

arlin report thought(s) of the day: epidemic in washington d.c.

A disease that apparently has no cure. Habitual lying. Where in this country can you see lie after lie of this magnitude? Answer, Washington D.C. The cause? It’s greatly do to a surge of power, and to cover your ass. Liars continue to get away with lies, because…… they are not held accountable enough. Even under oath the liars get off. Never has it been more evident in the impeachment hearings, mostly from the committee chairmen. If they’ll lie on national T.V. with arrogance, what is the extent of their lies? It is to a point, we can’t know when they are lying and when they are telling the truth. It’s gotten to that. Trust, they simply can’t be trusted.

The lying in D.C. truly appears like an epidemic with no vaccination available. Each infected politician, and there are many, gets worse and it spreads like a plague.

Joe biden's verbal idiocy with iowa citizen (voter)

Joe Biden is becoming an ugly Sloppy Joe.

Joe Biden is the liar here, he even denies what he says (which he often does these days). It’s okay for Biden to fight back…….but at least be accurate.

So Biden challenged an 83 year old (who he called fat) to a push up contest. Yeah, that’s how elections are won. Truth is Biden can not defend his activity with the Ukraine, which includes son Hunter. Don’t answer that question, just challenge someone to a push up contest.

arlin report thought(s) of the day: bloomberg's economy?

Bloomberg has said Donald Trump’s policies don’t work, that he is taking America down (paraphrasing). Bloomberg will improve our economy by taxing the poor, taxing the middle class (increases), so that we the people can’t buy things that are killing us. This sounds like something China would do. Bloomberg wants to control your everyday activities, your way of life. This is socialism. Of course we have already learned Bloomberg can’t tell the difference between a socialist nation and a democracy.

Our economy is up, jobs are up, unemployment down, and Bloomberg with his ridiculous ideas and control thought…. is going to do better. He is already showing how he spends. I know it’s his own money, but, throwing away millions of dollars in campaign ads for a position he has little chance? Is that how he’d use our tax payer dollars once he had control? Frightening!

nancy claims she doesn't hate anyone………

If Nancy Pelosi doesn’t hate Trump, as Speaker of the House (Mob Boss) why has she allowed her two biggest goons Schiff and Nadler to run their hearings without due process? It has been pretty much one sided, with most of the witnesses and questioning. This is how hearings are conducted in places like North Korea and Russia.

After Pelosi was asked if she hated Trump, she shouted back she didn’t hate anyone. Then like a female mob boss responded with a scolding of the reporter who asked the question with “don’t mess with me……”.

Because she is Catholic she doesn’t hate anyone. If Catholicism was so important to her she’d be against abortion. Nancy Pelosi worships the Chair she sits in.

Maybe she doesn’t hate Trump. She did also call him a coward. So this non-hateful name caller just treats people unfairly. She is ultimately responsible for this impeachment inquiry, soon to be impeachment upon her forward charge approval. She is responsible for how her goons have conducted these hearings as well. She calls Trump a coward because he hasn’t played along with this impeachment farce. The two biggest cowards are in the House, Schiff and Nadler. The way this has been handled confirms this is not an impeachment but a coup.

You just know, they can’t possibly believe Trump will resign if they keep the heat on him like they have since the day he took the oath of office. I guarantee you, Trump has not for a single moment considered resignation.

Croatian Diaspora Role In Development Of Homeland Life Opportunities — Croatia, the War, and the Future

Open link below to see youtube video interview with Ina!!

On 25 July 2019 my appearance on Laudato TV in Croatia was broadcasted and the public broadcast (in the Croatian language) is now on Youtube. The issues discussed on the TV Program Prosudbe (Judgments, Opinions) concentrated on included current legislation – its lack of spirit and word in genuinely reflecting the widespread national calls for […]

Croatian Diaspora Role In Development Of Homeland Life Opportunities — Croatia, the War, and the Future

Liberal law professors……. (their poster child is, read below)

I don’t even know how to complete the above headline. After receiving my B.A. Degree with a major in Political Science in 1974, I took the Law Schools Admissions test. I do not remember what my score was from that beautiful Spring day, though it was long and wasted. I do know my score was not great but not poor. I did not pursue law school. Yesterday’s lecture at the coup hearing made me realize I made the right decision. Liberal law professors would have drove me insane. Yes they were even liberal back then. My professors in political science were also liberal. They had arrogant personalities. If you disagreed you were the one wrong, another words they were always right.

I was in college during the Nixon Watergate era. I had one class in which that is pretty much all we discussed was Nixon and Watergate, day after day. I was quiet most of the times, it was obvious there wasn’t a lot of love for Nixon in this class, especially from our professor. She hated Nixon. The class seemed to follow along with her wherever she may go. I liked Nixon, so I kept my mouth shut. I went to Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, MO. A very conservative area, except for those Political Science classes. I seemed to be the only one that did, I didn’t need to feel like i was taking part in a gang beating. I already felt it. My instructor wasn’t a law professor, but she carried the same arrogance as these law professors we saw yesterday.

Political Science is a weird field, they preach on the past but mix in present day ideas, political thought…….which is highly scattered and comes from scattered brains, who think they are just thinking out of the box.

Yesterday was interesting though, these law professors lectured us on the constitution and our founding fathers. They lectured us on what they meant when they created our Constitution, each article, each that came up anyway. So lectured us on what it meant, what the founding fathers were thinking and how the Constitution applied to today and especially that items were thought out to meet today’s issues in particular. So according to 3 of the 4 professors Donald Trump was the exact president the founding father’s addressed (had in mind) when the created our Constitution. They were protecting us from a Donald Trump (according to these 3 geniuses). What is interesting, these professors constantly criticize our constitution. If given the right, they would throw it out the window and re-write it or abolish it. Then they would just make their own laws. Liberal law professors are not the most democratic group around. They are hang out in our colleges and universities and poison our kids with extreme liberalism. Prof. Pamela S. Karlan is the poster child of a liberal law professor. No doubt about that. She is frightening. Do you really want to go to law school?


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