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  1.  If you know the history between the Palestinians and Israel, to blame President Donald Trump for “any” unrest/fighting/terror/war because he declared Jerusalem the Capital of Israel is absolutely ridiculous.   They have been fighting for ever, will fight forever.   Peace talks have been going on forever, sort of.  Palestinians use talks as a way to get further inside……… They’ll use anything and blame anyone for acts of terror.
  2. To Marshall Faulk, (the most arrogant player to ever put on a Ram’s uniform), St. Louis doesn’t need you.   We have many very generous, very polite and caring professional athletes in this community.   You’ll not be missed.  Oh, and from what I understand you won’t be invited back to a certain charity golf event because the chairman of the event witnessed you refusing to sign a little boys shirt.   Your attitude of “I’m Marshall Faulk, don’t you want to kiss my ass”, now has you out with the NFL Network”.
  3. Lois Lerner……… low public interests (which is false) is not a defense!

Report: Marshall Faulk accused of sexual harassment at NFL Network —

ST. LOUIS – Former Rams running back and NFL Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk has been suspended from the NFL Network amid allegations of sexual harassment by a coworker. According to a report in Bloomberg Business, Faulk is one of several retired players and studio analysts to be suspended. The allegations, made by a wardrobe…

via Report: Marshall Faulk accused of sexual harassment at NFL Network —


THE NFL ……….pick em or forget them, it’s a choice

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I have for the most part forgotten about the NFL in 2017.   I don’t care for the spoiled arrogance of these millionaire social misfits.   It probably actually started back during the Ferguson protests and riots, when several of the then St. Louis Rams pranced on the field with their hands up mocking the false “hands up don’t shoot” claim.   Which we know now was a complete lie.   I was at the time a season ticket holder of the Rams.   BTW, I don’t miss them, not one freaking bit.   They belong in LA, where everything is an ugly fantasy.

I will not mention players by name, or give them as a collective group much attention here.  It is attention they seek; and they care not how they get it.  End Zone stage like performances have nothing to do with football, it is attention, look at me crap.   Real football players score and hand the ball to the ref.   If I want to see an act, I’d go watch a play.   The old saying “act like you’ve done it before.   I also got sick of watching players make a routine tackle (often after a significant gain with their team trailing) only to celebrate like they just won the lottery.   Pathetic!

I have not watched so much as a full quarter of football this season.   I have gotten glimpses as a reminder why I quit watching when I meet friends for lunch on a Sunday at a sports bar.   I have no control over what is on the TV, and when there are sets in every corner, the screens are right in front of you.  Only a blind man would miss them.   However, I pay little attention, spend my time in conversation or play a little Golden Tee.  I have not missed watching a favorite team.  I can’t say I have one.   Kansas City Chief’s from my home state would be the closest to a home team; but even they I found disgusting.

I have survived without the NFL, and its saved my money.  A great investment, invest in your self!

I find watching college football to be more entertaining.  When their players act in a selfish, unacceptable manner there is a greater chance they serve some kind of punishment or discipline.   You make an obscene jester to the crowd, your probably sitting next week and not for the anthem.

I have found the best answer to kneelers…………….do not watch.


Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks uses a protest oppression to exhibit his own racial attitude.   If he was serious about improving racial relations, expressing power over another certainly isn’t the way to do it.  It only makes matter worse.   Lack of intelligence is great detour.   NFL ratings and attendance will continue to drop.   Soon salaries will need to drop in order to sustain a league of these highly oppressed spoiled phonies.  Blacks make up 70% of the NFL player base and 83% of the fan base are white.   Do the math, the fan base, not necessarily the % but the total number is rapidly dropping.   Follow the money, 83% white………. They do not understand where their bread is buttered.   They are creating greater divide.   It would seem they are pushing for segregation.