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Fantasy golf sucks

So true. Spring please hurry up!! #GolfTruth | Rock Bottom Golf #RockBottomGolf

It is April 3rd.  The significance?  Should have several rounds of golf in by now.   Mother nature cares not about my agenda.   Here in Missouri, it can be 30 degrees one day and 70 the next.   Trouble is in this calendar Spring, we’ve not had many days that have reached 55 yet.   Easter Sunday, it was as low as 25 degrees.  Don’t get me wrong, if it were 55 degrees outside, I’d be out swinging the clubs.   Not it in the pouring rain.  Its dull, cloudy and rainy nearly everyday.  Easter Sunday, it snowed with a mix of ice.

The 15 day forecast (which can change any minute in Missouri) has 7 days of rain.  Most of the those days the average high about 44 degrees, lows of 25.   Looks like around April 12 the 60s will arrive.   Rain nearly every weekend.

I don’t remember the cold staying with us this long…….20s almost unheard of this time of year here.  The rain, will bring Spring floods, for sure.




Seriously!   You are married to Melania…….it doesn’t get any better than that.   Why in the world would you need or want the likes of a Stormy Daniels?  I know……I know, men right!   No, it doesn’t make sense, it may not even be true, but still it makes no sense.    Guys think they can get away with anything…….but why would you risk losing Melania.   I said it, because some guys think they can get away with murder.     Actually, some gals too………..   Its crazy!

NFL rejects veterans group’s ‘Please Stand’ ad for Super Bowl — NFL HYPOCRITES

The NFL rejected an ad from a veterans group that wanted to publish in its Super Bowl program. The full-page ad from AMVETS would have featured a military honor guard holding an American flag and the text #PleaseStand at the top of the page. After many NFL players chose to kneel in protest during the singing of…

via NFL rejects veterans group’s ‘Please Stand’ ad for Super Bowl —

AMVETS rejected by NFL because they would be making a political statement…….says the NFL.   Which is exactly what the players have been doing.    At least the AMVETS would have been paying for it.   The players get paid despite making their political statement.

The NFL is a pathetic joke!