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Forensic analysis: Burisma executive’s email to Hunter Biden is 100% authentic — WINTERY KNIGHT

Did Joe Biden collect foreign cash through his son Hunter Biden? Ladies and gentlemen, we now have the smoking gun. Although Twitter and Facebook and all of the mainstrean news media tried to run interference on behalf of the Biden campaign, the truth is out. What you heard from the mainstream news media, and big […]

Forensic analysis: Burisma executive’s email to Hunter Biden is 100% authentic — WINTERY KNIGHT

hunter biden email from burisma to introduce daddy authenticated


Proof Joe Biden lied about “I never spoke to my son about his business!”

And he got rich from Burisma and CHINA, and Moscow mayor’s wife (3.5 million). JOE BIDEN IS A CORRUPT CAREER POLITICIAN!

Joe Biden and the Democrats (especially lying Adam Schiff), have a really big problem, that try as hard as they might, will not make this go away. It started out just as a question as how Hunter got on the board of Burisma without any experience? Trump mentioned this during his impeachment. NOW…….. it has grown into something much bigger, probably bigger than even Trump suspected. It has gone to millions for the Biden’s (now we know as the Biden Crime Family), from Russia and from China. Talk about being compromised…….set up for blackmail. How do we know he hasn’t already been blackmailed? And with the filth that has been found on the laptop (from the one he left behind), we know inappropriate activity runs between father and son alike.

It makes me sick to think there are people willing to ignore all this about the Biden’s and have no problem casting a vote for a corrupt career politician for the highest office in the world. Hate for Donald Trump is greater than any disdain for treasonous Joe Biden.

People’s deputy of ukraine reveals burisma bribed joe and hunter biden……..

Remember when Joe Biden said he didn’t talk to his son about his “business” in the Ukraine? Well……….Joe didn’t need to talk to Hunter. Joe helped set Hunter up for the bribes both received. It has been revealed it was a large sum of cash and the bribes are not in dispute, only the actual amounts remain in question. Ukrainian People’s Deputy believes Joe received in the neighborhood of $900,000.00, while Hunter received a salary of $83,000 per month……….plus a lump sum………amount unknown. The only things in dispute here are the actual amounts. No one is disputing that they were in fact bribed. THIS IS TREASONOUS. JFK, Jr. accused Joe Biden as being a traitor once. I am accusing him and Hunter both as being traitors.

Here is an excerpt from the article by Natural News.

(Natural News) “A developing story about the case of Ukrainian gas holding company Burisma against People’s Deputy of Ukraine Andriy Derkach has revealed that Burisma did, in fact, bribe Joe and Hunter Biden with large cash payments. The only question is how much did these two crooks receive?

In its dismissal of the claim, the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv indicated that representatives from Burisma are only refuting the amount of money the company paid to Joe and Hunter Biden. Burisma is not, it is important to note, refuting that it did, in fact, pay these two some large sum of cash, which is still to be determined.”

ObamaGate 3! The Burisma Investigation APPROVED While They Press Charges On Joe Biden And Rice Demolishes Truth! — Justus Knight News

Obama sounds like another former U.S. President: “I’m not a crook” Richard Nixon……… when Obama said…. “No scandals in my administration”! (Arlin Report comment)

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ObamaGate 3! The Burisma Investigation APPROVED While They Press Charges On Joe Biden And Rice Demolishes Truth! — Justus Knight News

KOMMONSENTSJANE – Former Ukraine Prosecutor Shokin: Joe Biden “Outraged We Seized Burisma Assets” – Could No Longer Pay His Son… — The Last Refuge. — kommonsentsjane

This is one of the reasons for the House Impeachment (Democratic Partisan impeachment); the Dems are protecting Biden. See any reasons why the Bidens and Burisma might be investigated? Trump promised to “drain the swamp”! Finish off Trump, get him out of office, then the thought of any investigation of Joe Biden goes away. Problem with that is………Joe would actually still have to win election in November. Not sure he can win the Democratic nomination. Of course any other corrupt Democratic president would kill any investigation. That’s what the Deep State (Swamp) does, they protect each other. Corruption runs deep. This is why the Democrats find Trump DANGEROUS! He is a threat to them. (comment by ArlinReport)

Please see Kommonsentsjane’s link below:

Originally posted on Truth2Freedom’s Blog: Rudy Giuliani traveled to Ukraine with OAN investigative journalist Chanel Rion. The U.S. media are going absolutely bananas after finding out Giuliani is now gathering even more information about Joe and Hunter Biden’s corrupt endeavors within Ukraine. In this interview former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin spoke to OAN…

KOMMONSENTSJANE – Former Ukraine Prosecutor Shokin: Joe Biden “Outraged We Seized Burisma Assets” – Could No Longer Pay His Son… — The Last Refuge. — kommonsentsjane

schiff, nadler, joe and hunter………burisma

Rep. Adam Schiff (CA), yesterday in his opening remarks to the Senate impeachment trial: “The president’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box, for we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won” Another words, if Trump were to win (re)election in November, they cheated again……it was fixed again, there was Russian and/or Ukrainian election interference ………… again. That will be the Democrats story. What they really mean ‘they don’t trust you the American people (the voters). Schiff also stated again today that Trump is not a legit president. He mentioned Russian and Trump collusion again today. He still has not accepted the Mueller Report’s NO COLLUSION & NO OBSTRUCTION.

For two hours on Wednesday, we heard about Trump and Russian collusion…….. all over again; over and over again.

Trump is so far in Adam Schiff’s and Jerry Nadler’s head they must have nightmares, see visions of Trump and call out his name throughout the night.

Also we learned yesterday, Hunter Biden may be more relevant (to this impeachment) than the Democrats had claimed. Email(s) have exposed that Obama’s administration knew about Joe Biden’s conflict of interests and Hunter Biden’s position with corrupt Burisma. Remember, Joe withheld funds from the Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor and stopped the investigation of Burisma. There was enough concern that there was a meeting concerning Joe’s conflict. There is a list of names on a visitors check-in log at the White House with some interesting Ukrainian names. Its “believed” the Whistleblower (why wasn’t the WBlower worried about this corruption?) helped check these individuals in for a meeting at the WH concerning “the” conflict. So, OBAMA KNEW. This meeting at the WH was back in early 2016. Obama was trying to deal with it. Deal with it as in cover it up! This information is just breaking, as it was a story that suddenly came to a halt (late 2015- early 2016). This isn’t a conspiracy theory, this happened. We know the names on the list for the meeting at the WH were Ukrainian government officials.

So, Rep. Nadler, there is relevance to having a Hunter Biden called as a witness. JOE TOO! It is clear why Trump would have asked the Ukrainian president to ‘do “us” a favor. Look into Hunter and Joe Biden with Burisma, if you’re interested in cleaning up corruption’. Trump had every right to do so, especially if he had any information the Biden’s were/had been involved with a corrupt Burisma. If this were Trump and one of his sons, the Democrats would be all over him…………like they are now.

I nearly forgot, there may be some other names that come into play in this Ukrainian story. I’ll throw one out there, one I had already heard had a Ukraine connection; John Kerry ( and his step son).

Like I said, more on this to come, we (I) need more information, more documentation. There is a journalist, I believe his name is Ken Vogel (my spelling may be off) was all over this back in late 2015 – early 2016. Then things just came to a halt. Who put a halt to it? There is a news source I am following this through. I don’t want to reveal the source just yet, until more can be confirmed. The news source has documents (emails) confirming the story is real, how much there is to it is to be determined. However, what is known is significant.

So this is how the Deep State makes their money. The Biden and Clinton way!