KOMMONSENTSJANE – Subject: Project Veritas hits the Alamo City


This is what happens when you bring in immigrants from foreign countries. There are some who are educated and mostly uneducated and grasping for any dollar to get ahead because the country they left ran their countries in that manner. That is what Obama/Biden/Pelosi are banking on to lose the Constitution and put our country on their level of thinking – nothing but low-down SB’s.

Just watch this and it will tell you the caliber of person/Biden – who people are voting for when they vote for Biden. We allow this by voting for politicians who think in these same terms – just their pocket book.


She needs to be put in jail. Does anyone know who to send this to so this crooked lady and politicians running for election, can be prosecuted?

Subject: Project Veritas hits the Alamo City

This it totally disgusting. We are nothing but a…

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