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Japheth Campbell, not exactly a household name here in Missouri.   Mr. Campbell is running for the U.S. Senate (Missouri) as a Libertarian.   You don’t usually hear much from these side parties.   He wasn’t involved in the debates between Hawley and Claire McCaskill.   HOWEVER, I just now, the day before the election received two large campaign flyers supporting Campbell.   It was more of a negative ad against Hawley, that he could not be trusted to defend 2nd Amendment rights and supports some gun control.   Campbell’s campaign mailer DID NOT say so much as a single word against Claire McCaskill; who is in favor of gun control and is a greater threat to our 2nd Amendment, than Hawley for certain.   Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I got my Election Alert from the NRA, by the way they have endorsed Josh Hawley, with an “A” Rated and NRA-PVF endorsement.

I saw no ads, not on TV, or mailers from Campbell until today.   The mailer does not mention that it is paid for by the campaign of Japheth Campbell, just The Springfield News Leader, The Washington Post, Twitter and Facebook as the Flyers were so footnoted.

This is a desperate last ditch effort from the Claire McCaskill campaign.   Get some Republicans and Independents to vote for Campbell, pulling votes from Hawley.   Campbell why not just man up and say you endorse McCaskill.

To Missouri U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill: Something for you to see………….

See the video below, but for you Claire, you should have gotten this before hand, the understanding.   Getting it now?  Too late to save your Senate seat.  Enjoy your final days in Washington.   Gas up that plane, it’ll be a long ride home.


Claire McCaskill’s gained wealth as U.S. Senator

Now is the time for Claire McCaskill to be voted out of the U.S. Senate.    By the way just moments ago McCaskill voted against proceeding with Judge Kavanaugh’s seating to the Supreme Court.   She first stalled in her vote, then stayed true with the Democrat’s vote.