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we ignored the warnings and now it is here!!!

And it will only get worse. It will find it’s way into the suburbs, then the rural areas. That is when it gets nasty. Rural America won’t put up with this shit.


arlin report thought(s) of the day: they don’t loot books, or work boots

The rioters don’t loot books………they’ll vandalize the store front windows because that is fun/exciting. They don’t want work boots……they’ll take the Nike shoes and clothing. They’ll steal the jeans, sweat shirts…………but leave the book section alone. Later we’ll see them wearing Nike shoes they couldn’t afford to pay for but had the time to loot. They won’t be wearing work boots, not even tonight when they riot and loot again. We won’t see them on their front porches reading to a friend or just for themselves, they left the books…….they won’t buy or even loot. They don’t open a pallet of bricks to lay a patio or build a home, but they’ll throw them at cops. Oh the irony of it all!

Once again in NYC, Bill de Blasio does nothing while Macy’s (and others) is trashed and looted.