Barack Obama apologizes to Muslims, defends the  Muslims, makes excuses for the Muslims, relocates Muslims (knowing terrorists are filtered among them), arms terrorists, has no strategy to defeat Muslim terrorists, ISIS, ISIL or Al-Qaeda or whoever they call themselves today.  He, along with Hillary R. Clinton, will not refer to the terrorists as radical extremists Muslim terrorists.  He has Muslim “consultants” (many) in the White House.  Has befriended, quite some time ago, with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Bill O’Reilly, who I have great respect for, often has stated Obama is not a Muslim.   Bill, I respectfully disagree.   If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck………Bill, Obama sounds like a Muslim, protects Muslims, here and abroad.  He places Muslim security ahead of Christians and Jews.  Has no desire to destroy ISIS.  Anything that remotely sounds like he is going after ISIS is strictly Obama rhetoric. We know he does the opposite of what he preaches, even gun control.  He says he wants to make it more difficult to buy guns.   Will what he really wants to do is confiscate all of them.  Hillary is on board.  He wants to make us defenseless while ISIS and other radical extremists Muslims build their Arsenal (San Bernardino).

Obama is the defender of Islam, destroyer of American culture.  With Obama’s non-strategy to defeat ISIS, his obsession to relocate Syrian Muslim refugees (with ISIS mixed in) into the United States, his refusal to call terrorists what they are, his defense of Islam, and all above, Obama has become a tool for radical Islam.   OBAMA IS LEADING THE WAY FOR ISLAM!  It seems he is trying to become a legend in the world of Islam.   Screw the U.S., wake up Bill!



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    It is time for America to send this man packing. How much more ammunition do we need – OBAMA HATES AMERICA AND HATES WHITE PEOPLE. He has lived off of the fat of the land his whole life – it is time to reject him – he is SATAN.



  2. As he coddles the Muslims he invites evil to pay us a visit. He stated he would stand with the Muslims and at the same time wishes to disarm us to leave us ripe for the picking. It is not like he does not understand what he is doing, it is my belief it is calculated. nobody could be as stupid as he seems when it comes to protecting We The People. My main concern is how the constitution survives Obama it is at more risk than we are because we have a gun under every rock…=)


  3. I agree. Not sure if you have seen the movie or not but it was based on a book by Dinesh D’Souza and it was put out before the last presidential election. Name was Obama’s America 2016…”Love Him – Hate Him – You Don’t Know Him.

    I watched it at that time and I already believed he was a total lier every time he opened his mouth but after watching this I really knew America would not put him back in the position of commander and chief in this nation we once felt like safe in. (Safe – generally speaking.) About a year ago I went on the hunt for the movie to purchase. I believe I found it on eBay and I put it away and hadn’t watched it since the first time which was prior to his shocking re-election. Well, last weekend I got the movie out and watched it again. I MUST SAY THAT AFTER SEEING HIM 3 YEARS INTO HIS SECOND TERM and watching this movie about what he might do of given a second term and what America might look like at the end of it. Well, it was even more startling to watch than the first time. Especially when he mentions at the end of the documentary movie about how he doesn’t seem to say much concerning Iran and them getting a nuclear bomb and so on. HECK…2nd term he was right in there pushing it through. This documentary was a warning and if you saw it when it came out then I recommend you see it now. We see all his lies but looking at it all again from the perspective of the end of 2015 and what the documentary speculates on then and what we can now see what has truly happened and we still have another year. It is gut wrenching to say the least.
    May God have mercy on those who love Him.

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      1. Oh yes, if you have not seen it then buy it on eBay. They have a bunch right now. Saw one start bid $1.99 . OR you can stream it online on some sites. When I bought my copy they didn’t have any on ebay and couldn’t find it anywhere. Finally someone put on ebay along with a newspaper of “his” election and a magazine I think that had him on the cover. Made me sick. I wrapped it back up and stuck it somewhere as I may need to start a bonfire sometime. Ha!
        Dinesh goes on a journey to try to figure out just who this man is and how did he come out of nowhere so fast. He travels and interviews others about his life as a child and follows his path from his mom’s marriages and his grandparents who raised him after a certain age. He talks about the books Obama wrote and puts together what he thought at that time could be his driving ideology. I think he was pretty spot on. Dinesh worked for Reagan administration out of college. Dinesh ended up after this movie being watched close and made a donation to woman running for some office and gave too much and the administration took him down for it. That was about the time I had a hard time finding the movie. He has done a few interviews since being released. When they were fighting his case, he admitted he had given her the money, but he really didn’t think much about it at the time and MANY have done it and in more important races. Usually they received fines. Odd that they made an example of Dinesh. Watch it, it is good to see a lot about why he might have this ideology. Now, it seems more frightening to me than ever.


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