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john 8:31-32

John 8:31-32

Truth, something we see very little of these days.

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arlin report thought(s) of the day: good friday…….question for jews

Crucifixion Of Jesus Painting - King Of The Jews by Mikayla Ruth Koble

My first thought this morning was on Good Friday and Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. I then Googled a question, expecting to see many responses. Will Jews accept Jesus as the Messiah upon His 2nd coming? I did not know it, it was an accident but I opened a link to a Jewish prayer site. They asked if I was Jewish, which I am not. They asked how they could help me. I explained I was searching for an answer to my question: Will Jews accept Jesus as the Messiah upon His 2nd coming? The person I was having the conversation with, responded with “Yes”. He further explained that the Jewish acceptance of Jesus as Messiah will bring on the 2nd coming. My response was ‘Great, that was the answer I wanted to hear’. I was somewhat surprised by the response, I was skeptical that Jews would not accept in the 2nd coming what they did not accept from His first. However, other areas where I have read, confirm what my conversation with this man said were similar. He was in line with what I have read, but had never read before until today.

I am not even going to guess when Jesus will return……….since He said no man will know. I don’t believe those that predict can accurately predict. When has Jesus ever been wrong!



Barack Obama apologizes to Muslims, defends the  Muslims, makes excuses for the Muslims, relocates Muslims (knowing terrorists are filtered among them), arms terrorists, has no strategy to defeat Muslim terrorists, ISIS, ISIL or Al-Qaeda or whoever they call themselves today.  He, along with Hillary R. Clinton, will not refer to the terrorists as radical extremists Muslim terrorists.  He has Muslim “consultants” (many) in the White House.  Has befriended, quite some time ago, with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Bill O’Reilly, who I have great respect for, often has stated Obama is not a Muslim.   Bill, I respectfully disagree.   If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck………Bill, Obama sounds like a Muslim, protects Muslims, here and abroad.  He places Muslim security ahead of Christians and Jews.  Has no desire to destroy ISIS.  Anything that remotely sounds like he is going after ISIS is strictly Obama rhetoric. We know he does the opposite of what he preaches, even gun control.  He says he wants to make it more difficult to buy guns.   Will what he really wants to do is confiscate all of them.  Hillary is on board.  He wants to make us defenseless while ISIS and other radical extremists Muslims build their Arsenal (San Bernardino).

Obama is the defender of Islam, destroyer of American culture.  With Obama’s non-strategy to defeat ISIS, his obsession to relocate Syrian Muslim refugees (with ISIS mixed in) into the United States, his refusal to call terrorists what they are, his defense of Islam, and all above, Obama has become a tool for radical Islam.   OBAMA IS LEADING THE WAY FOR ISLAM!  It seems he is trying to become a legend in the world of Islam.   Screw the U.S., wake up Bill!


Searching for Palestinian and Israel Understanding

Late Monday night July 28, 2014

I solemnly write tonight after a day of contemplation over the Israeli and Palestinian war; what else can you call it?   Innocent lives are lost, on both sides, many of which are children.  This is nothing new, civilians die in wars.

I have read the tweets from those living in Gaza this evening, while bombs were dropping around them.   I tweeted one 16-year-old girl wondering, as she stated, if she would live through the evening.   Now I certainly have no way of knowing if she was in the middle of the bombings, but I have no reason not to believe her; it’s certainly possible.  I am also quite aware that people, any people can use social media for sympathy and twist the truth of what is happening.   I also read tweets of Israeli’s, while they wanted it to end, their tone was not as heavy, possibly because they weren’t being hammered like Gaza.   Here is what I do know, if Hamas continues to  fires missiles at Israel, Gaza is going to continue to get hammered by the Israeli’s.

I have been doing a lot of research, trying to get a better understanding why Israel and the Palestinians remain enemies, so content it seems to destroy the other.   It is no secret they hate one another.   That may be a greater understatement than anything Obama has shared during his presidency, particularly the 2nd term.

I am not a university professor, I truthfully only knew the basics about the Israel vs. Palestinian history.   I have learned a lot in a short period.    I can not tell you all the references I have hit for information.  I selected resources I felt would be most unbiased with accurate facts.   I did not seek authors giving their opinion.

What I have learned is the Jews returned to the region they currently occupy beginning in 1917 with the heaviest flow around 1947.   The Arabs became more interested in settling in only after the Jewish people improved the agriculture and further developed the territory.    That’s when things went bad, but then the history between the two has always been bad.

There is much history, the U.N. dividing the land basically because the two people’s or I should say religions could not live together as one.  Then the Six Day War…….. and today’s war, along with everything in between.   It’s not as simple as that, but I am not the one to give a history lesson here.  Here is an opinion, why there will always be war between Israeli’s and Palestinians.

Palestinian’s, Hamas have made it clear over what seems to be generations and lifetimes they will not be content until all the Jews are dead.  The hate runs too deep for too long for attitudes to change. The children are taught to hate Jews.   I believe Israel initiates military offenses because they understand this, they are defending their future.

It is difficult seeing children hurt and killed because of the actions of their elders on both sides.   I believe this is more about religion than it is occupation of land.  If there was not an ocean between us, the U.S. would be right in the middle with Israel.   We are the Great Satan to the Muslim world……we will continue to be targets as well.

Attitudes that have been present since what seems the beginning of time, will never change.  That is a sad thought, history repeats itself.  I am searching for more understanding.