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PSALM 68:19

Have a great day!

PSALM 116:1-2

I hadn’t posted a Bible verse for a couple of days now. I reposted a couple of other folks articles but none of my own. I occasionally tend to get bored with blogging. I am in one of those periods……..thinking, why am I doing this, only a few are reading anything? Am I wasting my time here? That isn’t a question for you but for me!

I am disappointed in us! Meaning humans across the globe, and especially here in the U.S. The world is a freaking mess! The last few days has gotten me thinking, are we in End Time(s)? How much of a mess? Yesterday I went to the doctor, after having gone to get a hearing test on Tuesday, we discovered I had a hearing aid dome stuck DEEP in my ear (they had me make an appointment to my doc to remove before testing). Apparently it had been there for quite a long time, it was off an aid I haven’t even used in many months. I didn’t realize it had gotten stuck when I pulled the aid out before. I quit using that aid and actually went to a mail order set, which amplified pretty well, though I wasn’t getting much out of my right ear (the one that had the old dome stuck in it). Long story shorter: The nurse practitioner flushed the stuck dome loose in my ear and was able to pull it out. That is when I realized it was from the old set of aids I had quit using (months before). Anyway, she gave me a prescription to keep my ear from getting infected (there was a little irritation from the lodged dome). My point to this story is: The medication cost $336. It is a very small bottle, I use 4 drops twice a day for 5 days. That is it. 1.75 fluid oz. That is all. $336 is the cost. CVS only charges $200 for it (so what was their cost). My Medicare (AARP United HealthCare Advantage, paid $100. My co-pay cost was $100. I have 2 other medications I take daily that I pay ZERO dollars for. Insurance pays for them. I realize this was a special prescription to be used for only a short period of time for an out of the ordinary issue…….BUT. What the HELL do people that can not afford even a $100 co-pay do? This bottle of medication is about the smallest you will ever see, yet one of the most expensive. If I couldn’t afford the $100, I would have had to go without. Did I get it for $100 because CVS is getting dollars on the continuous refills from my other meds (from my insurance), so they don’t charge me the $336. Still, why is it so expensive for this tiny bottle. Like I said, many people could not afford this. Our world is totally screwed up. How much more screwed up does it have to get before God’s End Time plan arrives in full?

Our morals are depleted………….We can’t have a Super Bowl half time show anymore without the lead character(s) grabbing their crotches. I guess you don’t let your younger family members watch? They just don’t care! All these school shootings again? China does whatever China wants to do, and we have a president who is more Chinese than American. Go to the grocery store. Essentials are becoming ridiculously expensive. Again, how do some afford it? Oh and I hear Biden wants all the illegal immigrants to have the right to vote………and (I have to check deeper with this one), the Communist Chinese as well. SERIOUSLY? China owns the Bidens, after all they paid for them, directly!

Regardless, TRY and have a nice day!