George Santos vs. Joe Biden

Let’s get to this! U.S. House rep. elect from NY George Santos’ lies are more critical, more of an issue than all the career lies (a continuation of) of current president Joe Biden? SERIOUSLY?

The Democrats and Main Stream Media (always in bed together…….whose the whore here? I’d say the Media, Dems paying customers) making a bigger issue of this elected Republican from NY (for U.S. House) than an entire career of Biden BS. Not even sworn in yet and they want him to resign for misrepresenting himself during the campaign. REALLY? Isn’t that exactly what the media did during the 2020 campaign for president, misrepresented JOE (and hid Hunter)? Biden has made lying into an everyday activity HIS ENTIRE CAREER.

But, you have to give them credit, Democrats along with their bed buddies (from the Media) are much more proficient at attacking and staying on the attack of their political opponents (enemies) than Republicans are!

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