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Media Blackout: Federal Agents Tackle Antifa Terrorists During Midnight Attack on Federal Courthouse in Portland (VIDEO) — WEATHER INTERNAL

Antifa terrorists set the federal courthouse in Portland on fire Thursday night – AGAIN. The same media that breathlessly reported on the *unarmed* January 6 “insurrection” is completely silent on Antifa lighting a federal courthouse on fire. The left-wing terrorists were out on the streets of Portland again last night protesting ICE. The mob set…

Media Blackout: Federal Agents Tackle Antifa Terrorists During Midnight Attack on Federal Courthouse in Portland (VIDEO) — WEATHER INTERNAL

biden corruption allegations credible

Main Stream Media as corrupt as the Bidens!

Media will report the Biden corruption with China and Ukraine because they know it is real……it happened.


why have we never gone into lockdown over the Mosquito? – Arlin Report thought(s) of the day

Mosquito: a slender long-legged fly with aquatic larvae. The bite of the bloodsucking female can transmit a number of serious diseases including malaria and encephalitis.

Did you read that? “……..can transmit a NUMBER OF SERIOUS DISEASES INCLUDING MALARIA AND ENCEPHALITIS.” Zika Virus (from mosquitoes) can be passed from humans to another mosquito, that mosquito can spread to other humans, and the disease can be transmitted from human to human via a pleasurable means called SEX.

MOSQUITOES have been around for nearly 30 million years. The female mosquito has been spreading disease for as long as mankind. So, we have never gone into lockdown. We hardly fog our streets. We scratch an infected bite and impetigo spreads through human touch, clothing, toys etc. …………but hardly a medical alert. Oh we may get a notice, beware heavy mosquito activity. I’ve never seen the Main Stream Media come on daily and tell us to cover our bodies with mosquito repellent and clothing. Nor have I heard of parks being closed because of mosquitoes. I’ve never seen an economy destroyed because of mosquitoes. If anything new products combating the little pain in the ass have contributed to the economy.

YET HERE WE ARE! When COVID-19 is finally under control, the mosquitoes will still be wrecking havoc as always. Carry-on!

During the first week of infection, Zika virus can be found in the blood and passed from an infected person to another mosquito through mosquito bites. An infected mosquito can then spread the virus to other people. Zika can be passed through sex from a person who has Zika to his or her partners.

Talk, talk, talk…….. both sides do it. it is time to put up or shut up.

Judicial Watch……., always has an update, a “this just in” moment. We hear ‘this and that……look for this to happen soon’. They claim to have all these bombshell findings (much like the Main Stream Media) that just continue to linger. How many times have we heard this “more Hillary Clinton emails have been found by the FBI”? Then nothing! No consequences.

They tell us to be patient. How much more patient can We the People be? The Swamp, the Deep State, whatever we are calling them today, always seem to skate by. Oh once in a Blue Moon one of their lower dogs may take a slight hit, a slap on the wrist. When are the big boys and girls going to finally be held accountable, punished? When are the Hillary Clinton’s and her cartel going to start falling? We know the answer to that. The Deep State protects their dark princess, even after she messed up her election(s). After all she knows too much. She has a book on them, a hit list if you will. Snitches get lost or commit suicide.

I am suspicious that many of those that claim to be working on the side of righteousness……good guys, are only putting up fronts. They are the information seekers. Then there are the operatives, (and they include former/and current CIA and FBI agents) that make all of it go away. This is nothing new. This has been happening for years. Even J. Edgar Hoover was no saint. You could ask the Kennedy brothers if they were still around.

Oh and we have had presidents put up these false fronts. One of the greatest was Lyndon B. Johnson. Remember him? While First Lady Jackie Kennedy stood by his side he took the oath of office. JFK was assassinated literally moments before. LBJ turns with a huge grin on his face, Lady Bird (the new First Lady or I should say First Bitch) expresses her joy and LBJ gets a wink from a Senator. The significance? They weren’t mourning the death of a president, they were rejoicing. And LBJ just the night before mentioned to his mistress “soon the Kennedy’s will never embarrass me again”.

The point: Our country is as corrupt as any! I am not sure where it falls on the list, in front of or behind the Ukraine (3rd). It may be hard to say, our corrupt are just very good at it.

Michael Bloomberg is not the answer. HE IS PART OF THE PROBLEM! He wants to position himself as he did in New York, so he and his money can “control things”. It’s the Illuminati way!


I don’t agree with all that is said in the opening paragraph of this article (linked below), that fake news is predominately a fabrication of President Donald Trump.  Stories have been (no pun intended) trumped up quite frequently for some time now by the Main Stream Media.  Or similarly a story narrated with a false twist or spin by its authors. Much is written today without having all the facts and are miss-written or spoken.  Once in awhile you get an acknowledgement and apology of the untruths, but too many times it is left as is, left to deceive us to believe it to be true.   This is on the MSM.



Vladimir Putin (2017-07-08).jpg
Hillary was supposed to win…….damn it!

Democrats (Liberals) and Main Stream Media hammering Trump that he is not spanking Putin on interfering in America’s elections.  This is ultimate hypocrisy……first lets get something straight; Russia has always interfered in elections, ours and every other country they had interest in destroying.   That is a major act (not just policy) of their government, socialism/communism.  They have always interfered.   And surprise, surprise…….interfering in elections is nothing new to the U.S. either, Hillary Clinton is the queen of election interference.   To be fair to Hillary, though she doesn’t deserve it, the U.S. has a deep history of interfering in elections.   Its called propaganda!   Russia has been propagandizing for ever, but the liberal media, the anti-Trump media, wants you to believe this is done under Trump.   Shame on him for not criticizing Putin, after the 13 Russian indictments.  Trump, knows darn well scolding Putin, will not end Russian propaganda.   If that were true, Harry Truman would have ask Moscow to “stop it” long ago.

So, now, even though we know that the interference of the 2016 election started back in 2014 (before Trump announced his candidacy).   Gee, that under the Obama Administration.   You heard nothing from the media then, or Obama’s Admin.  There is evidence they knew, or at least they should have expected; after all its always happened.  But no, now after a year of Trump, this is suddenly news.   It doesn’t surprise me, as the media will use anything to criticize Trump.  The media acts like this has never happened.   Truth is, as long as their liberal friends were in power……..it isn’t a problem, it isn’t news worthy.  Whatever hurts trump, its major headlines, only after they put the liberal twist on!

So, how do you punish Russia, with a lecture?   More sanctions……?   I have news for you, I work in the international department of a major bank.   Any transaction that comes across our department, with the word Russia or from a company/individual from Russia, immediately throws up a red flag.   Everything is immediately put on hold, investigated/vetted until cleared.   This from government sanctions.   However, our own government doesn’t play by the same rules/laws that we have to abide by.

So, the bottom line, Russia interfered with the 2016 election.   They had more to gain with Hillary being elected than Trump.  Even to Russia, Trump was risky, how would he play with Russia, he was a political unknown.   Russia’s intention, assure that Hillary won the presidency; after all she was already a Russian business partner, Uranium One and husband Bill’s speech payments of $500,000.00 proves that. That being just what we know about, what else was there? Obama?   “Tell Vladi, I’ll have more flexibility after the election (Obama’s 2nd term)”.   If not Hillary, then Bernie Sanders……..a socialist in place!!

You heard nothing about Russian interference as long as the game was with Obama and Hillary, until Hillary LOST!   The great excuse “I lost because of Russian interference and collusion with the Trump campaign!”    This is ultimate BS!  This is Obama, Clinton and Main Stream Media PROPAGANDA!

Who let the 13 in?   John Kerry, not Trump!

Mitch McConnell Just Lit The “Ugly” Fuse… — The Last Refuge

It would appear Mitch McConnell, and the larger congress, just lit the fuse on “the big ugly“. Winter is coming. • President Trump has requested all Republican Senators to attend a White House luncheon, held entirely in their honor, tomorrow. • President Trump has also announced a MAGA rally to be held in Youngstown Ohio, […]

via Mitch McConnell Just Lit The “Ugly” Fuse… — The Last Refuge

Congress; Republicans, Democrats, Independents, socialists……..they only do or don’t do when there is something in it for them…good or bad for us, it doesn’t matter.  Every move benefits those that pass and fail legislation.   Their votes are calculated……..they know if a bill is going to pass or fail….before any vote.   Midnight phone calls……get the count so something barely fails or passes. “Lets really make this look good.”   They are in it together.   There is less dissension than you think.    You think the Main Stream Media is fake……..your government has been bogus for generations.