Opinion: The Anti-American Administration — Trump:The American Years

Take a look at the following quotes from the Biden administration and Chinese Communist Party officials. Can you guess which country’s government made these statements? Systemic racism … is a stain [on] our nation’s soul.”“America has a long history of systemic racism.” “In order to lead abroad, America must continue to address racial injustice and […]

Opinion: The Anti-American Administration — Trump:The American Years

3 thoughts on “Opinion: The Anti-American Administration — Trump:The American Years”

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    For your information.

    The U.S. is not a racist country. Tell me what country who props up under money that is stolen by their politicians and it never gets to the citizens of these countries. It is the China/Democrats’ propaganda machine who is putting out all of these lies and to try to down grade the people. The Dem’s/China put out this virus to ruin this country and have not been successful after all of their effort to defeat us. If you as an individual feel you walk in the shoes of a racist – so be it – go for it. It is the people who are calling people racists who are the real racists. Plain and simple. It is time for the American people to stop feeling guilty because in this country people work hard and make their own money and don’t rely on the Dem’s to support them. We need to have a testing system and stop giving jobs to people who are not qualified. That is why our government is going down because we are socially promoting people who don’t know how to do a damn thing but yacking – The U.S. is racist. They need to look in the mirror at who is yelling that the U.S. racist because they are the guilty party.

    Just stop yacking and go to work and “get your a$$ a job. But, no it pays more to yack. These people are not Americans they are foreigners who hate this country and are here for a free ride. That is why they left their own country because they were too lazy to make it better.

    We know who you are!


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