Donald J. Trump and Jeb Bush

Last night, Donald Trump was right about one thing, the participants in the Republican debates needs to shrink in number.    If anything it would give each candidate more time to fully answer questions, clarify positions, share a position, defend themselves.    Over the course of time the number of Republican candidates will decrease, through self elimination, campaign budget problems, etc.

I believe the American public is a bit tired of seeing personal attacks between the candidates.  It’s entertaining for awhile, but then, can we get to the issues?   Most of the attacks are against Trump, we can see that.   The Donald doesn’t help the matter with plenty of instigating of his own.   If Trump wanted to be taken more seriously by what is now some of his political peers………then he needs to grow up a little.   Rand Paul said it, Trump is Junior High.

Carly was good, but not as great as CNN tried to make her in their post-debate round table.   The only female candidate in the race for POTUS could show a little more personality.   A smile once in a while, will go a long way.    She was one of a few, a very few, that stated a glimmer of a plan, for solutions to an extremely troubled nation.  She will probably trade positions in the polls as early as today with Carson.

Carly stay focused, don’t spar with Trump…….stick to the issues; you’ll turn yourself into a serious threat to the liberals and Clinton.   Stay the course!



  1. I have to say Christie made some good points and I was glad to see it was not all about the Donald.I was disappointed to see what he said Fiorina, grow up an quit the cheaspness would be my advice to Trump. I also did not like the redmeat attacks seemed cheap and uninformative


  2. You know…it’s funny. I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with CNN on anything. But moments after the debate, I pushed the “Publish” button on today’s blog (which goes up at 10am your time). In it, I too said Fiorina won. No, she wasn’t perfect, and others were better than the first time around (to be expected), but she showed she belonged on this stage. I was impressed with her. Not so with Trump, Huckabee, or Paul. Carson didn’t have an “aha moment” like his closing remarks the first time around, though when he called Trump “an ok doctor” on the vaccination question, I had wine come out my nose from laughing.


  3. The whole debate thing is a laugh. Ask a 45 minute question and tell people they get a minute to answer. The joke of a debate is for narrators to demand specifics. LOL, that’s like me as a potential employer demanding you tell me what you’d do to get my company out of the red before you have the facts.

    On top of that the left wing media pulled off their usual stunt – far too often the questions went like this:

    He said you’re ugly…. what do you make of that?

    He said your soft on immigration… are you soft on immigration and if not explain it to him.

    This went on and on. The candidates should have all told the narrators they weren’t here for this kind of stupidity. Of course the media knew Trump couldn’t do that and he’d likely light the fires. I think they all realized what was happening half way through the debate and should be commended for backing away from it.


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