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Murphy Brown episode cheap and disgusting….liberal Hollywood

Roseanne Barr was removed for MUCH LESS than this.




Image result for a photo of Adam schiff, nancy pelosi and Maxine Waters together

They are so excited, they could almost wet themselves.  Nancy had to show her newly gained power by throwing a victory conference/speech after her party, of which she  believes she is top dog, won back the House.  Her fellow House Dems will have to vote her in as Speaker, but she assumes that is automatic.  I FOR ONE HOPE SHE IS RIGHT!

These three California nut balls, will give me plenty to write about.  Their priority from their agenda is to impeach Donald Trump.   Nancy has avoided saying so, during the midterm campaign in fear of losing voters.  Now that the election is over, you’ll hear her follow the impeachment hounds and fall into the nut bowl.   There is definitely something wrong with the water in California.

Pelosi mentioned they now have our government back to Checks and Balances and can keep Trump in line.  Dear Nancy, that applies to all, you are held in check as well.  Try to explain that to Maxine and Adam, if you even understand it yourself.  Your House is not the only house, there is the Senate (Republican control) and the WH (Trump = VETO).  Go ahead, waste tax payer money, investigate, investigate, investigate.  Just be careful what you ask for, you have some dirty little partners this can all backfire on!  Some of your Senate buddies (Dianne) may get bit too!

Good luck!

Is He Draining The Swamp? — The Lone Cactus

When Donald Trump ran for the presidency in 2016, one of his campaign promises was he was going to “drain the swamp”. It’s one of the campaign promises he has failed to deliver on. But, the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing has certainly shown all of the weird and utterly useless critters that are populating the […]

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Expose it,   It is then up to us to vote the scum buckets OUT!



Nothing else has worked.   The Left, the Democrats and media, which would include Bob Woodward, has done everything, will do anything it can to remove Trump from the White House.   The “Left” is in panic mode, will do anything to take Trump down……before he takes them down, The Swamp, of which Bob Woodward is very much a part.

Latest Charges: No Trump Campaign Staff Included — The Lone Cactus

You know, I’ve said for over a year, ever since Democrats started complaining that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians over the 2016 presidential election that they needed to show proof, or shut the hell up. Well, Ron Rosenstein did the shutting up for the Democrats yesterday. He announced the indictments of 13 Russians for […]

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Spin the Mueller investigation around

Originally posted on PA Pundits – International: By Colonel Kenneth Allard (U.S. Army, Ret) ~ There was an unspoken question as Donald Trump mounted the podium for last night’s State of the Union message: Is Robert Mueller’s endless investigation aimed at impeaching the wrong President? The breathless back-and-forth news reporting from the nation’s capital last…

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I don’t measure success by how many days of vacation the POTUS takes, but what are the accomplishments.   BTW the phone is always near by, and many meetings and business are conducted on a golf course.

Those that bitch about Trump taking so many vacation days or has hit the course are the same people who don’t want him signing executive orders and want him OUT of the oval office.

He, Trump,  can still sign a doc, give an order, make a statement from green to tee box; even Tweet!