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democrats smear campaign against trump…..will that’s okay!

The Democrats have been smearing Donald Trump daily, with assistance by the Mainstream Media from election night 2016 through present day. Actually the smear started before that, as Donald Trump and Melania came down the escalator. This smear campaign/scheme is okay with the Democrats, since they are the ones who initiated it, continue it through their impeachment hearing. Lets not forget, the campaign to impeach began as Trump was taking oath of office.

The Dems are okay with the (their) smear against Trump; but OMG it is a horrible offense, disgusting, appalling to smear an ambassador, especially when they need that ambassador as a tool against Trump.

The Democrats should look in the mirror.

arlin report thought of the day: obama impeachment?

So, why didn’t we impeach Obama? Abuse of power…….we definitely saw that! The pallets of cash he gave Iran…..and whatever favor he got in return would meet a requirement. Of course the only favor Obama may have been asking for in return for that cash was for Iran to use it to continue their terrorists operation(s). No need to go into other events of power abuses. Not enough space here. Lets do mention spying on Trump though……..even though it was at the end of his administration. However, apparently Obama’s minions carried on.

The Republican Party obviously wasn’t in the mood to execute a coup, or to overturn election results, the will of the people.

The Democrats on the other hand, give them credit, they are patient, somewhat. While doing the impeachment behind secretive closed doors per Adam Schiff, they don’t care how abusive, unconstitutional or just plain wrong they are openly. They don’t want us to hear anything positive about Donald Trump and his administration. They selectively take what they can spin to the negative side then leak it out. We only know what Adam Schiff wants us to know. We do know he instructs witnesses to NOT ANSWER THE REPUBLICAN’S QUESTIONS. “Don’t answer that!”

When the Republicans raided Schiff’s underground meeting last week he ran. Like a terrorist leader running for his life in an underground tunnel. Schiff escaped for now looking like the cowardice rat he is. We should have sent Conan (the heroic K-9) down stairs to chase his crooked ass.

arlin report thought of the day: all this from a corrupt whistleblower?

They have nothing, nothing impeachable and they know it. The Democratic Socialist……the Left have been trying to impeach Donald Trump from the moment he took oath of office. Started their planning process before that. This is The Insurance Policy! And guess what folks, the fact that We the People elected this President means absolutely nothing to them.

All of this from a Whistleblower’s statement over a phone call to the Ukrainian President. This is a conspiracy scam, A COUP, unlike anything we have ever seen in this country.

Trump is being impeached because he “may have” suggested another nation look into possible corruption. This is why the CORRUPT DEMOCRATS, THE CORRUPT ADAM SCHIFF, THE CORRUPT JERROD NADLER are manipulating a fraudulent impeachment “inquiry”.

They must get Trump out of the White House before WE THE PEOPLE find out about THE CORRUPTION OF THE DEEP STATE, THE SWAMP.

Remember Donald Trump said he was going to drain the SWAMP.

Adam Schiff lies then covers up the truth by keeping it behind closed doors, only leaking what benefits him. This is our nations biggest SCUM BUCKET!

We the People MUST start sending messages to D.C. NOW!

arlin report thought of the day: house proceeds like a house from china and north korea

This “inquiry” this “impeachment inquiry” is being conducted (and orchestrated) by a House Committee LEAD BY Adam Schiff. True blue, honest till death Rep. Adam Schiff. An absolute anti-Trump, Trump hater. Schiff has been caught in lie after lie, especially on evidence he claimed to have, and did not.

Nancy Pelosi put’s little Adam Schiff in charge of this impeachment inquiry. Nancy and Adam are now (strongly) believed to have an arms deal of their own with the Ukraine. This appears on the surface to be Nancy and Adam’s use of their power of office to kill Donald Trump’s efforts of “any” investigative cooperation with the Ukraine on corruption. Forget about Joe Biden, we’re talking Nancy and Adam’s own activity with a foreign government.

There is more than one reason Nancy and Adam are seeking impeachment. Its been the Dems priority to remove Trump from office from day one. Congressman Green even said…….. to paraphrase, ‘We have to impeach him……….we can’t beat him’. Now, Nancy and Adam’s own little history with the Ukraine, they can not allow Trump to go any further with an investigation with the Ukraine’s cooperation. And Trump most likely didn’t even suspect a Pelosi/Schiff Ukrainian plot. What a bonus! The Congressman was right, it is the only way they can beat Trump, through impeachment. Their problem is, The Senate and they have no impeachable offense. NONE! ZERO! NADA! No matter how you say it…….. it ends the same.

The way this impeachment inquiry is unfolding with Adam Schiff in the lead of HIS COMMITTEE, it looks like a hearing/trial that you would see from China and North Korea……… let’s toss Russia in there as well. The Democrats under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi are the Socialists in our nation.

JFK’s Parade, gee missles and military presence, a salute to our Military!

Honoring our military on the 4th of July!   What better to have a parade with a military presence on Independence Day, which we still celebrate because of our military.  Showing off our military men and women, tanks and other military vehicles is nothing new.  The Socialists (Democratic Party as they sometimes call themselves) have a short memory of our history.   Some of the really young ones, like AOC and Beto are just ignorant.

This was during JFK’s administration, other presidents have included the military in parades past.   They, the Democratic Socialists are only bitching about this because it is President Donald Trump.



Sometimes I wondered, if Ryan wasn’t really a Democrat, or just had no nerve.   Will we know he had no testicles.   Sorry ladies, but that is the kindest way for us guys to call him the P word.


Border Patrol says they have reached the boiling point.   Massive numbers of illegals crossing over our southern border.   National crisis, national emergency, but Congress NOT LISTENING.

Congress too busy creating new investigations of Donald Trump, friends and family to take responsibility for real issues; chasing what they can not see while ignoring what is clearly visible and surging over our border.   Threats carrying disease, crime and drugs infiltrating our cities from the south.   Border Patrol needs help.