SOCIAL MEDIA DOESN’T WANT YOU TALIKING POLITICS WITH YOUR FRIENDS: See the link, posters discouraging you from talking politics……

People are speaking with one another, outside of their homes. I have seen it, my significant other has seen it; more so than ever before. What is the cause? A ridiculous Biden Administration. People are seeing the stupidity, the reckless, chaotic policy (Socialist) of Joe Biden and his controllers, the Deep State. You know, the folks that got him in office, their puppet.

I have been places, I am retired, I have the time. I was at a driving range the other day and overheard a conversation next to me between two gentlemen, one white, the other black. They were discussing the indoctrination of our children in schools. The black man is a retired teacher, and a Vietnam veteran. They were talking about the crap being taught, replacing real education subjects like math and science.

I engaged in an hour long conversation with the Vietnam vet; we talked about everything going on today. His views mirrored mine to a T. He is as concerned for his children and grandchildren as I am. Sees the idiot in the White House, and the leg spreader from California as the VP as puppets for a darker team of traitors that control them both.

Oh yes people are most definitely talking, but talking is not enough. Our first and possibly most important response we have to turning this nation around is to assure that our elections are fair. That won’t be easy; as we both (in my conversation at the driving range) agreed, they cheated and got away with the last election; they’ll do it in the next. All of us must get involved with making any and all elections fair. Work your polls, monitor, whatever it takes; check and double check everything. AND WE MUST INSIST ON VOTER ID. In county of St. Charles, MO I show an ID before I vote, it is required. They match my name with the registration books set before them. It only takes a moment. I do not feel discriminated at all. If you are of legal age, are a legal citizen then register………you won’t feel violated to show your ID when voting either. Those that preach against voter ID ARE CHEATING.

Also, and you don’t have to do this at just your dinner table, TALK; you might be surprised in those that have similar views. If they don’t, just be civil.

We can change things around!

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