grade schoolers smarter than joe biden

Step #1, remove troops from Afghanistan, LEAVING AMERICANS BEHIND.

Also left behind? Biden’s gift to the Taliban: High Tech, top notch military equipment………..approx. 83 Billion dollars worth; arming this terrorists nation with more firepower than they ever would have had. These, the same people that chant on a daily basis: Kill Americans!

Because of Biden’s thoughtless withdrawal, thousands of terrorists prisoners were released back to the streets and hills, now heavily armed, 13 American servicemen are now dead, and likely more to come. More lives have been lost than would have been if you removed the Americans there, followed by the military equipment and destroying bases, then pull the troops. Joe Biden is not smarter than a 4th grader.

China and Russia will surely want to take a close look at our coughed up military equipment.

IF THIS IS NOT TREASON, NOTHING IS! THIS IS THE RESULTS OF A FRAUDULENT ELECTION. Impeachment is not enough, Biden should be charged with treason!

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