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The Capital Riot Hoax — The Real Truckmaster

9-17-2021 The Capital Riot Hoax I have to hand it to them unless it’s Donald Trump asking if they need help the Temple of Democracy is showing they can handle anything that comes their way. The fence is up, National Guard on standby as a backup for the Capital Police and before the end of […]

The Capital Riot Hoax — The Real Truckmaster

America’s Treasonous Deep State Favors China over US — Praying Citizen

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO VIDEO CHANNEL ON Rumble or Brighteon or Bitchute or YouTube In the latest installment of “get Trump,” a new book called “Peril” by Watergate journalist Bob Woodward and Washington Post reporter Robert Costa, exposes another coup attempt, this time by Trump’s top defense advisor and his deep state cohorts in the intelligence community. General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs […]

America’s Treasonous Deep State Favors China over US — Praying Citizen


The 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund was (by Congress) to pay out a maximum amount slightly over $ 7 Billion dollars. SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS! Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan (a wreckless, incompetent procedure, a grade school student would know better) gave nearly $90 Billion dollars worth of military equipment to the TALIBAN! Think about that for just a moment! $7 billion went to American families who lost their loved ones by the same identical mold of people like the Taliban, and yet Joe Biden gives the Taliban a $90 Billion dollar gift, and strengthens their terrorist abilities.


biden phone call with ghani……..ask him to lie

Biden wanted the Afghan president to change perception…….ANOTHER WORDS LIE! Trump was impeached for less! Biden, the scum bucket in our White House!


Current news Mainstream Media didn’t tell us about – Clever Journeys — Richard’s Watch

Originally posted on Clever Journeys: Why did news outlets ignore these? 🔹When the caskets of the fallen marines arrived back in the United States from Afghanistan, no one from the Biden administration bothered to show up to honor or greet them. Update: Sources on the ground in Dover indicate at the last minute, the plane…

Current news Mainstream Media didn’t tell us about – Clever Journeys — Richard’s Watch

obiden’s Reckless Presidency — red clay ponderings

president obiden is an inveterate liar. He and he alone is responsible for the deaths of 14 American Military men and women. And the injury of many others. Yet obiden and the kookookala team blame President Trump for their deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan. Like all Narcissists, they redirect blame and conjure up their own version […]

obiden’s Reckless Presidency — red clay ponderings

joe biden: i got em folks!


So our military upon Joe Biden’s supposedly approval (we know Joe doesn’t make decisions on his own, he is INSTRUCTED) carried out a drone strike against an ISIS-K planner, possibly killing 2-3. Joe thinks this retaliation some how makes up for the 13 servicemen and nearly a hundred (if not more) Afghans HE got killed in the first place. Biden will be pounding his chest like he did taking on Corn Pop! Big mean Joe! POSSIBLY KILLING 2-3, as the report said “……..we believe the two in the car are dead! They can’t confirm even this?

At first we were told the drone strike killed ISIS-K “high profile” individuals. Then we are told one, possibly two were planners (terrorist attack planners). It would not be difficult to pick out (from the air) ISIS-K groups and launch a drone attack, after all, ISIS AND the Taliban are everywhere in Afghanistan. So, more than likely this pathetic Drone show supposedly ordered by Biden was RANDOM! I can hear Biden’s order to the military in command: ‘Hey folks, just pick a target, any target and kill somebody, anybody……….I need to look good! We’ll tell Americans we have punished the enemy!’ Joe Biden screws up everything he touches, this too will not be the last of what is to come. Our borders remain open to an enemy that can now come and go as they please. The Taliban and ISIS have him by his little male sack!

Extra side note: I have my doubts that this drone strike even happened. Joe Biden, the Biden administration and the Pentagon have lied to us before. Constantly! They found the planner responsible for carrying out the attack on the airport that quickly? Maybe, MAYBE NOT! Like I said, just pick a target, any target. And they carried that out without ANY civilians being killed. Pretty remote area then! My doubts, because Joe screws up everything, has gotten anything right in 50 + years!

grade schoolers smarter than joe biden

Step #1, remove troops from Afghanistan, LEAVING AMERICANS BEHIND.

Also left behind? Biden’s gift to the Taliban: High Tech, top notch military equipment………..approx. 83 Billion dollars worth; arming this terrorists nation with more firepower than they ever would have had. These, the same people that chant on a daily basis: Kill Americans!

Because of Biden’s thoughtless withdrawal, thousands of terrorists prisoners were released back to the streets and hills, now heavily armed, 13 American servicemen are now dead, and likely more to come. More lives have been lost than would have been if you removed the Americans there, followed by the military equipment and destroying bases, then pull the troops. Joe Biden is not smarter than a 4th grader.

China and Russia will surely want to take a close look at our coughed up military equipment.

IF THIS IS NOT TREASON, NOTHING IS! THIS IS THE RESULTS OF A FRAUDULENT ELECTION. Impeachment is not enough, Biden should be charged with treason!