It amazes me,  we have a voluntary military, and they knew/know they were/are headed to fight wars or conflicts in foreign nations.    Some battles are to overthrow another nations tyrant for the abuses he has committed against his own people or neighboring countries; at the same time claiming he is a threat against Americans.   I fully understand the West is the evil that Islam has made its enemy to destroy.   Americans accept our young men and women going into battle abroad without much protest.   We have taken the attitude that “it is what we do”.

We send, and as I said, accept our young people going to war abroad for a cause determined by our government; a government that is ruled by mindless, corrupt “elected” officials.   We fight the battles against corruption, evil, oil and power-driven tyrants for their crimes against human rights in another land. I know we have gone to battle for good causes, don’t get me wrong.

When we face corruption  in our government and crimes of a tyrant against our constitution; and we are ruled by governing bodies who keep us uninformed, rule and make decisions in secrecy and clearly do not hold our best interest,  this is what is disgusting to me, WE DO NOTHING!   We do not hold a government and president accountable for the same actions as that in which we hold foreign tyrants.

We go to war to battle threats in another land, so we don’t have to fight them here, so we are told.  I believed that for a long time.   I am telling you, our greatest threats do not come from Iraq, Iran, China or Russia for that matter.   Look at Jade Helm, you think those exercises that they are preparing for,  are for the good of our people, our nation?   If it were we would know more, we would be better informed.  What we learn, we learn from people digging for the truth.   Our greatest threat is Washington D.C.; our government, the JACKASS pretending to be a leader, pretending to be our President.  Jade Helm is part of the UN agenda, and Obama is allowing it, initiating it.   What is happening in the 7 states chosen for the Jade Helm practice run would not be happening without the orders from Washington and the tyrant who believes the White House belongs to him “This is my house.” as he said.

There are many goals the government/Obama and his UN buddies and who knows who else, have from Jade Helm.  It is multi-purpose; martial law, gun control (they know they will have to confiscate guns by force), possibly or probably depopulation.   Your, my…..our greatest threat to our existence as a united and independent nation is from within……….but we do nothing; because most deny or just can not believe it could happen to us.   There is too much documentation and eye witnesses to events of these plans falling in place.   I haven’t even mentioned the government manufactured droughts.   When are we going to stand together in our own defense?

Some of you will call me a nut cake or conspiracy theorist.   At this point I really don’t give a shit.  That is exactly how the liberal left and those wonderful elected officials they side with want you to believe; after all it causes more division.

I am not thinking of me, I am concerned for my children and grandchildren and yours.   I am a proud Missourian, but……GOD BLESS TEXAS AND UTAH!



  1. I know of no one who will call you ” nut cake or conspiracy theorist”. In fact, recently most of the people that are awake or awakening, are with you 100%, besides it was recently said that there are no conspiracy theories, as they have all come true now.

    I don’t know what the hell we been waiting for. It says domestic and foreign alike, what is so hard for people to understand, the part about domestic?

    Just like the govt. knows that we are much too strong for them, if we all bind together, so they re-found racial issues. That way, they can keep us battling with one another (not all of us have fallen for their tricks, and hell, I thought racism went out in the late 60s). United we stand, divided we fall. People too easily forget the lessons from the past…


      1. It’s no wonder. Apparently, Obama is afraid of Americans, as is the powers that be. Thus, our veterans. So, if they can cause racial unrest, the country will be looking there while “they” are taking more of our rights.


  2. I’m thinking of selling everything I have which won’t amount to much and moving to Texas. I may have to buy a tent and sleeping bags but anything is better than the shithole of a city I live in. I’m thinking about when it all hits the fan.


    1. They, along with Utah (I haven’t really heard as much about Utah fighting back)seem to be the only ones willing to take a stand against this government. It is a shame, I never thought I would live to see what is going on.


      1. Me either. Thought I’d life to see, but my Grandfather told me years ago this would come. I feel your pain and I’m mad no one is doing anything about! When did we as a race besided to give up? Where’s a good camping spot in Texas?


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