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Prior to a pathetic President Joe Biden speaking………..an opportunity for him to bash a former president to divert from his own FAILURE AS PRESIDENT, his sidekick opened her mouth and demonstrated further IGNORANCE……….and said this:

Harris said some dates in U.S. history ““occupy not only a place on our calendars, but a place in our collective memory.  December 7th, 1941.  September 11th, 2001. And January 6th, 2021.”

Kamala Harris compared Jan. 6th to the attack on Pearl Harbor and the attacks of 9/11. The damage and loss of life of Jan. 6th (though no life should be lost) was not even a dent/a scratch compared to Pearl Harbor or 9/11. What a freaking insult to this nation that is, that came out of her mouth. Is she that uneducated?

They, Biden and Harris referred to Jan. 6th as an attack on our democracy! No, it was not an attack on our democracy, it was an attack on the people elected to defend democracy who are failing miserably. The houses of Congress and this administration attack to destroy our democracy everyday!

Kamala……….Capitol Hill is not A SACRED PLACE. It may have once been, but the corruption that abounds within it, with people as yourself has tainted anything sacred or holy. To refer to it as sacred is an insult to God. You, none of you in Washington D.C. are martyrs, stop trying to be!

On The Anniversary of 9/11 We Remind Us All That No Planes Were Used | Two Videos Showing The Real Footage — Truth11


Dylan Eleven Truth11.com Truth11 would like to remind us all that no planes were used to bring down the twin towers or the pentagon. Below is clear, UN-edited footage. See for yourself. First the pentagon, this is the missing camera footage that the media lost and could not show. It shows clearly a missile flying […]

On The Anniversary of 9/11 We Remind Us All That No Planes Were Used | Two Videos Showing The Real Footage — Truth11

arlin report thought(s) of the day: this is what attacks on our nation looks like……from two different enemies

9/11 a foreign hate group……..under radical Islam. Today from Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Chicago and spreading from an enemy within, brainwashed Americans. Tell me again we are not in a civil war! Peaceful protesters don’t destroy and kill. Until those that love America stand-up to those that hate America this will continue and only get worse. We need to put an end to this now, and with WHATEVER it takes.


9/11: Finally the Truth Comes Out? – PaulCraigRoberts.org — MCViewPoint

Whatever comes out of this, it will be interesting. Especially what when what is NOT said becomes obvious. https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2019/01/04/9-11-finally-the-truth-comes-out/ Paul Craig Roberts Although the United States is allegedly a democracy with a rule of law, it has taken 17 years for public pressure to bring about the first grand jury investigation of 9/11. Based on […]

via 9/11: Finally the Truth Comes Out? – PaulCraigRoberts.org — MCViewPoint

Obama: We Can’t Let Truth Come Out About Saudi Involvement In 9/11, Or Else America’s Terrorism Will Be Revealed — Socio-Economics History Blog

Obama: We Can’t Let Truth Come Out About Saudi Involvement In 9/11, Or Else America’s Terrorism Will Be Revealed by Tyler Durden, http://www.zerohedge.com Obama told CBS News today that we can’t allow bipartisan legislation subjecting the Saudis to potential liability for terrorism … or else other countries could retaliate against the US (starting at […]

via Obama: We Can’t Let Truth Come Out About Saudi Involvement In 9/11, Or Else America’s Terrorism Will Be Revealed — Socio-Economics History Blog


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You have to admit the media is pretty entertaining.   They like to stir the pot for stories, add a little twist…..some salt and pepper and whatever else to spice it up.  They especially like to cook Donald Trump, or at least get him hot or in hot water.

He was asked by a reporter if  he would favor a national Muslim registry database and if he would go to the mosques to register them.  Trump said he did favor such a database and that he would go anywhere for the names.     Wow, has this started another Trump thumping uproar.    You can do that!   We aren’t that kind of nation!

Here is the irony!   I don’t know who said it, but just last evening……and at the time I didn’t see the importance to know; a so-called expert on the Middle East, Muslims and terrorist (gee there seems to be a connection Hillary) was talking about the  camps OBAMA wants to set up for screening Syrian refugees to send to the U.S.   Of course the purpose is to weed out the radicals, potential terrorists.   The expert mentioned this would be totally ineffective because……..there is no DATABASE on these refugees!  There is little to nothing to screen.   Abdu Abdu is not going to walk into your camp Mr. Obama with any documents, anything at all to be SCREENED!

They don’t carry a driver’s license, a state ID, no social security card, not those that are refugees.    Oh someone wanting to come to the U.S. legally would have some sort of ID/passport.    Those people aren’t running from their blown up villages.   Refugees barely have the clothes on their bodies.

The point is there isn’t a database with information on these people.   You will not know the diff between an honest, kind loving person from that of a cold-blooded killer.   They are geniuses in the art of disguise.

If possible the screening camp would set up a database to account for, staple a name to every individual (I say every very loosely) that wants to participate in Obama’s mass relocation program.    There would have to be a database for some sort of accountability.   Trump is tarred and feathered to mention a database here.   I know, these are people already residing here, have drivers license, IDs, etc…..etc. etc.   They are citizens……we know who they are.   They are paying taxes, they are already in a database.    Are they, are they all……have some been hidden?  We have had terrorist that filtered into our society before…….9/11.

The problem with Databases are, you can still hide from them.   The bad guys don’t go sign up.


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I am by no means an expert on or will I pretend to know much about torture.   This is only a personal view of what I know and how I feel on the subject.

Torture:  There could be different degrees of torture much like there are different degrees of murder.   Torture is not an act practiced only by the CIA or terrorists organizations.  Mistreatment/torture is rampant worldwide.   Violent people, abusers, spousal and sexual; just sick individuals hurting and killing others including domestic is torture to their victim.

I have seen video of individuals portrayed by aggressors as terrorists being water-boarded, whipped etc…….. Some of the video and stories of such torture I will admit were quite disturbing and appeared to go too far.   As Americans I would hope we can demonstrate good morals and dignity even in our chaotic world.   On the other hand, I am human, it disturbs me greatly when I see video of Americans and others beheaded by people who have no morals or dignity that hide behind a false religion.

The CIA, I am sure occasionally uses desperate means during desperate times.   Is it right?   I guess it depends, if it were my son who was beheaded or killed on 911, I may want vengeance and justice under desperate means as well.   I may take a “Do whatever it takes” attitude to find and punish those responsible.

Its difficult, where do we draw and say “do not cross the line”?  How effective are the tactics of the CIA?

One other thought, the CIA report that came out yesterday cost the tax payers 40 million dollars.   Will that report change anything?   Was it worth 40 million?   It was “investigated” by Democrats only.   It’s a government report, and we know how accurate and honest those have been!!!


Read the article from STORYLEAK regarding Russian evidence against the U.S., UK and Israel as co-conspirators on the 9/11 attacks.
I won’t get into the details here, I will let you read it for yourself. I will say the article is pretty convincing and only creates more questions.
One question I want to find the answer of: How did two extremely, solidly constructed towers that were struck high from the ground by the planes, collapse from the very bottom? If the towers were only struck by the planes, from the section struck on downward should have pretty much stayed in tack. The area above the contact I understand would have been destroyed. I am not an architect, but common sense here spells it out. The buildings collapsed, totally. I am convinced there were mass destructive explosives at ground zero. There is much more to this than planes popping those towers from the air.

Edward Snowden’s interview with Brian Williams – you know the part of the interview that NBC censored; Mr. Snowden stated our INTELLIGENCE knew of the threat and even had names given to them by none other than the RUSSIANS. His comments fall in line with the “Russian Evidence”. There are blogs and articles all over creation with this story. You can go anywhere and again read for yourself.

If anything more ever becomes of this, yes it should be shocking…….but not surprising. We have a history of conspiracy in this country. Most concerning is if truth becomes known – what are we as a people, as a nation going to do about it? God help us if we only continue to watch American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, The Voice and all the other side-attracting BS instead of recovering and protecting our country for ourselves and our children’s future.