Your best post ever! See what honesty and truth brings? (Arlin Report comment on this article below)

a "Backwoods" Conservative

It’s with each passing day of this continuing charade of a *presidency that even the dimmest of dim bulbs among us must now admit that we all had it pretty damn good under President Trump. And yet there are also those among us who are nothing more than a bunch of pussies who thought that because President Trump said what was on his mind that he didn’t possess the ‘proper’ temperament to be President. And so, when presented with an alternative, even one who clearly demonstrated that he had already proceeded well around the bend, they simply chose to risk it all. And we’ve been witnessing how that turned out every single day for the last nearly 15 months.

Now granted, we know a whole lot of cheating took place but that’s not going to be the focus here. The focus here will be on the lunacy that even in…

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