The K-Baby Cackle World Tour

The Lone Cactus

You have to hand it to K-baby Harris. When you don’t know what you’re doing, when you don’t understand the issues at hand, and when you get thrust into positions that you have no business being in, just laugh. Of course, it does signal to those people that actually do understand these things, that you’re a total idiot trying to hide behind a laugh.

And the K-Baby Cackle World Tour continued this past Thursday. Harris landed in Poland to help calm the storm in Europe over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Now, Harris must have been listening to Beyonce’s latest album on her flight from Washington, because it was obvious that she didn’t know much about the topics at hand.

In case you missed it, Harris was at a press conference with Polish President, Andrzej Sebastian Duda. During the presser, the media asked her several policy questions regarding America’s position with…

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