a "Backwoods" Conservative

You’re just going to have to excuse me if I sound a bit confused. You see, it was just this past Sunday that that well-known political hack, Donna Brazile, was out trying to convince anyone within earshot that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden had much to brag about after completing his first year in office, and then it’s today that I read about a recent poll that would seem to indicate, if accurate, how it’s now only 19 percent of the American people who strongly approve of the job that he’s doing. So, what’s wrong with this picture? Because clearly something certainly does not compute.

Because either old Donna is once again talking out her ass or it’s a growing number of Americans who simply don’t recognize the greatness of their *president. But what they do recognize is the fact that he’s working to destroy their country! Earlier this week a new…

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