Why Do Today’s Dems Lie So Much?

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After Brutalizing Trump For Doubting Elections, Joe Biden And Jen Psaki Tell Americans To Doubt Elections

BY: JOY PULLMANN at the Federalist: JANUARY 24, 2022

Add this messaging reversal to the growing list of insane things Democrat voters are asked to believe before breakfast.Author Joy Pullmann profile

Leftist media and the White House are infull damage control modeafter Joe Biden said the same kinds of things Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and others have said about past elections, but this time about an election that hasn’t even occurred yet.

During his second press conference in more than a year in office, Biden slipped in several comments about the trustworthiness of American elections similar to those that got Trump and myriad others banned and sanctioned by every major social media platform and pummelled by Republican Party leadership after the 2020 election. Here area few of the many things Biden saidabout…

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