Read the article above to have a more detailed description of what a Diplomatic Boycott really means. It means the elite politicians and representatives of “our government” will not attend and be seen in the stands at the China Games. THAT’S SMACKING THEM IN THE MOUTH JOE! The athletes, coaches and staffs will be there as usual. And hopefully China treats them well. They most likely will, as these are the true representatives of the Olympic Games, the athletes. Quite honestly who wants to look in the stands and see a cackling Kamala Harris watching ice skating or downhill skiing? Most Americans don’t tune in to see that, it’s just about the sporting competition. Only arrogant ass politicians like Joe Biden make it out to be about them. I don’t know this to be true, but I don’t think any trade treaties have ever been negotiated during any Olympic Games.

There have been political events as such, and protests/spitefulness; see the link below. Hitler was very happy to be in the spotlight in Berlin!


Here is the thing; China Joe is playing out what his Chinese bosses have told him to do………..make this look real Joe. China has nothing to lose with diplomatic boycotts. They already own Joe Biden, he has been paid. China is on stage, with or without Joe’s diplomatic idiots. I will say, this boycott will save Americans “some” further embarrassment!!

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