Muslims wanting/demanding to live under Sharia Law, should stay in their own countries or countries allowing Sharia law.  The U.S. can not have a law that conflicts (immoral) with the law of our land.   Demanding Sharia law in this country is only a method of spreading Islam.

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    We have to do a better job of enforcing the Constitution in the U.S. because at the present time we have elected politicians who go into office seeking their own fortune by accepting money from lobbyists and they leave office rich, plus a retirement. That is what has happened since Bush I preaching ONE WORLD ORDER. We have to enforce the laws of the Constitution which is not happening. For starters we must teach civics and history in our classrooms so that children understand our form of government. We have failed our children by turning our children over to the educational system which is packed with liberal minds who preach to hate this country..

    But first we have to teach them the three R’s so they can read at a level of understanding.

    Look at our children who have graduated from college with an intellect level of the eight grade or less and we don’t hold these professors accountable after spending thousands of dollars.

    And then you have the Bushs’ who have been riding on the coat tails of the Saudi’s and did nothing to enforce and allowed them to penetrate Sharia law in this country. We must treat Islam as we do other religions – they are welcome – only if they follow the Constitution. Sharia law is in direct conflict with the Constitution. Any muslim who wants that law needs to return to their own country which uses that law.

    Islam is a government first and, secondly, a religion. That is how they get their foot in the door in all of these countries.

    Time to “put the pedal to the metal.” and cut out this pussy-footing around with Muslims. Obama/Valarie Jarrettt/Czars are the problem not the solution.


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