The photo above was posted by Amanda Ann on Facebook.

Students at Valdosta State University rallied in support of the American flag; this following last weeks protest by a small group of black students desecrating the flag by walking on it.  

This group of mixed racial students far out-number last weeks incident when an Air Force Veteran, Michelle Manhart was detained by police for retrieving the flag and refused to give it back to the protesters.

Will this demonstration of flag support and patriotism receive as much media attention as the flag desecration event?   


  1. We will never know what the good or bad intentions of people are In today’s world. People are raised to not respect anything much less themselves and we have a lot of these people today. The problem is that we continue trying to please these people by pampering their bad behavior. These people will never be satisfied with America . The best thing is to ignore and never give them the attention they are craving. Whenever I see an event such as this, I try with the help of a few others start singing God Bless America. This automatically takes the attention from the flag distraction. Try it – it works!..

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  2. I’m happy to see these flag supporters showing their respect, but I doubt it will get the same coverage for one reason. The flag desecration event got all that coverage because Manhart stepped in and did her thing. Whatever her intentions, don’t forget she quit the Air Force after being reprimanded and demoted for her Playboy shoot in which she, herself, desecrated the flag. If she hadn’t been a hypocrite and intervened, nobody would have known about the other event, either.


    1. I heard, but don’t know for sure they were going to close classes down, the demonstration was supposed to be huge.

      At one of the universities in Gainsville, FL students were seen spitting on wounded veterans. Wounded! It’s unfortunate a healthy Vet didn’t see it happen.

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      1. I was sooooo outraged when I heard that! It is an absolute atrocity! What gets into the minds of some is simply beyond all comprehension to me. These same people would be screaming bloody murder and begging for the troops protection should ISIS decide to grace their front porches!! I pray they wake up and smell the coffee but pray harder they never see the day they cry out in need of the troops, I pray that for all of us….


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